Index of Bhoot Police 2021 Movie Review: Neither Comedy Nor Horror


Bhoot Police Movie is a 2021 Horror Comedy movie directed by Pawan Kripalani and produced by Ramesh Taurani and Akshai Puri. Bhoot Police is based on a witch called Kitchkandi, who mainly resides in Hill stations.

Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor play Vibhuti Vaidya and Chiraunji Vaidya, respectively. The Tantrik brothers are successors of Ullat Baba. Their father now they run a Tantrik corp named Ullat Baba and Sons.

Index of Bhoot Police 2021
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They mainly con people in the name of spirits and ghosts. Vibhuti does not believe in ghosts, but Chiraunji deeply believes in Ghosts and Spirits and totally believes in the book, which is passed on to him by his father, Ullat Baba.

Bhoot Police Movie: Sumary of the Movie

Ratings: 5/10

Index of Bhoot Police 2021
Image Credits: The Indian Express | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Disney+ Hotstar
Directed By:Pawan Kripalani
Produced By:Ramesh Taurani
Akshai Puri
Written By:Dialogues:
Sumit Batheja
Pooja Ladha Surti
Starring:Saif Ali Khan
Arjun Kapoor
Jacqueline Fernandez
Yami Gautam
Javed Jaffrey
Production House:Tips Industries
12 Street Entertainment
Distributed By:Disney+ Hotstar

Bhoot Police Movie starts in a village wherein a house the spirit of a grandfather possessed his granddaughter, and her parents have called Ullat Baba and sons to save their daughter from that spirit.

After visiting her room, Chiraunji is trying his best to help her, but nothing seems to affect the spirit, but Vibhuti finds out that the girl is faking out everything. She is using gas to change her voice and just acting to be possessed by applying makeup on her face.

Then the girl reveals that her parents want her to get married, but she wants to continue her studies. Vibhuti and Chiraunji accept to help her, and they pretend that the spirit wants the girl to continue her studies first and then get married, and her parents agree to this.

Then Ullat Baba and sons leave, and Vibhuti quotes that “Jab tak andhvishvas hai, apna meter chalta rahega.” Then in a montage, we see that how Chiraunji and Vibhuti con so many people with the same tac ticks.

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Then the movie transits into a Mela where all the Tantriks set up a camp, and people come there to seek help. Maya (Yami Gautam) also goes there to find Ullat Baba to help her. Yami reveals that 27 years ago, Ullat Baba solved a problem there, but now that problem is back.

Maya is the owner of a tea-producing estate, but her factory has been facing loss lately because the laborers are scared to work there because a Kitchkandi haunts that place. 27 years ago, Ullat Baba captured Kitchkandi, but now she seems to be back, and now Maya wants Ullat Baba and sons to solve this problem again for them.

Vibhuti and Chiraunji agree to help them. Chiraunji really wants to help them, but Vibhuti just wants to make money out of this. Soon after visiting the village, Vibhuti challenges Kitchkandi to show herself.

The same day in the night, almost the whole village has encountered Kitchkandi, and the entire village is terrified. Chiraunji and Vibhuti make everyone believe that they can take care of the situation and no one needs to be terrified.

Chiraunji talks to villagers and asks them about Kitchkandi, but everyone seems to give a different description about Kitchkandi. Then Chiraunji asked Maya that is there anyone alive from the time when Ullat Baba captured Kitchkandi.

Maya told him that in a nearby Montessori, there was a monk who was there when Ullat Baba was here to capture Kitchkandi. Vibhuti and Chiraunji go to him to ask him about Kitchkandi. He tells them that Ullat Baba caught Kitchkandi in a bone and closed it in a Matka and hid that matka in a tree.

Index of Bhoot Police 2021 Movie
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Vibhuti and Chiraunji visit the forest to find that Tree to see if that matka is still in there or not, they get to know that the market is still there and is still sealed, but Vibhuti broke that matka to see if there is really any Kitchkandi or not.

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Then a dog took that bone to Maya’s house, and Kitchkandi got released and haunted Maya. Then Vibhuti finds a man dressed as a witch and is trying to scare Maya. Chiraunji finds out that the person is the estate manager who is spreading the fear of Kitchkandi amongst the villagers.

Kanika, the younger sister of Maya, is doing everything because she wants to sell the property and move to London. Vibhuti tells them that he can help them, but he will take 20 lacks to do it.

Vibhuti successfully scares the hell out of all the villagers by faking Chiraunji’s death without Chiraunji’s knowledge. All the villagers agree to abandon the village. Inspector Chedisings arrives there and arrests Vibhuti and Chiraunji both, but they both escape from there.

Then Chiraunji gets very angry with Vibhuti for lying to him, and then Vibhuti realizes that he sees dead people and starts believing in ghosts and runs back to Chiraunji to tell him that he believes him now.

Kitchkandi has possessed Maya now, and Chiraunji and Vibhuti are trying to help her. Chiraunji transfers the spirit of Kitchkandi from Maya to himself, but accidentally Kitchkandi gets inside Vibhuti.

Then Maya says that Kitchkandi wants help, and she does not want to kill anybody. Chiraunji sees the backstory of the spirit where he sees that some people burnt her alive and killed her daughter, and now Kitchkandi is looking for her daughter Title.

Vibhuti is the one who can see Titli only, so they decide to find Titli for Kitchkandi. After finding Titli, Kitchkandi and Titli both get free and disappears.

The Good: Bhoot Police Movie Review

Index of Bhoot Police 2021
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The only good thing about this ultra-soporific movie is only and only Saif Ali Khan, and apart from him, nothing works in favor of the film. The movie fails to generate any laughter or horror.

It is just Saif Ali Khan who is driving the whole movie only on his shoulders, but he also fails to save the film from being an ultra boring experience. It is only Saif Ali Khan who generates some laughter through his dialogue delivery, and Rajpal Yadav in his cameo appearance.

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Apart from that movie seems to suffer in deciding whether to make it comedy or horror and fails to do any of them. Bhoot Police Movie is a very lackluster project and clearly one of the worst Horror comedy movies.

If you are a Saif Ali Khan fan, then there is a chance that you might enjoy Bhoot Police Movie.

The Bad: Bhoot Police Movie Review

Index of Bhoot Police 2021
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Everything in the movie is on the worst side. Whether it be the actors or directors, or the storyline, the Bhoot Police Movie seems to struggle in all the aspects of filmmaking. All the actors baring Saif Ali Khan seem to be uncomfortable while performing.

The jokes in the movie are only funny on paper, but when the actors perform them, the jokes come out as flat and unfunny. The direction of the Bhoot Police movie is very poor. The plot of the Bhoot Police movie had so much potential to be a good Horror Comedy, but the final outcome is more like an opportunity missed.

The Bhoot Police movie could be a satire on superstitions and many absurd practices that people still believe. At some point, they talk about this too, but then they leave the topic immediately. The writing of the Bhoot Police movie is not bad, but the main problem is with the treatment of the written material.

Final Words: Bhoot Police Movie Review

Index of Bhoot Police 2021
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In the final words the Bhoot Police movie is a very underwhelming movie. The movie is not entertaining at all. Though Saif Ali Khan still impresses in the movie but still he alone can not sail the ship.

If you are a Saif Ali Khan fan and want to see only his decent performance then you can watch Bhoot Police Movie but if you are looking for a genuinely funny Horror Comedy movie then this movie will definitely dissapoint you.

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