Index of Dont Breathe 2 2021: Don’t Breathe 2 Not the Best Sequel, But Was it Bad?


Index of Dont Breathe 2 2021
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Don’t Breathe 2 Movie :

Don’t Breathe is a very underappreciated Suspense Thriller movie with a feel of Horror. Don’t Breathe is the story of an old blind man who is also a former Seal Commando. One day 3 Mugglers break into his house, and what happens after is the movie’s main plot.

Don’t Breathe is now considered one of the best Suspense Thrillers with a really engaging plotline and a mind-bending twist that no one saw coming. The movie became such popular that it compelled makers to make a sequel to the movie.

But the real question is that was this sequel was really necessary? And if the sequel lives up to the expectations or not?

Summary of The Movie: Don’t Breathe 2 Movie

Ratings: 6.2/10

Index of Dont Breathe 2 2021
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Directed By:Rodo Sayagues
Produced By:Fede Álvarez
Sam Raimi
Rob Tapert
Written By:Fede Álvarez
Rodo Sayagues
Starring:Stephen Lang
Brendan Sexton III
Madelyn Grace
Production House:Screen Gems
Stage 6 Films
Ghost House Pictures
Bad Hombre
Distributed By:Sony Pictures Releasing

The Don’t Breathe 2 Movie takes place after the events of the first movie of the series. In the first movie, we see how Norman Nordstorm, aka Blind man, survived after being badly injured. Now Norman has a daughter, Phoenix, for whom he is very possessive and does not let her out.

As Norman is a former Seal Commando, so he also trains Phoenix for every worst condition possible. Normal had told Phoenix that her mother died when his whole house got burnt down and her mother got trapped in that fire.

Norman does not let Phoenix go out alone because he fears that he may lose her too. In the previous movie, we have already seen that Norman lost his daughter in a car accident, and he kidnapped the girl who was driving that car.

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Norman tried to impregnate her, but she escaped from there. So after a long time, Norman has found his daughter, and he does not want to lose her. One day Phoenix goes out to play with her aunt.

While returning home, some unknown person followed her home and killed her aunt and her dog. Norman goes out to find his dog, and those unknown persons enter the house. Norman finds that the dog was shot dead, and he immediately understands that something is not right.

Index of Dont Breathe 2 2021
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Those unknown people are looking for Phoenix, but Phoenix is trained in a way that no one can find her easily. Norman arrives there and gives them a tough fight. Phoenix locks herself in a chamber at the underground of the house.

Norman being a blind man gives all of them a very tough fight, but still, they manage to take Phoenix with them. There that person tells Phoenix that Raylan is her real father, and Norman took her away from them.

Phoenix then meets her mother, Josephine, whom she missed always. But then Raylan and Josephine tell Phoenix that her real name is Tara. Raylan tells Tara that her mother is suffering from a disease, and her heart is burnt from inside because of the fire which burnt their house.

And now they need Tara’s heart to be transplanted into Josephine’s body to save her. Norman finds Raylan’s house and goes to save Phoenix. Norman, after getting badly injured, still manages to save Phoenix and kills everyone else.

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The Good: Don’t Breathe 2 Movie

Index of Dont Breathe 2 2021
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The cinematography of the movie is really praiseworthy, and the environment set by the cinematographer perfectly compliments the movie’s theme. The constant thing in both Don’t Breathe and Don’t Breathe 2 Movie is the cinematography of the movie.

Both movies are captured beautifully and totally summons you into the world created by the director of the movie. Even the background score of the movie is really good and enhances the theme of the movie.

The movie impresses so much in bits and pieces, and some of the sequences stay with you for a long time after finishing the movie. Don’t Breathe 2 Movie is an enjoyable movie but only in some pieces.

The Actors in the movie also have done a commendable job. Stephen Lang again impresses the most as the old Blind man. Lang perfectly summons the character of Norman, and not for a single time will you feel like Lang is not blind. Madelyn Grace also impresses as the child actor.

Madelyn Grace is fierce in the movie. Throughout the movie, she goes through many emotional ups and downs and perfectly shows emotions in her expressions. And all the rest of the actors have also done a decent job as actors.

The Bad: Don’t Breathe Movie

Index of Dont Breathe 2 2021
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The thrill factor for which the first Movie was so famous fails to work in the Don’t Breathe 2 Movie. For everything, the Don’t Breathe Movie was famous got wasted in the Don’t Breathe 2 Movie.

Though the Movie is still decent but it is nowhere close to the first movie of the franchise. There is nothing in the movie that gives us a Horror feel like the first movie, but still, it makes a decent Thriller for Don’t Breathe 2 Movie.

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The Movie is boring in most of the parts, rather than being an engaging one. The makers make the sequel just because of the success of the first movie, and it feels like a very unnecessary sequel. These are the common things from which most of the sequel movies suffer from.

The makers try to ride on the success of the first movie, but they never achieve the accolades as same as the first one.

Final Words: Don’t Breathe 2 Movie

Index of Dont Breathe 2 2021
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In the final words, Don’t Breathe 2 Movie is a decent watch but feels like a very unnecessary sequel. This sequel was not needed at all. If you liked the first movie and you just want to know how the story proceeds forward, then you can watch it.

But if you are expecting this movie to be as good as the previous one, then this movie will disappoint you for sure. So Don’t Breathe 2 Movie is a decent one-time watch for only those who want to see how the story proceeded further but for those who are genuine fans of the movie will be disappointed after watching this movie.

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FAQ About Don’t Breathe 2 Movie:

Stephen Lang Age?

Stephen Lang is 69 years old.

Stephen Lang Upcoming Movies?

Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are the upcoming movies of Stephen Lang.

What is the budget and the Total income of Don’t Breathe 2 Movie?

The budget of Don’t Breathe 2 Movie is $15 million. and the Total Box-Office collection of the movie is $41.3 Million

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