Bhediya trailer review: After a long time, good content in Bollywood


Bhediya trailer review : Bhediya Movie is ready to release in theaters on 25 November 2022, whose trailer has been released. This is a Comedy, Horror Movie. Movie is going to release in Hindi language. The total budget of the movie is being told 60 crores, we are going to see Varun Dhawan in the lead role of the movie.

bhediya movie
Bhediya trailer | image credit- google
film bhediya
Release Date25 November 2022
GenreComedy, Horror
CastVarun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Deepak Dobriyal, Abhishek Banerjee, Sharik Khan
DirectorAmar Kaushik
WriterNiren Bhatt

Bhediya Trailer Plot:

In the starting of the trailer we see Varun Dhawan who says what do you think the wolf( Bhediya) has bitten me, after which we hear the voice that the wolf( Bhediya) might want to kill you. Due to which the story gets an idea that the wolf bites Varun, after that a wolf-like power comes inside Varun. Then after a while we see Varun Dhawan running in the jungles shouting save, save, making it clear that he is running to escape the wolf.

Then we are introduced to more actors and actresses of the movie who are seen doing light comedy. Then after that we hear Varun Dhawan saying that people hear less and I am hearing more, which is clear that the power of the wolf has come in him. After that we see Varun transforming into Bhediya( wolf) which was the best part of the trailer, followed by the light-hearted power of Varun transforming into Bhediya( wolf).

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Bhediya film poster.jpg
Bhediya Trailer | image credit- google

Bhediya Trailer Review and my Expectations

Talking about the Bhediya trailer, the trailer looks good. The vfx shown in the trailer is looking good especially varun dhawan when he transforms into wolf is awesome, vfx is well taken care of. The look of the wolf shown in the film is good. In the trailer, we get to hear the background music which is good especially when Varun Dhawan goes running in the jungle and the wolf is behind him, the background music playing at that time is strong.

The trailer is presented very well and attention has been paid to the smallest details. The wolf has certain qualities like it starts hearing fast, starts running fast, its eyes start burning and it eats meat. This is all Varun Dhawan starts doing when he is bitten by a wolf, which makes it clear that the creator of the movie has tried to keep the movie completely real.

Talk about what is my expectation from the Bhediya trailer, so if I tell you personally, I liked the trailer. After a long time, something new is being seen in Bollywood, the story looks fresh. Varun Dhawan is also doing comedy in this and he is also in a different serious mood. Personally speaking, I like to see Varun Dhawan in a serious mood and he is looking good in this, if comedy is to be side, then.

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When Varun transforms into a wolf and creates panic, the fun of watching a movie will be different. The concept of the movie is good where a wolf bites a human and that person gets the power of a wolf which looks quite exciting. Although I like serious type of movie but it has some light comedy which is fine. If the movie is made too much comedy then I will not be happy with the movie at all.

Bhediya Trailer | video credit- Maddock Films

Bhediya Trailer Conclusion

The trailer of Bhediya looks good, the story of the movie looks unique. This type of movie is probably being made for the first time in Bollywood. Some dialogues are spoken in the trailer which are good. Light comedy has been done which is fine. The biggest highlight of the trailer is its vfx which is very strong especially when varun dhawan transforms into wolf. Varun Dhawan is looking good in serious mood and whenever Varun Dhawan plays a serious role, he does good acting.

There are some comedy scenes which are fine though it would have been better if there was a complete serious mode. In the film, small parts of some songs are heard, so that it is clear that there are going to be songs in the movie too. Overall Trailer Looks Good After a long time have seen such a trailer, hope the movie will be good.

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Is Bhediya related to Stree?

It is the third installment in Vijan’s horror-comedy universe, the first two films being ‘Stree’, and ‘Roohi’.

What is the story of Bhediya?

 Bhaskar, a man who gets bitten by a mythical wolf and begins to transform into the creature himself.

When will Bhediya movie release?

25 November 2022

Which Genre is the movie from?

Comedy, Horror.

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