Is Eternals The Really Worst Marvel Movie Ever ?


The film review “Eternals” It’s like a love letter written to humans. It will evoke a lot of emotions.

The Marvel movie “Eternals” will make audiences divided. Some people might like it, some people might hate it, and some people will think it is not bad. However, the audience found that this superhero movie easily entered the top 10 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and may even enter the top 5. Its visual effects are amazing. It has enough material from comic books to tell an exciting and compelling story. Of course, it also has an excellent cast.

” Eternal Race,” tells the story of a group of eternals races sent to the earth to stop the Deviants, a predator, and attack humans. When the task of the eternal race is completed, or they think so. After that, they will stay on the earth for thousands of years and live like human beings. However, the Deviants have returned after many years.

Eternals Movies Cast & Crew

Production House : Disney and Marvel
Director:Chloe Zhao
Screenplay: Kaz Firpo, Ryan Firpo, Chloe Zhao
Starring:Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie
The Eternals Release date:5th November, 2021

Eternals with Family Experience :

A flashback through time runs through the movie to show the audience every detail of the eternal family. It is long to tell about 7000 years in two and a half hours, and the Eternal Race perfectly interprets this point. Eternals are counted as one of the strongest being on MCU.

The most obvious thing about “Eternal Race” is its visual effect. There is no denying that this movie looks gorgeous. From distant shots of a person in a beautiful outdoor environment to action scenes and CGI are incredible.

The photography technique here is fantastic. Almost every scene is exciting-when the action is integrated into it-wow! This movie has a lot to watch, so I strongly recommend watching this movie several times.

Are Eternals Film Critics right ?

eternal movie critic
Image Credit : Rottentomettos | Image Source : Google

As a reader of comic books, although the movie has drawn many characters and plots from comic books, the story itself is new and unique, shaped into a completely different event, which is worthy of appreciation. I was shocked about reading critics about Eternals.

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For those who don’t know anything about eternal races, don’t be afraid. This movie has done a great job of letting you know every eternal race: their strengths, their weaknesses, and their hopes, dreams, and fears.

The Marvel movie Eternals Family opens with action scenes and ensures that there is a considerable amount of action scenes in the entire movie. These are all new characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there are many more. For ordinary movie viewers to accurately understand who they are, what they are doing, and why they should care about these, we need to add a lot of character development content. Fortunately, this is a great way that does not disrupt the rhythm or affect the movie as a whole.

The duration of the Eternal Family movie is 2 hours and 37 minutes, but it never feels that long. This is the most important thing. When the movie started and ended, I was surprised by how long it took. Considering how heavy the movie is, this is impressive and illustrates how it perfectly combines emotion, heart, humor, and action. This is something you don’t usually get in Marvel movies, so enjoy it. Accept all this and enjoy every exciting moment.

About the Eternal Villains Deviants

The biggest villain facing the Eternal Race is a creature called “Deviants.” Then, according to the information I saw, Deviants are mutant alien creatures in Marvel comics (Encyclopedia describes them as aliens, each with different abilities), and these creatures have explicit goals. In the movie, Deviants seems to be turned into a beast that likes to kill.

There are many perverts in the film trying to hunt ordinary people. We don’t know what the goals of these monsters are. As the movie progresses, we find that these monsters can absorb the abilities of the eternal race, but all this is still too monotonous, and the whole monster is dispensable, in my opinion. After all, it can be seen that the design did not invest too much effort, just an ordinary CGI. In the process of watching, this monster became more and more stupid in my eyes (haha).

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Loopholes in the Eternals Family Plot: Deficiencies

eternals loopholes
Image Credit : BGR | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Marvel

This film depicts eternal people who have lived on the earth for 7000 years. Through flashbacks, the film tells the audience that eternal races should obey instructions, should not have feelings for humans, nor should they help humans because the struggle between humans will advance their technology and civilization.

So these people have lived on the earth for 7000 years. Even though Thanos wants to destroy the earth, they have not done anything. This traditional super-British villain always makes me feel strange in this movie, whether for the sake of the overall situation or to save it. More planets. After all, if you can’t help them, why not try to anger the humans and then speed up this step?

I don’t want to talk too much logic, but the core idea conveyed by this movie is that human beings are evil not because of our actions but because of our existence. Overloading of the entire earth will lead to disasters.It’s been seven or eight hours since I watched this movie, and I can’t remember any representative lines.

After all, all characters have similar reflections. The core of this movie is not the action scenes but the dialogue between the characters. But because of these role issues, I really can’t concentrate on listening or trying to analyze. This makes specific segments of this movie very boring to me.

In retrospect, the only stinky and long movies I have seen this year are this and “Wonder Woman 1984”. But in my opinion, “Eternal Race” is better than “Wonder Woman 1984”. At least there are not too many technical problems with this film, and some scenes are still perfect for photography.

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Marvel Eternals Clan Evaluation

Image Credit : Geekculture | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Marvel

This movie is about family in the final analysis. It is beautiful, touching, and a fantastic emotional movie. There are lots of other things that need to be sorted out, and it takes time. Character development is significant when introducing characters that may stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while, so this movie takes time to create many new characters is very much appreciated.

The reason why the view of the eternal race is so divided is that this is uncharted territory. It doesn’t feel like a typical Marvel movie, and for those who know nothing about the eternal race, this movie may be a bit struggling. It takes time to understand them. Because of this, this is an obscure movie with a lot of things to absorb.

I don’t think it is necessary to really explain the world of these characters-otherwise we will only be able to watch a four-hour or longer movie. To be honest, if anyone can do it, it is director Zhao Ting. Her vision for this film is amazing, executed very well, and in short, unbelievable.

When I say that the eternal race is something we have never seen in Marvel movies, I mean it. Of course, there are action scenes, but this is not the point of the movie. This movie is like a love letter to humans, and I came for it, even though humans are terrible now. The Eternal Star will evoke a lot of emotions. Remember, this is a new stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s time to set off and dive into the unknown world, the future of Marvel!

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