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Biography movies in Hollywood always fascinate us, and it gives us the spark to create something new and achieve success. Biographical movies are like medicine because when you are depressed, that movie helps you and send you to watch a successful person’s life, which will help you always see something new that gives you the extra edge when you decide in your life. It teaches people how to think creatively. If you want to be a productive person, you should never miss these movies below.

Best adventure movies, Best action movie are easy to rank rather than this Because biographical movies are differnt and unique each time. It is hard to decide which is best. I gave my opinion, hope you will like it.

4th best Biography movies in Hollywood
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Best Biography Movies in Hollywood List :

10. The Social Network:

Rating: 8/10

10th best Biography movies in Hollywood
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  This movie is based on Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook.The story of this movie follows: How was Facebook created? How much struggle they had faced for creating that type of tech giant.

The story grows around Mark and his friend Edwardo. They want to start a start-up from the very beginning of admission to Harvard University. His girlfriend dumped 19-year-old Mark. Returning to his dorm, Zuckerberg writes an insulting post about his ex-girlfriend on his LiveJournal blog. Then he created Facemash by hacking the College database and stealing female pictures and creating an algorithm to compare between two girls. But after that, Harvard university takes action against him. Then, he got the idea to create a social networking site for people and here is the beginning of Facebook.

This movie teaches you how never to give up and how to create a business. This movie show you how one idea, and action towards that idea can change your life entirely. This is a perfect start-up-oriented movie. It teaches you that Live your dream and dream will live for You.

Acting, Dialogues, Background music are amazing, and you will be hooked instantly. You should definitely watch it if you are thinking about Start-Ups or you already start start-ups; this movie is an excellent movie for you and I recommend you to watch this movie. That makes this tenth Biography movies in Hollywood.

9. Steve Jobs :

Rating: 8.2/10

9th best Biography movies in Hollywood
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This movie is based on Steve Jobs, One of the best leaders in the world. So now you understand this movie has to be freaking awesome, and It is awesome.

The story shows the journey of Steve Jobs from Zero to Hero. How did the Apple company form? How passionate was Steve Jobs? What makes him one of the greatest leaders of all time? To make a billion-dollar company, we all know that Education is not that much important, but we don’t know what is important? This movie gives you all the answers from Jobs’s life.

You might think, can everyone understand that? If you see that move, then you know this movie will give you a spark to create your own fate. That makes this movie great.

The acting is pretty good, and the screenplay is also excellent, but the dialogue is awesome and amazing. You will know what level of obsession is needed to achieve the ultimate success.

If you are a businessman or you want to create a start-up, I am sure that you have already watched that movie at least once. I strongly suggest you watch that movie. That makes this ninth Biography movies in Hollywood.

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8. Snowden :

Rating: 8.5/10

8th best Biography movies in Hollywood
Image Credit : Denofgeek | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Endgame Entertainment

This real story is based on a former CIA agent named Edward Snowden. He leaks classified documents of the USA from the NSA(National Security Agency). He also leaks data of project prism. This movie is totally based on this. He hacked the US govt. Server.

What documents did he leak? Why did he leave the CIA? Why did he leak data on Project Prism? What is Project Prism? How he hacked the US govt.? Aren’t you curious about that? If yes, watch this series definitely, and you will know the dark secret about the USA Govt. When you know about it, you will definitely be scared.

Acting, Screenplay, Information, presentation styles are just perfect for this type of movie. It will hook you within 15 minutes of start his this movie. This is one of the most recommended series. That makes this eighth Biography movies in Hollywood.

7. The man who knew infinity :

Rating: 8.8/10

7th best Biography movies in Hollywood
Image Credit : lsuscienceblog | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Warner Bros. Pictures

An Indian genius Mathematician invited to Oxford and gave extreme miraculous mathematical equations that gave the new direction of Mathematics and physics. Yes, I am talking about Srinivasa Ramanujan. This movie is based on him, the great Mathematician.

Do you know what madness is? What is your obsession? If you know that, then you may realize that you can do anything whatever you want if you have madness on a particular thing.

Oh god! That man is obsessed with Mathematics. He became a Tuberculosis patient because of his obsession towards mathematics. He even forgot to eat properly when he was doing Mathematics. Can you imagine that?

The tight screenplay and Beautiful dialogue, and representation style are incredibly amazing. Dev Patel as Ramanujan is perfect. If you can’t see any pic of Ramanujan, then Dev Patel will be the real Ramanujan in your eyes. You don’t believe that he was acting. This is the most recommended watch. That makes this seventh Biography movies in Hollywood.

 6. Aviator :

 Rating: 8.9/10

the aviator 600
Image Credit : Eyeforfilm | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Warner Bros. Pictures

This biographical story is based on passionate and ambitious businessman philanthropist and aviator Howard Hughes‘s life. Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Howard.

This movie shows you what a man can do when you have an ambition, and if you have that madness to take risks, you will achieve anything you want.

At the very beginning of the movie, Howard is a great businessman, and he wants to make movies with sound effects. He took a movie project, and he wanted to make a real war sequence with real aviation scenes where he wanted to use a real plane. After the success of the movie, he was interested in making aeroplanes. His innovative idea created a competition with PANAM airways sooner. Can he become a successful businessman, or will he fail? To know the answer, You must watch the movie.

  The production quality of this movie is totally incredible, and Leonardo’s acting gives it an extra edge. This biographical movie gives you a different experience from others. This movie counts as Leonardo‘s one of the best movies. You must watch it if you want to be a Businessman. That makes this sixth Biography movies in Hollywood.

5. The Theory of Everything:

Rating: 9/10

5th best Biography movies in Hollywood
Image Credit : Catlingonfilm | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Universal Pictures

This movie is based on the most popular Scientist in our generation, Stephen Hawking’s life. There is no doubt that he was an amazing, great scientist who wanted to reveal the secret of the Universe.

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This movie shows what and how he was thinking then? What was his problem? How did he overcome his problem? This movie teaches you if you love something truly, no matter what your problem is, you will definitely get it even if you have a serious disease. Hawkings suffers from motor neuron disease.

This movie also tries to explain some theories of Hawkings like the Black Hole theory, Big bang theory, String Theory, Big crunch. If you are a physics lover, definitely you should watch it.

Actor Eddie Redmayne’s acting is just awesome. He gets an Oscar award as the Best actor for this movie. Even Stephen Hawking says that he sees himself for real when he sees this movie and it makes Hawkings emotional. When you see this movie, you can’t tell the difference between Real and reel Hawkings. Now imagine the kind of acting you will see in this movie. You can’t forget Eddie Redmayne ever. Direction and cinematography with pleasing, relaxing music make you feel the emotion of moments. Amazingly great movie. Everyone should definitely watch it. That makes this fifth Biography movies in Hollywood.

4. Catch me if you can :  

 Rating: 9.2/10

4th best Biography movies in Hollywood
Image Credit : Jiocinema | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Dreamwork Pictures

Do you know Frank Abagnale? You might think, who is he? Well, my friends, let me first tell you about him. This is a true story of a Fake.

He is a notoriously genius con artist. He has a natural talent to make anyone fooled. Using this talent, he makes fraud bank checks and makes millions of dollars. Then he went to PANAM airways and became a pilot without giving any exam. Even the FBI can’t catch him. Can you even imagine it? That crazy man later joined the FBI. Isn’t that like a spicy movie? If you think so, then you are wrong. All the things are real. That man is freaking crazy. Isn’t it?

Now I hope you get it. The title of the movie is worth it. Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank and Tom Hanks as FBI agent are insanely awesome. Isn’t it obvious? Two incredible talented actor share one screen. This movie has to awesome. Within 15 minutes of this movie, you will be hooked. Acting, Background music, Storyline are to the point, and this movie’s execution is ridiculously great. It is worth watching ten times. That makes this fourth Biography movies in Hollywood.

3. 12 years a slave :

Rating: 9.4/10

3rd best Biography movies in Hollywood
Image Credit : observealot | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Summit entartainment

The story of the movie follows Solomon Northup’s life incidents, who is an African-American violin player. One day, he and his family met with some Americans and caught them and sold them for slavery. The time was 1841. At that time, American’s tortured black people like African-American and others. Solomon Northup detached from his mother and became a slave of an American. How tortured he was and how he survives, you even can’t imagine until you saw the movie!

That was a very shameful era where humanity was murdered by some kind of people who wanted to rule among them. You will not stop yourself from crying when you watch that movie. If you are soft-hearted, then stay away from it because you will see the extreme cruelty of humans. You might realize there is no difference between humans and animals. The above things make you emotional, and you will cry.

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Screenplay, videography, Storyline, sound design, and acting are so awesome that you can even forget your reality. Sometimes it makes you emotional and forces you to think how cruel humans are, and you question yourself what reality is? Does humanity exist? This movie is worth watching to know these answer. That makes this third Biography movies in Hollywood.

 2. The Imitation Game :

Rating: 9.5/10

2nd best Biography movies in Hollywood
Image Credit : Hungama | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Black Bear Pictures

This movie is based on a real-life story of a Genius Mathematician named Alan Turing. He was an extreme genius in mathematics and encryption methods.

During the Second World War, he made a machine that could break the code of Enigma. Do you know what Enigma is? Enigma is an encryption method that Germans develop, and this code is used for passing messages for bombing and any activities. This is one of the hardest encrypted messages to crack because the key of this code had changed every 24 hours. Enigma caused serious trouble for Alias’s team in the Second World War. At that time, Alan Turing invented the machine that can crack the Enigma code. After cracking, the Alias team could anticipate their action and make a proper counter-attack for Germany. That thing helped a lot to defeat Germany in the Second World War.

This movie shows you the life of Alan Turing and how he made that machine. The Storyline is great, and it has an amazing, fascinating experience to see how a genius works. Production and set design are truly awesome. The Background Music of this movie is wonderful. Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing is absolutely perfect. This movie gives you satisfaction. This is the best and the most recommended movie, in my opinion. That makes this second Biography movies in Hollywood.

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

Rating: 9.8/10

1st best Biography movies in Hollywood
Image Credit : chrisgardnermedia | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Columbia Pictures

This is a real story based on Chris Gardener‘s life, who is a successful businessman. The story shows us the struggle of Chris.

At the very beginning, Chris spent enough money to buy some machines for selling which are expensive, and the value of the product is low. That’s why he can’t sell it that much, and his poor economical condition destroys his family. How did he try to recover himself? What happened to his family?

This movie teaches you lessons, what is the value of family, honesty, patience, and never giving up attitude? This movie shows the reality and gives a slap to society.

It makes you emotional, and even you can feel the pain of Chris. How was he disturbed mentally and emotionally? But his unique and simple, clear goal towards life never makes him feel low and depressed. That thing gives us motivation.

The acting of Will Smith and Jaden Smith as Chris and Chris’s son is incredible. Jaden Smith is the real son of Will Smith. That’s why their real-life Father-Son bonding is really shown the magic. Their Father-Son relationship makes you truly emotional.

This is one of the best biographical movies I have ever seen in my entire life. This is worth watching as many times as you want because every time, it always feels refreshing and evergreen. That makes this first Biography movies in Hollywood.

My friends, I hope you will like my ranking on best Biography movies in Hollywood. If you like it, please share it. Thank you

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