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Extraction Movie is one of the biggest movies from the Ruso Brothers after the Avengers series as a producer. After the super success of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, Ruso Brothers is the biggest name as a producer in Hollywood.

Ruso Brothers and Chris Hemsworth are coming together again after Avengers Endgame. Soon after the announcement of the Extraction Movie, Extraction became one of the most anticipated movies of 2020.

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The icing on the cake for the popularity of the movie is the announcement of Randeep Hooda, an Indian actor being in the cast of the Extraction Movie. Most of the part of the movie is shot in India, which hiked the popularity of the Extraction movie.

Extraction Movie is exclusively available on Netflix only and is a Netflix original movie directed by Sam Hargrave and Produced by Ruso Brothers.

Extraction Movie: Summary of the Movie

Ratings: 8.9/10

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Directed By:Sam Hargrave
Produced By:Joe Russo
Anthony Russo
Mike Larocca
Chris Hemsworth
Eric Gitter
Peter Schwern
Written By:Story:
Ande Parks
Joe Russo
Anthony Russo

Joe Russo
Starring:Chris Hemsworth
Rudhraksh Jaiswal
Randeep Hooda
Golshifteh Farahani
Pankaj Tripathi
David Harbour
Production House:AGBO
Thematic Entertainment
India Take One Productions
T.G.I.M. Films
Distributed By:Netflix

At the start of the Extraction Movie, we see Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is badly wounded and is between a war on a bridge, and he gets shot there. Then the movie goes in the flashback.

Ovi Mahajan, the only son of a Drug Lord of India (Pankaj Tripathi), is coming home after his school after arriving there, Saju (Randeep Hooda) asks him that he has to go straight back home after his school for his own safety.

Saju is the chief of security of Ovi Mahajan Sr. and is an ex Major of Para Commando (Special Forces). On the same night, when Saju goes back to his home, Ovi sneaks out of his house to visit a nightclub with his friends.

There Saju gets Kidnapped by some cops who work for the rival Drug Lord Amir Asif in Bangladesh. Saju informs this to Ovi Mahajan Sr., who is in prison. Ovi Mahajan Sr. gets very angry and orders Saju to go to Bangladesh to extract Ovi from there.

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Saju comes up with an Idea and contacts Tyler to do this job. Tyler accepts this offer and goes to Bangladesh to collect proof of life. When Tyler finds Ovi, he immediately attacks those men there with the help of his team.

Tyler takes Ovi with him, and he is going to his boat to extract Ovi from there. Saju is murdering the team who were waiting for Tyler in a boat, and he wants to take Ovi back to India by himself because Ovi Mahajan Sr. can not afford the fees of Tyler.

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So Saju Double-crossed Tyler and his team so that he did not have to pay them anything and could extract Saju independently. But Tyler and Ovi escape from there, and Saju is after them now. On the other hand, Asif gets to know that Ovi has escaped, so he orders the Major of the Bangladesh Army to put the city on lockdown so that Ovi cannot escape from there.

Now Saju and local police, plus the goons of Asif, all are after Tyler. After a very intense fight and chase sequence, Tyler and Ovi maintain to hide in a safe house with the help of a person whose life Tyler saved in the past.

That person suggests to Tyler that he should kill that child and he can escape from there unharmed. Tyler refuses and kills that man there. Now Tyler realizes that he can not escape from the city without any help, so he contacts Saju.

Now Saju and Tyler are both working together to extract Ovi from the country. There happens the final Battle on the bridge, which is the only way out from the country. In that Intense fight, Tyler gets badly injured by several bullet shots.

But still, he manages to extract Ovi from the country with the help of his team and sacrifices his own life. Now Ovi is at his home and completely safe. Nik Khan (Golshifteh Farahani), an associate of Tyler, kills Amir Asif to avenge the death of Tyler.

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Is Tyler Really Dead? – Extraction Movie

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In the climax fight of the Extraction Movie, we saw that Tyler got shot on his neck and fell in the sea, and is believed to be dead, but in the last moments of the movie, we see a man watching over Ovi, but the face of that man is not revealed.

Was that man Tyler? Is Tyler really dead? This is the main question that occurs in our minds. This works as a cliffhanger for the movie. After the success of the Extraction Movie Ruso Brothers have already announced a sequel of the Extraction Movie.

So, there is a high possibility that Tyler is still alive and will feature in the sequel of the Extraction Movie. Nothing is clear till now, and everything is just an assumption, but fans of the Extraction Movie will definitely want to see Tyler back in action in the sequel.

The Good: Extraction Movie

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Intense Action:

Chris Hemsworth himself has admitted that action sequences in Extraction Movie are the most intense ones Chris has ever done so far in his career, and we totally agree with him after watching the movie.

The action sequence of the Extraction Movie is one of the most intense action sequences ever shown in a movie. Every action sequence in the Extraction Movie is shot in a way that feels real which intensifies the overall quality of all action sequences in the movie.

Not just action but also the gunfights in the movie are very intense. Action is the main highlight and one of the best qualities of the Extraction Movie.

Emotional Connection between Characters:

The next best thing about the Extraction Movie is the emotional connection between the characters of the movie. Nowhere in the movie the relationship between characters feels forced. The writers of the movie have done a phenomenal job here.

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Every character of the movie is written so well that we feel really invested in the story of the film because we feel to know more about these characters, and we feel empathy with them many times in the movie.

Acting Performances:

After so many good qualities, the acting performances of the cast of the Extraction Movie are the icing on the cake. Rudraksha Jaiswal, as Ovi has delivered a very beautiful and honest performance, we feel empathy for the character of Ovi by understanding the emotional dilemma he is going through.

Randeep Hooda as Saju has delivered one of the best performances of his career in the Extraction Movie. We can actually see that he has worked really hard for his character and totally transforms himself into an ex Para Commando.

Chris Hemsworth stood out as the best performer in the movie and delivered his career-best performance in the movie. Chris has performed well not just in action sequences but in emotional sequences too.

Perfect Teamwork:

In Making a great movie, every department has to work well to make that movie a memorable one, and the whole team of Extraction Movie has done exceptionally well in every department of the movie-making.

The movie’s direction is top-notch, the movie’s writing is exceptionally well, the cinematography of the movie is one of the best in an action movie and whatnot. Extraction Movie is an example of perfect teamwork in movie-making.

The Bad: Extraction Movie

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The only bad thing about the movie, which I feel after watching the film, is that we do not get to see this movie on the big screen. A film like extraction definitely deserved a theatrical release over the glove.

Extraction Movie will be remembered as one of the best action movies ever made in Hollywood. Apart from that, there is nothing which I feel is bad about the Extraction Movie.

Final Words: Extraction Movie

Extraction Movie
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In the final words about the Extraction Movie, I will say that Extraction is a must-watch movie, and if you are a fan of action movies, then you can not afford to miss this one. The Extraction Movie surpasses every expectation from the film.

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