Ending Explained of Loki Episode 2 Reminds You Predestination (!! Spoiler Alert !!)


Loki Episode 2 – Ending Explain Theory

Loki Episode 2 starts from 1985, where the TVA has located a Loki variant, who is allegedly planning an attack on TVA. As always, this variant Loki once again attacked the TVA soldiers, and this time she even captured one of them and kept her as a hostage. Then TVA goes out on a mission to find those missing TVA soldiers.

LOKI Episode 2 – Ending Plot Build Up

loki episode 2
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This time, they take Loki from the current Timeline to help them catch the other variant Loki. There they explain to Loki about his different versions, which are similar to him. However, they do not look like same, there are some changes in the looks of Loki, but they all have the same powers, which make them God of Mischief.

They all visit that Timeline where other variant Loki attacked TVA soldiers. As always, Loki, the God of Mischief, tried to outsmart TVA and almost make them convinced to do a deal with him according to which TVA will not erase him after they successfully capture other Loki variant and they will let him talk to the Timekeepers, but agent Mobius quickly understands that Loki is bluffing with them. Then Loki finally understands that where the other variant Loki is hiding in the Timeline even without changing the Timeline, and why TVA cannot locate where that other variant was hiding all this time.

With the help of Loki, TVA finally understands the location of the other variant Loki, and they reach there to catch the other variant Loki, and again falling into a trap. There TVA found that a TVA soldier who was being captured as a hostage by the other variant Loki. She tells them that she gave away how to find the Timekeepers to the other variant Loki. Then she finally reveals herself to the current Timeline Loki, and they both escape from there.

The Revelation of the other Variant Loki: She ‘LOKI’

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We finally get to see who the other variant Loki is who is creating all the chaos and planning an attack on the TVA. She intentionally makes minor breaches into various timelines to attack TVA soldiers and steal their reset charges which they use to reset a timeline. She left a clue in France by leaving a packet of “Kablooey” candy, revealing her location at Haven Hills in a Roxxacrt facility in Alabama in 2050. She intended the TVA to find her location and visit there right into her trap with the current variant Loki.

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Before revealing herself, she humiliated the current variant Loki a bit. She taunted him that she is more intelligent than him and her intentions are even more significant than his. This She version of Loki is simpler in comparison to her comic book version. She Loki is played by Sophia Di Martino.

She Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino, kind of stole the show, and now we want to know more about her, her origin, her character, and how she is different from the current Timeline Loki, in short, She Loki, will leave everyone more intrigued about her. She even humiliated present Loki when she first met her and referred to him as a fool whom TVA has brought to hunt her down.

The moments between both variants of Loki are the pure highlight of the loki episode 2. After revealing herself, She Loki clarifies that she’s not the lesser version of current Loki, and she is going to make more chaos, and she is here to stay for longer in the MCU.

MCU Timeline Explained In Loki Episode 2

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The first time, Timetravel was introduced in MCU was in The Avengers – Endgame, where we saw Avengers traveling in time to collect all the Infinity Stones resurrect all the people whom Thanos wiped out earlier in MCU.In the process, we saw something happening which was not intended to happen, Loki escaping with the Tesseract Cube, creating a nexus event in the Timeline which could lead to multiverse events.

There interfered TVA to stop crating a multiverse and again resetting the Timeline and took away Loki for a trail in TVA court. Loki, the Disney+ show, establishes Time Variance Authority (TVA) and the Timekeepers. They merged all the multiverses into a single flow of time which is now known as the sacred Timeline.

But it was still not adequately explained how time works in the MCU, which was explained quite well in the Loki episode 2. And there was also a defect in the way the Timeline works in MCU, which Loki discovered in the Loki episode 2, and by using this defect in the Sacred Timeline, the Other variant Loki was hiding all this time from TVA.

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The flaw in the Timeline created by the Timekeepers is that one can go to a timeline at the time when a natural apocalypse is about to happen, wiping out everything. At that time, that person can do anything, and his/her actions will not cause any nexus event because everything is going to be wiped out anyway.

And if any nexus event in the Timeline crosses the red line then, that moment can not be reset, which will ultimately lead to other nexus events in the future that will start the multiverse. So, it is essential to reset any breach or nexus event before it crosses the red line.

According to TVA, there was a multiverse going on in the universe. When a universe learned about other timelines, it created chaos between all the timelines, which led to a war between them to be the superior Timeline. Then came the three Timekeepers who merged all the timelines into a single flow of time which is now known as the Sacred Timeline.

Mind-boggling Ending Explained of Loki Episode 2 reminds you Predestination :

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The Timekeepers ultimate goal is to establish proper order and no chaos in the Timeline, which could irritate any variant of Loki because he/she is a God of mischief, they like to create a mess, and they love chaos, as current Loki referred to as “boring” when Mobius told him about this. So She Loki is also rebelling against this scheme of proper order and no chaos. She is now going to create a bigger mess in the Sacred Timeline so that she could finally meet the Timekeepers.

She was collecting reset charges by stealing them from the TVA soldiers. When TVA and current variant Loki visited the location where She Loki is being hidden, that was her final piece of the plan. She used her sorcery to dive into the mind of a TVA soldier whom she captured to know how to meet the Timekeepers.

At the Loki episode 2 final moments, she transported all the stolen reset chargers into different timelines, creating so many breaches in the Sacred Timeline. We already know that if any breach or nexus event crosses the red line, then it cannot be reset, which will restart the multiverse and all the chaos between the Timelines.

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She Loki is clearly going to start a Multiverse of Madness which is the title of the forthcoming Dr. Strange Movie which clearly states that Dr. Strange is going to deal with all the mess created by She Loki in this Disney+ show. In the climax, one thing is also clear: She Loki is more intelligent and powerful and ruthless than the current variant Loki, and he clearly underestimated her. So the final plan of She Loki is to create a massive mess in the Sacred Timeline and challenge the Timekeepers, and compel them to come out, and finally meet her.

In the climax, we also see both variants, Loki escaping together, which means that the current variant Loki also betrayed TVA, and in the coming time, TVA has to face two rouge variants Loki, and both are the best versions of themselves. In the coming Episodes, a colossal mess and chaos are awaiting TVA. 

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FAQ of Loki Episode 2 :

Who was in Loki Episode 2?

Close to the very end of Loki episode 2, after hiding themselves in three other bodies, the other Loki variant finally reveals what they look like and She is Female Loki (British actress Sophia Di Martino).

Who is the girl in Loki Episode 2?

Sophia Di Martino is the girl in Loki episode 2. Her performance is incredibly Strong. She is perfectly suitble for Female variant of Loki. If you are a marvel fan then why are you waiting for! Definatly watch it

Who was that at the end of Loki Episode 2?

At the end of Loki episode 2 Loki variant took over one body after another, episode 2 ends with the female Loki (British actress Sophia Di Martino)

Who married Loki?

According to Norse mythology Loki married Sigyn

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