Diablo 2 Mephisto Boss Guide: The Resurrected Mephisto


When you complete an act in Diablo 2 Resurrected, there are bosses at the end of each act that you must defeat in order to move on to the next act. Act 3 concludes with the appearance of Mephisto, one of these bosses. Throughout this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Diablo 2 Resurrected Mephisto boss fight and how to defeat him.

beat mephisto boss in diablo 2 resurrected

Diablo 2’s Mephisto Boss has been resurrected.
In this guide, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of fighting the Mephisto boss, as well as a few tips and tricks to make the fight a little bit less difficult.

Act 3’s final section introduces Mephisto, cheap Diablo 2 resurrected ladder items the brother of Diablo and Baal who appears in the final section of Act 3. He was imprisoned within the Soulstone, and it was only with the assistance of priests that he was able to escape.

When it comes to Diablo 2, Mephisto is one of the most straightforward monsters to defeat, and he also drops some of the best loot, making him a popular choice for “Monster Runs.”
The following are the Mephisto stats for each difficulty level, in descending order:

Level 26 is the normal requirement.
Injuries to the Boss: 6036 Experience Points Earned: 10718 Nightmare
Level 59 is required.
Health of the Boss: 74547
Points for gaining knowledge earned: 240504 Hell points
Level 87 is required.
Health of the Boss: 94320
1148886 experience points have been earned.
Mephisto Launches an Assault
Mephisto engages in face-to-face combat with his opponents as well as casting magic spells on them.

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After that, you’ll be subjected to the following magical spells by the boss during the boss fight:

Lightning (1-390 DMG) – Launches lightning bolts at you from above.
Poison Cloud (66-164 DMG) – Creates a poison cloud around himself that deals damage if you are exposed to it. This spell is only available to 66-164 DMG characters.
Iceball (44-270 DMG) – Tosses ice balls that deal physical and cold damage over time as they travel through the air.
Frost Nova (40-200 DMG) 
The Charged Bolt (1-194 DMG) ability allows him to charge his lightning bolts to deal additional damage.

The Weaknesses of Mephisto

Poison has the greatest effect on Mephisto, whereas physical attacks have the least effect on him at all.
For the elemental type damage dealt by the boss at each difficulty level, the following stats are provided:
Fire at a normal rate: 33
25 degrees Celsius when it’s cold.
50 Poisonous substances
Luminous intensity: 33
Physical: 0 Magical: 0 Physical: 0
It’s a nightmare
Fire: 50, cold: 25, poison: 50, light: 50, and so on.
No magic, no physicality, no hell
75 people were killed in the fire.
75 degrees Fahrenheit is considered cold.
Poison number: 75
Luminous intensity: 75
50 % of the population is magical.
Physical stature: 20

Defeating Mephisto in D2 Resurrected is a simple process.

Because Mephisto is impervious to all physical attacks, Diablo 2 resurrected runes, it is preferable to engage in ranged combat against him rather than confronting him face to face. A simple trick, however, can be used to your advantage to get around the system and defeat him. To make him chase you towards the Blood Moat, start the fight as soon as it begins.
Make your way to the edge of the cliff and make sure the boss follows you. Once the boss has reached the edge of the Blood moat, make your way to the open area that you passed through at the beginning of the level.
You will not be able to escape from Mephisto if you are in the open area. You have the ability to shoot arrows, cast spells, and throw anything you have in your hand at him at this point. He will be able to see you, but he will be unable to do any harm to you.
Continue to inflict damage on him, and the fight will be over in two to three minutes at the most. In the battle against Mephisto, this is the most effective trick that the majority of speedrunners employ.
Mephisto provides players with the highest quality loot, which is why he is the favourite boss to fight against for the majority of speedrunners in the game.

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Drops of Loot

Mephisto has excellent loot available for the early stages of the game. You’ll receive a different set of rewards depending on how difficult the game is.

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