Shanks & Luffy’s Conqueror’s Haki Can Give You Ultimate Pleasure One Piece : Red (2022) Movie Review One piece film red has been released in India on 7 October 2022. This is an Adventure/Action movie. This is a Japanese animated movie. To know how the movie is, you must read the complete review. Release date 7 October 2022 ( india)DirectorGoro TaniguchiLanguageJapanese , hindi ( dub)Voice CastMayumi Tanaka( Monkey D Luffy ), Hiroaki Hirata (…

One Piece Film Red
one piece film red movie review

Top 5 Underrated Love Story anime : Must watch once before you die

Top 5 Underrated Love Story anime: Friends, who does not like love, love is a feeling that everyone wants to feel. If you are a fan of anime then I have brought such love story based anime for you which you must watch. This anime is such that will make you feel true love. Top 5 Underrated…

Top 5 Underrated Love Story Anime
Top 5 Underrated Love Story anime

Top 9 Best Anime Villains Of All Time

Anime Villians : When it comes to tell about anime, there have been so many truly amazing villains over the years. These are the ideal characters that you would love to hate; the ones that make your skin crawl with their maliciousness. They do terrible things and always seem to get away with it. For Top 10…


11+ Anime Like Naruto You Should Watch Before You Die

For many young anime fans of the early 2000s, Naruto was the second to come after Dragon Ball Z. Just as the latter established itself as THE action anime series of the 90s, Naruto has been established as an exciting new evolution of the genre. The story of a young ninja who possessed the mighty spirit of…


Best Detective Anime Series on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Konnichiwa Otakus! Welcome to another article of Well, if you have a strong passion for solving mysteries, this detective-related anime list may be just what you are looking for. You will be submerged in a world of critical thinking while watching these anime, and the suspense and intrigue will leave you wanting even more so without…


Top 9+ Best Thriller Anime That Can Give You A Heart-Attack

Konnichiwa Otakus! Welcome to another article of Amongst the many popular genres in anime, one that stands out is the mystery thriller Anime; it may be because the thriller anime tends to have stories that are a lot more mature and intense than what the typical Person expects from an anime. Also, because some of these…


Top 19+ Longest Anime Series Ever Made – Check Your Most Fevourite Anime Is Here Or Not !

Konnichiwa! welcome to Are you an anime fan? Okay then tell me which are the Longest Anime series which are on the top list when it comes to the highest number of episodes?Any Guess? Any idea? No idea, okay no worry. Your Otaku Friend Jayesh is here. In this article, we are gonna look at the…

Largest Anime Series One-Piece
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Anime News #2 : Attack on Titan part 2, Makoto Shinkai’s new movie, Anime on Disney+ & More

Today we will talk about Attack on titan part 2, Mob Psycho season 3, Makoto Shinkai's new movie, Anime on Disney+ and much more related news. lets start the Anime News #2. Anime News : Attack On Titan Announcements AOT final season part 2 teaser trailer released, and It announced the date of part 2 premiere date…

Dragon-Ball New Movie
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Top 9+ Best Anime Rivalries of All Time, Ranked

Top 9+ Best Anime Rivalries : Nothing is more fun than watching two rivals facing each other. Rivalry is just not a word. It is a mixture of emotions aggressive emotions. When two or more than two persons make their life goal to defeat the other person, that moment gives birth to a Rivalry. In Anime, there…


Top 9+ Best Anime Villains of All Time Like Thanos

Best Anime Villains Of All Time Like Thanos: The villain is a crucial character in every movie, whether it be a live-action movie or an Anime movie. Villains are those who make a movie or a series more engaging and more enjoyable. Villains make us empathize more with the protagonist of a movie or a series. In…