Doctor G movie review: Good subject but poor execution


Doctor G movie has been released in theaters on 14 October 2022. This is a Drama/Comedy Movie. It has been released only in Hindi language, we see Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead role of the movie. The total budget of the movie is 35 crores.

Doctor G movie | video credit- Junglee Pictures

filmDoctor G
Release Date14 October 2022
CastAyushmann Khurrana, Rakul Preet Singh, Shefali Shah
DirectorAnubhuti Kashyap
WriterSaurabh Bharat, Anubhuti Kashyap, Sumit Saxena

Doctor G movie story

In the movie we are shown the story of Uday Gupta ( ayushman khurana ), who has to become an orthopedic surgeon, but he cannot get a seat, due to which he is a gynecologist. becomes, although he wanted to become a doctor who treats bones, but he could not.

Now the problem comes here that he feels uncomfortable in treating women, and many women also do not like to get treatment from a male doctor, she wants to get her treatment from a female doctor, now how will he deal with all this? Everything is shown in the movie. The story of the movie is unique, this type of movie is rarely made in Bollywood. Ayushmann is often known for doing similar kind of movies and he has done his job well.

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Doctor G movie | image credit- google

Acting and Directing

Talking about acting, all the actors and actresses have done a good job. Ayushmann Khurrana has played the role of a doctor very well, talk about Sheeba Chaddha, she has played the role of mother very well, the dialogues spoken by her are very good. Talking about Rakul Preet Singh, she has also done a fine job, although she looks the same in all the movies, she did not get to see anything extra ordinary.

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Talking about the directing, Anubhuti Kashyap has done a decent job. An attempt has been made to show the real life of a confused doctor, although while watching the movie, it seems that something is missing. The director has tried his best to make the movie the best, although he does not seem to be successful in this.

Positive Point Of Doctor G movie

Talking about the positive point of the movie, then you will definitely like the acting of ayushman, Ayushman gets into any character. Comedy dialogues have been spoken in the movie which will make you laugh. The story of the movie is unique and fresh. It was quite challenging for the director to show the sensitive topic as a movie but he has done a decent job. The acting of all the actors and actresses is also fine. The locations shown in the movie are good, the hospital is shown well, which makes the movie feel real.

Negative Point Of Doctor G movie

Talk about the negative point of the movie that the subject of the movie is good but why it was not accepted well. The climax video of the movie has been inserted so that you can easily find out what is going to happen next in the movie. There are some comedy scenes in the movie, in which you will laugh in some scenes, but there are some scenes in which you will not laugh at all, as if an attempt has been made to make you laugh forcibly. Although an attempt has been made to forcefully lengthen the movie by showing the love story, due to which you may find the movie a bit boring.

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Doctor G movie | image credit – google

My Opinion On Doctor G movie

If I talk about my personal opinion, then you can watch movies for time pass, it would be foolish to expect more from the movie. Ayushmann has played the character of a confused doctor very well in the movie. There are some comedy scenes in between that make you laugh, but sometimes you can’t make you laugh at all.

There are songs in the movie too but the songs were not much needed in the movie. Some adult jokes have also been spoken in the movie, due to which you would not want to watch this movie with family at all. Overall, the movie is fine. This movie is rated 7.7/10 on imdb, and I give this movie a rating of 3/5.

By the way, if you have already seen the movie, then you can tell us by commenting how did you like this movie.

Doctor G movie FAQ :

Whose role did Ayushmann play in Doctor G movie?

Uday Gupta

Doctor g is the movie of which goner?


What is the total budget of Doctor g movie?

₹ 35 crores

Is love story also shown in the Doctor g movie


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