Bhuj Movie Review: One of The Typical Indian Cinema (Super Worst ?) – Cast, Summary & More


Bhuj movie is based on an India-Pakistan war in 1971 when most of the Indian armed forces were posted on the country’s eastern coast, helping East Pakistan, which is known as Bangladesh now, from West Pakistan. Pakistan took advantage of this situation and attacked India on the west coast.

They were destroying most of the airbases of India, including the Bhuj airbase. Then local villagers who reside near Bhuj decided to help the Indian air force rebuild their airfield within 48 hours, and most of the villagers were women.

Bhuj is a very proud movement for India, and it perfectly showcases the relationship between the Indian armed forces and the ordinary people of India.

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Bhuj Movie Review: Movie Summary

Review: 4.5/10

1st Bhuj Movie
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Directed By:Abhishek Dudhaiya
Produced By:Bhushan Kumar
Ginny Khanuja
Krishan Kumar
Kumar Mangat Pathak
Bunny Sanghavi
Vajir Singh
Abhishek Dudhaiya
Starring:Ajay Devgn
Sanjay Dutt
Sharad Kelkar
Sonakshi Sinha
Ammy Virk
Pranitha Subhash
Nora Fatehi
Ihana Dhillon
Written By:Abhishek Dudhaiya
Raman Kumar
Ritesh Shah
Pooja Bhavoria
Production House:T-Series
Ajay Devgn FFilms
Select Media Holdings LLP
Distributed By:Disney+Hotstar

The Bhuj movie starts from a war sequence between India and Pakistan, and we see many Pakistani fighter jets attacking the Indian airbase and completely destroying the airstrip. Then we see Pakistani general planning about making an offer for India.

In that discussion, Pakistani officials clearly showcase their evil intentions towards East Pakistan and India. India is helping East Pakistan fighting from West Pakistan, then Pakistan decides to takeover Kutch and cuts it off from India.

So that Pakistan can make an agreement with the Indian government to take back Bhuj, India has to leave East Pakistan forever and stop helping East Pakistan. So, Pakistan starts attacking Indian airbases so that India can not send help to their troops when Pakistan attacks Kutch.

2nd Bhuj Movie
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Pakistani fighter jets cause a lot of damage to Indian airbases, completely destroying their airstrips so that no airplane neither can land nor can take off from there. After attacking Indian airbases, Pakistan sends 1500 of their soldiers and 100 tanks to India to takeover Kutch from India.

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India sends 120 of theirs soldiers to stop the Pakistani army for as long as they can till India sends more troops for their help.

On the one hand, 120 soldiers are fighting 1500 Pakistani soldiers to stop them from entering Kutch, and on the other hand, local villagers are helping the Indian airforce rebuilding their airstrip so that the Indian army can send more soldiers for their help.

While rebuilding the airstrip, Pakistani fighter jets attack once again on the airbase. Will they be able to repair the airstrip on time, and will India be able to help their soldiers is the main plot of the Bhuj movie.

Bhuj Movie Review: The Only Good in the Movie

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There are only limited things that are good about the Bhuj movie. It was tough to find any good thing about this movie, but still, I managed to find some details about the movie, which are the only good thing about this movie.

1. Some Combat Sequences:

There are some combat sequences of the movie which look good and keeps your interest maintain in the movie. Especially the climax war sequence of the movie and some air combat sequences of the movie are good. The VFX work of the movie is inferior, but still, some sequences show some creativity in them, and if the VFX of the movie was better, then those scenes could be the main highlight of the movie.

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2. Sharad Kelkar:

Sharad Kelkar is the only actor in the movie who is doing some acting in the film, and other than him, no other actor has done even a decent acting job.

And that is it, these two are the only good things about the movie, but these things will not be enough to save you from the disaster coming ahead.

Bhuj Movie Review: Everything Which is Bad About This Movie

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Probably everything about this movie is terrible, but still, I will be breaking down the main aspects where the Bhuj movie really suffers and why this movie is the worst of the Indian cinema.

1. The Direction of the Movie:

Director is the main hero of a movie because only the director knows that what will show up on the screen and how everything will be presented on the screen. Director is the only person who has seen the whole movie without even shooting a single scene of it.

And there, this movie really struggles. The audience can ignore poor VFX if the direction of the movie is good, but in the Bhuj movie, both things are unbearable. If this movie has got a better director, this movie can be a totally different movie. The story of this movie has the potential to be India’s most excellent War movie.

2. Actors:

When the direction of a movie is not good, then the actors can save that movie by delivering a memorable performance, but that is not the case with the Bhuj movie. Because in this movie, even Actors seem not interested in acting and seem like someone is forcing them to act.

The Bhuj movie has a very talented star cast, but baring Sharad Kelkar, no other actor is even trying to act, and all of them are just saying their respective dialogues. The actors of the Bhuj movie disappoint the most.

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3. Failed to Generate any Patriotic feel:

The Bhuj movie is based on a topic that is a real proud moment for India, and this is the only time when ordinary people and the army worked together. Still, this movie fails to generate any patriotic feel amongst the audience.

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The main reason behind this is that almost everything in this movie is either fake or computer-generated, so there is nothing to give the audience any patriotic feel while watching this movie.

4. Soldiers with Superpowers:

The most unattractive thing about the Bhuj movie is when soldiers are portrayed as superhuman and can fight several other soldiers barehanded without any scratch on them, even when those soldiers holding a gun but still not even a single bullet can touch them.

These kinds of things used to work a decade ago, but now the audience has grown mature, and they can point out what is possible and what is absurdly over the top.

5. The 90s like VFX:

Finally, the thing which is the worst thing about this movie is the VFX of the Bhuj Movie. The VFX of this movie is so poor that it feels like that a video montage from a videogame is played on the screen.

There are some movies previously that have done commendable VFX work even with the minimum cost. Still, Bhuj Movie struggles in the VFX department even after a good budget for the movie.

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FAQ About the Bhuj Movie:

What is the budget of the Bhuj Movie?

The Bhuj movie is made in a whooping 130 crores of budjet.

Is Bhuj movie based on a real story?

Yes, the whole story of Bhuj movie is based on a real life event when local village women help Indian Airforce rebuilding airstrip in just 42 hours.

What is the real name of Ajay Devgn’s character in Bhuj Movie?

The real name of Ajay Devgn’s character is Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik in the Bhuj movie.

What is the run time of the Bhuj movie?

Bhuj movie is 113 minutes long.

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