Is Brahmastra Trailer The New Beginning Of The Indian Cinemaverse?


Eventually, the long wait ended, and the Star studio revealed Brahmastra’s official trailer on June 15th. It is thought that there are many more galaxies like our galaxy. As much as we know there is more beyond what we know, we know as much as science has shown us, but we don’t know anything more than that. 

Are there any multiple galaxies excited? Even after so much scientific progress, the answer to this question is still unknown to us. Star studio has highlighted many galaxy concepts like the multiverse in this movie. In this 2 minutes 55-second trailer, they haven’t revealed so much, but From this trailer, we can guess what will happen. 

Image Credit : Hindustan Times

Indian People love superheroes; we have seen many Indian superheroes before, like Krish, shaktiman, Ra-one, and Robot. The start studio has decided to make money from the Indian film industry. In this Brahmastra movie, we will get some superheroes here as gods of fire, wind, and water. 

They took this concept from ancient Indian manuscripts. From ancient times, the people of India have worshipped fire, water, and air as deities. This trailer showed fire, water, and wind as Astra (weapons). And the Brahmastra is the God of all Astras. Whoever gets this weapon will become omnipotent. And certain people have been protecting all these weapons and their power for a long time from the darkness. 

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Ranbir Kapoor fighting with a big bull, Where we got to see very good VFX and animation work by the start studio. Then we hear Amitabh Bachchan’s commentary. In this movie, the God of this fire, Astra, is Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor). At the movie’s beginning, we see Shiva as a normal person who is unaware of his abilities. 

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Shiva is a man who cannot be burned because he is the God of fire, Astra. He discovers for himself that fire has a deep relationship with him. That’s how it all went. One day he met Isha (Aliya Bhatt) at a party. Then they continue to love each other one day. Isha also noticed that Shiva has something so he can not be burned. 

Image Credit : Opindia | Studio Credit : Dharma Productions

When Shiva begins to know himself slowly, he realizes that some such powers are present in this world. With the help of those powers, one can be undefeatable. When Shiva recognized himself and knew the whole concept of this Brahmastra, at that time, a monster of darkness entered this movie. The monster of darkness wants to take possession of Brahmastra so that he can rule over everything. 

Where this is going to be a picture of a different taste, it will be a full-fledged film about music, love, and fighting. Fighting against the monster of darkness and winning that battle will not be easy for Shiva at all. But we know that truth and love win in the end always. 

This is going to be a big hit already 6.5 million people watched the trailer of this Brahmastra part one on YouTube in just 24 hours. 

The film will be released in cinemas on September 9th, 2022. Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Nagarjuna did an excellent job in this movie. 

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Is Brambhastra a part of MCU Multiverse? 

Image Credit : India Tv News

Though Brahmastra and MCU is a movie based on some powerful energy in the multiverse, both will be different. This movie has pillars of power: first fire, second water, and third wind. And the power of these three energies is inherent in three Astras. And the God of these three Astras is Brahmastra. On the other hand, MCU has its character where our heroes are ready to save the world. MCU is already very popular and based on Marvel comics, but the Star studio tried to capture the Indian film industry here. And Brambhastra is not a part of MCU. 

Recently we have seen Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness, where Walt Disney Studios motion pictures gave some ideas about the multiverse. The concept of a multiverse is that many planets exist, like our Earth. 

Is Shiva using Aquaman’s The Trident of Neptune?

Image Credit : Times of India

Well, The Trident of Neptune was a very popular weapon before this movie. We have seen it as Aquaman’s weapon. Also, we have seen Odin, Thor’s father, use this weapon. However, it is not the same. In Hindu mythology, we have seen this weapon in the hands of Lord Shiva called Trishul. Star studio also showed a similar weapon here. We see Ranbir Kapoor using this after realizing his power. 

Conclusion :

After watching the trailer of this movie and a treasure of the song, a good attitude towards it has been seen among the people, which is a very good sign. People are taking this concept of the multiverse very well and are very interested in it. As a result, we can expect to see more Bollywood movies on this topic. 

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However, this is the first part of the movie. We know from the name that it will be another part that will come after the release of this movie. After all, moviegoers will witness a very good experience with this Brahmastra part one: Shiva. 

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