Movie News Update Series #1 World War Hulk Movie, Superman vs India, RDJ as Doctor Doom, Eternals & More

Movie News #1 : Eternals Premire Praised by Critics Last week its premiere was released. Every critic marks it as excellent for its visual, storytelling, Performance. Movie News #2 : Eternals Cast member is Covid positive Eternals Actor Harish Patel was found as Covid positive, and that’s why he is …

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Shocking News : Will Marvel Be Shutting Down because of Marvel Lawsuit?

Marvel Lawsuit: Marvel Studios, early known as “Marvel Films” from 1993 to 1996. Marvel Studios is an American Films and Television Series producing company that so far has released 25 Films creating their own Universe for superheroes known as Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). From Iron-Man in 2008 to Shang-Chi and the …

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