Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Review: The Most Emotionally Intact Show Based On 26/11

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is inspired by the terrorist attack which happened in Mumbai on 26th November 2008. 26/11 this date shook the whole nation and was one of the most significant terrorist attacks after 9/11. There have been many shows and movies based on this same topic, but Mumbai Diaries …

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Marvel What If Episode 5 Review: Who Caused The Zombie Apocalypse – Summary & Breakdown

Marvel is currently leading in the Superhero Genre, and What If Episode 5 is the perfect example of how creative Marvel creators have started to think. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting better and bigger from each passing phase. Currently, MCU is in Phase 4, and Marvel has already planned …

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Marvel’s What If Episode 2 Review – T’Challa The New Star Lord in the House

Marvel’s What If Episode 2 is an animated Web Series specially made to explore different possibilities in the original timeline of the MCU. After Loki unlocking the multiverse, Marvel seems working really hard to make this multiverse a memorable piece of work. MCU is also exploring the possibilities of MCU …

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Marvel What If Episode 1 Breakdown (Must Read): Captain Carter : New Infinite Possibilities of the Multiverse

The first episode of Marvel’s new Disney+ show What If…. dropped today on the Hotstar Disney+ app and website and is available for only premium users. What If Episode 1 is all about the alternative outcomes of previous Marvel movies. Marvel’s What If Episode 1 Breakdown: Summary of Episode 1 …

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Upcoming Superhero Movies and Shows

Upcoming Superhero Movies and Shows – New Upcoming Marvel and DC Movies and Shows with Confirmed Released Dates

For Upcoming Superhero Movies and Shows, Marvel and DC are the biggest production houses in the entire Hollywood industry. MCU’s Phase 4 has already started by Black Widow’s solo movie being the first theatrical release of MCU in phase 4. One can not even remember which was the last superhero …

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Loki Episode 6

Loki Episode 6 ( Kang the Conqueror – Fictional Supervillain) – “Loki” Finally Paved The Path For a New Multiverse of Madness

Loki Episode 6 finally got released, and no one can keep their calm after watching the finale episode of the new Disney+ show of MCU. Loki is one of the most prominent and most loved characters of the MCU. Though Loki is an Anti-Hero in MCU, he is still loved …

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