Freddy teaser review: Kartik Aaryan in a completely different style.


Freddy teaser review: Freddy movie will be released on December 2, 2022 in Disney Plus Hotstar, whose teaser has been released. It’s a suspense/crime/drama. This movie will be released in Hindi language. According to the report, the total budget of the movie is around 50 crores. In the movie, we are going to see Karthik Aryan in the lead role.

Freddy teaser review
Freddy teaser review
release date2 December 2022
Genre suspense/crime/drama
CastKartik Aaryan, Alaya F, Jeniffer Piccinato
DirectorShashanka Ghosh
WritersParveez Sheikh(story)
Aseem Arrora(dialogue)

Freddy teaser Plot:

In the starting of the teaser, we are shown Karthik Aryan coloring the toy airplane. And a suspenseful music plays in the background. Then in the next scene, Karthik is treating a patient, Karthik looks completely innocent and he is sitting in the staircase of his house. And is smiling a little suspense and after a while he starts dancing strangely. Then the scene shifts towards the forest and we are shown someone dragging someone and taking them somewhere. Then in the last we are shown Kartik Aaryan who tells a man Sorry sir, kept you waiting and with this the teaser ends.

Freddy teaser | video credit- Disney Plus Hotstar

Freddy teaser Review and my Expectations:

Talking about the teaser of Freddy movie, the teaser has been kept very suspenseful, which is excellent. We see Karthik in a different way at freddy. Simple introvert that starts to create suspense as to why it is like this. And suddenly he starts dancing. There is only one dialogue at the end of the teaser and there is no dialogue anywhere in the entire teaser. The suspenseful music playing in the background adds to the teaser. Kartik Aaryan is looking great in this mysterious role.

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Talk about my expectation about freddy movie, so I really liked the teaser of the movie. Especially the way the suspense is shown in the teaser is amazing. And I like suspense movies. The way Kartik Aaryan is looking, it is clear that the movie is going to be great. The background music that I get to hear in the teaser is amazing, due to which the teaser becomes more interesting. Overall I liked the teaser very much hope the movie is great.

kartik aaryan
Freddy teaser | image credit – google

Freddy teaser Conclusion

The way the teaser is depicted is excellent. Every single scene is suspenseful which makes you want to watch the movie. The same praise should be given to Karthik Aryan, the way he seems to be a simple human being innocent but suddenly a villain, he is amazing. And seeing Karthik Aryan, it is understood that how great the movie is going to be. The background music of the movie looks good which creates suspense. Overall, the teaser of the movie is excellent, which creates suspense in the audience about the movie. This movie is going to be released on December 2, 2022 in Disney Plus Hotstar.

If you have seen the teaser then you can tell us by commenting how you liked it.


who is the director of Freddy movie?

Shashanka Ghosh

who will be in the lead role in Freddy movie ?

kartik aryan

What is the total budget of the movie?

₹ 50 crores

Where can we watch Freddy Movies?

Disney Plus Hotstar.

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