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Black Widow Review : You Should Before you watch

Black Widow Review – Black Widow, is a 2021 MCU Movie. Black Widow was intended to kickstart MCU’s Phase 4, but due to the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, Black Widow got delayed several months. Black Widow is based on a Fictional Character Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, a trained assassin who later becomes a member of S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) and then joins The Avengers.

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Black Widow Review – Movie Summary

Ratings: 7.5/10

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Directed By:Cate Shortland
Produced By:Kevin Feige
Screenplaty By:Eric Pearson
Cast:Scarlett Johansson
Florence Pugh
David Harbour
O-T Fagbenle
Olga Kurylenko
William Hurt
Ray Winstone
Rachel Weisz
Production House:Marvel Studios
Distributed By:Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The Movie starts in 1995 in Ohio. 2 very young girls, Yelena and Natasha, playing in a garden or a backyard lawn, then their mother, whose name is Melena, comes to tell them that it’s dinner time and they should go inside now. Then at the dinner table, their father joins them.

He seems a bit disturbed, then her wife asks him whether they have to leave this city too, to which he replies that yes, they immediately have to evacuate from the city. They directly go to an airfield where they already had a private charter plane hidden.

While they were escaping, Police officials arrive there, and in that sequence, we get to know that the man has super human strength; hence he is a super soldier named Alexie, aka Red Guardian. They finally escape from Ohio and land in Cuba.

Then we realised that they were not a real family, and this all was a part of their mission. Both Natasha and Yelena were adopted or taken. In Cuba, we also get to know that Dreykov is the one for whom Alexie works for.

Dreykov also runs a secret association known as Red Room, which abducts unknown girls around the globe, trains them to be a lethal weapon and an assassin, and calls them Widows. Then, in Cuba, Dreykove takes both Natasha and Yelena to train them to be assassins.

Then the timeline transit directly after the events of Captain America – Civil War, and the S.H.I.E.L.D now hunting her, but Natasha manages to fool them and run away. She is now hiding with the help of a friend, she received a parcel there from Budapest.

2nd Black Widow Review
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On the other hand, Yelena is hunting a rogue Widow in Morocco to steal a Red Gas from her, but in the process, the rogue Widow exposes Yelena to the Red Gas, which cause some chemical reactions in her mind. Then Yelena becomes routine and morns for the death of the rogue Widow.

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Yelena goes rogue against the Red Room, and Dreykove sends Taskmaster to hunt for the Red Gas. Yelena sent that Red Gas to Natasha in the parcel which she received from Budapest earlier. Then the Taskmaster attacks Natasha for the Red Gas, but she manages to escape from there.

Natasha took that Red Gas and goes to meet Yelena to find out what is going on. There Natasha got to know that Dreykove is still alive and the Red Room is still in function, which Natasha believed not to exist now because she thinks that she had already killed Dreykove in Budapest so that she can join S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now Natasha and Yelena want to find out about the Red Room, and they think that the only person who can tell them the location of the Red Room is Alexie, the man who played to be their father earlier. After rescuing Alexie from the prison, they get to know that Alexie also does not know the location of the Red Room.

But Alexie tells them that Melena was working more closely with Dreykove, and she must know the location of the Red Room. Then They all goes to meet Melena. There Melena betrays them and hands all of them to Dreykove.

There Drakove understands that all of this is just a plan. There happens the climax fight sequence of the movie.

Black Widow Review – Who is the Taskmaster?

3rd Black Widow Review
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In the first Avenger movie, we have seen Natasha and Clint both discussing about Budapest, but we never got to know the whole story. In Black Widow, we get to know the story of Budapest. When Natasha was not working with S.H.I.E.L.D., she was working for Dreykov, who runs an association called the Red Room.

At there, they abduct orphan girls around the globe and trains them to be assassins and those girls who do not fits the trials, Dreykove kills them. To Join S.H.I.E.L.D. and to leave Red Room, Natasha had to kill Dreykove to gain the trust of S.H.I.E.L.D.

She planted an explosive in Dreykov’s office, but in order to be sure that Drevkove is present in the room when the explosive explodes, Natasha uses his daughter. In the explosion, both Dreykove and his daughter dies.

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But when Dreykove captures Natasha in Black Widow, he tells Natasha that by that explosion, Natasha has given him the biggest weapon. Then Drwykove reveals that Taskmaster is non-other than his daughter, whom Natasha thinks that she killed.

Dreykov tells Natasha that after that explosion, Deykov has to put a chip in her daughter’s brain to keep her alive. Now, she sees and observes everything, and she can mimic anyone to perfection, and she can fight like any of the Avengers.

Taskmaster can copy any person’s fighting style by just looking at him or her, and she can perfectly copy the fighting style of anyone whom she sees. So while fighting with the Taskmaster, it feels like fighting with your own mirror image.

Black Widow Review – What is the Red Room?

4th Black Widow Review
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Red Room is a hidden facility which creates world’s most lethal assassins and spies. Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow also got trained there. At the Red Room, Dreykov pulls out all the organs from a girls body which woman use to reproduce.

Natasha Romanoff thaught for a long time that she has killed Dreykov and the Red Room is not in function since then, but Dreykov survived, and he was technically so advanced that he was successfully operating the Red Room but never got in the radar of S.H.I.E.L.D. or The Avengers.

At the Red Room they use to inject some chemicals in the body of all the soldiers whom they call Widows, which compels them to follow Dreykov’s order. As long as any of the Widow can smell Dreykov they can not hurt him, no matter how hard they try.

Red Room has his Widows everywhere in the globe and these Widows can start a war on just a command of Dreykov. Red Room is a top secret assassin creating facility which creates the most elite assassins.

Black Widow Review – Is It Really Worth The Hype

5th Black Widow Review
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Black Widow is worth the hype it generated around its release for a large part of the movie. The movie is visually stunning and has excellent action sequences. Black Widow is MCU’s one of the best movies visually. Some of the scenes from the movie are genuinely breathtaking.

But, from the story point of view, Black Widow is an average product and does not give any development to MCU’s phase 4. Black Widow was only made to give tribute to the character of Natasha Romanoff.

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The Story of Black Widow does not give any development to the current timeline of the MCU. This movie exists only for the fans of Black Widow and in honour of the character of Natasha Romanoff.

Black Widow dies in the Avengers – Endgame, and MCU wants to give a proper goodbye to the character, and that is the only reason to make a movie on the character of Black Widow.

This movie’s action sequences are just epic, and some of the scenes are never seen before in any MCU or in any Action Movie. Especially the climax sequence of the movie is one of the best in any MCU Movie, and the visuals of that sequence will definitely take your breath away.

So, if anybody’s expecting that the story of Black Widow will lead the timeline of MCU to somewhere, then that person will be disappointed after watching this movie. But if anybody is an MCU movies fan and wants to see Black Widow in action in her standalone movie, then one should watch this movie.

This movie is epic in many ways, and this movie is also really average in some ways. So, overall this movie is a mixture of both good and bad. But one should definitely witness this movie for its stellar visuals and great action sequences.

In the final words of Black Widow Review, this movie surely deserves a watch for its stellar visuals and great action. Black Widow will definitely please the fans of MCU and die-hard fans of Scarlett Johansson, aka Black Widow.

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FAQ About Black Widow Review:

Is Taskmaster male or female in Black Widow Review?

Task master is the daughter of the founder of the Red Room, Dreykov.

Is Black Widow 1st movie of the MCU Phase 4? Black Widow Review

There were some MCU’s web shows on Disney+ in the Phase 4. But, Black is the first movie of the MCU Phase 4. Black Widow Review.

Who is Red Guardian in Black Widow Review?

In Black Widow Review, Red Guardian is the Russian version of Captain Amerca, he also has a uniform and a shield but all are of red color. Red Guardian is also a Super Soldier like Captain Amerca.

Is there going to be a Sequel for Black Widow? Black Widow Review

Yes, there will be sequel to Black Widow but this time Yelena will play Black Widow replacing Natasha Romanoff her dead sister. Black Widow Review.

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