Dial 100 Movie Review: Manoj Bajpayee Created Magic Again


Dial 100 is a 2021 Thriller Drama movie available on the Zee5 OTT platform. The movie is directed and written by Rensil D’Silva, starring Manoj Bajpayee in the lead role. The movie is based on a hit-and-run case.

Dial 100 Movie
Image Credits: Fresh Talk | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5

Dial 100 Movie Review: Movie Summary

Ratings: 7/10

1st Dial 100 Movie
Image Credits: Koimoi | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5
Directed By:Rensil D’Silva
Produced By:Sony Pictures Films India
Siddharth P.Malhotra
Sapna Malhotra
Written By:Rensil D’Silva
Niranjan Iyengar (Dialouges)
Starring:Manoj Bajpayee
Neena Gupta
Sakshi Tanwar
Svar Kamble
Production House:Sony Pictures Films India
Alchemy Films
Distributed By:Zee5

The movie starts in a Mumbai Police Dial 100 office where a woman calls who is disturbed and crying and only wants to speak with SI Nikhil Sood. The woman says that she wants to kill herself.

Nikhil tries to console her stop her from doing anything wrong, but she does not listen to him. Then the woman says that she has a gun and either she’ll kill herself or she is going to kill those who have done injustice to her.

Simultaneously, Nikhil is facing some family problems. His wife is bragging about him not being present with the family. She alone has to carry all the responsibilities. His son had committed a mistake in the past, and Nikhil’s wife Prerna is concerned that their son will again commit that same mistake.

Nikhil simultaneously handling both his wife and that mysterious caller. Nikhil tries to dig that caller’s information. Then the woman reveals that she was faking to commit suicide and was just testing Nikhil.

2nd Dial 100 Movie
Image Credits: Koimoi | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5

Then Nikhil got to know the name of that woman is Seema Pallav. Then Seema visits Nikhils house and abducts his wife. There she reveals that Seema Pallav’s son died in a hit-and-run case.

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And the person who was driving that car was the son of one of India’s wealthiest people. That person was consuming drugs while driving, and Nihil’s son supplied those drugs to him. Prerna knew about this, but she kept it secret from Nikhil.

Now Seema Pallav wants revenge because she believes that Prerna and her son both are equally responsible for the death of Seema’s only son. What happens after this is the main plot of the movie.

Dial 100 Movie Review: What’s Good About the Movie?

3rd Dial 100 Movie
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The Performances: The main thing which is outstanding about the Dial 100 movie and for which you should definitely watch this movie is the star cast of the movie. Every actor present in the film does deliver a spirited performance on screen, especially Manoj Bajpayee, Sakshi Tanwar, and Neena Gupta.

The first half of the movie: Dial 100 movie does take off with so many things in the offering. The movie successfully generates thrill and suspense amongst the viewers of the movie. The first half of the movie is undoubtedly very gripping and makes us want to know the characters of the movie more deeply.

Makes us want to know more: As the Dial 100 movie proceeds, the viewers are fully invested in the movie and constantly want to know more and more about the situation. The makers of the movie throw many unanswered questions to us that we feel fully invested in the storyline of the movie.

The way the movie is shot: The movie is shot very beautifully, and every frame of the movie steals the attention of the viewers. The cinematography of the movie is eye-catching.

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Dial 100 Movie Review: What’s Not Good About the Movie?

4th Dial 100 Movie
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Underwhelming Climax: The climax of Dial 100 movie is one of the most significant issues of the movie, the story build-up is pretty good, but at the end of the movie, the outcome is not as good as expected. The makers have messed up the climax of the movie a big time.

Lack of conviction: The dial 100 movie lacks conviction, and most of the things we see in the movie do not feel real except the performances of the cast of the movie. The setup of the movie does display anything new and only showcases things that we have seen many times in other movies.

Dragged Narrative: At the start of the Dial 100 movie, the movie builds up a good grip on the attention of the audience. It engages the interest of the viewers, but as the movie proceeds further, the narrative feels dragged. After the first half of the movie, the movie starts moving round and round at the same point, and we just wait for the movie to end.

The underwhelming outcome of the movie: Dial 100 movie disappoints with the final outcome. After investing close to 2 hours of our time, we feel disappointed the way the movie ends, which disappoints us the most and kills all the excitement we are having for the climax of the movie.

Dial 100 Movie : What Really Stands Out?

5th Dial 100 Movie
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Manoj Bajpayee: Manoj Bajpayee is the absolute legend and a gem of Indian cinema. Manoj Bajpayee has impressed the audiences at so many times that it feels now that this man can not mess up with his character, no matter how minor or how big the character is.

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After delivering a stellar performance in The Family Man season 2, Manoj Bajpayee yet again impresses us with his performance in Dial 100 movie. Dial 100 movie has a cast of really talented actors, but Manoj Bajpayee steals the show.

Manoj Bajpayee will hold the viewers with his convincing performance. Dial 100 is a must-watch for die heart Manoj Bajpayee fans.

Dial 100 Movie Review: What Really Messes Up?

Image Credits: Koimoi | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Zee5

The final outcome of the movie is what really messes up the whole movie. The movie successfully generates interest in the storyline of the movie, and the viewers very desperately wait for the climax.

But after all, this, when the final outcome is not as expected, which destroys the whole credibility of the movie. There were so many movies in the past that win the audiences with just the movie’s climax.

The way a movie wrap is the most essential part of a movie. It can either enhance the underwhelming aspects of the movie or can totally destroy all the good things of a movie. So, the movie’s climax is a massive letdown, and the movie disappoints big time as the things wrap at the climax of the movie.

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FAQ About Dial 100 Movie:

Manoj Bajpayee age?

Manoj Bajpayee is 52 years old.

Is Dial 100 movie available for free?

No, Dial 100 movie is not available for free. You have to subscription of Zee5 to watch Dial 100 movie.

Is Dial 100 movie is based on a true story?

No, Dial 100 movie is not based on a true story. The story of the movie is orignal and not inspired from any other story or true event.

Who is the cinematographer of the Dial 100 movie?

Anuj Rakesh Dhawan is the cinematographer of the movie. Anuj has also worked in Bala as a cinematographer before Dial 100 movie.

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