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Top 9+ Best TVF Web Series:

The Viral Fever (TVF) is entertaining us since 3rd August 2010. The day TVF started, it keeps entertaining us with its refresh, unique, and relatable content. The very first show of TVF is Permanent Roommates, which is still very popular among the younger generation. TVF has this unique ability to deliver such content which we cannot hate if we even want to.

The actors always make the show so hilarious that you can not watch a show without laughing out loud, and the best thing about TVF shows that you do not have to pay to watch them. You can watch any TVF original online for free without paying a single penny for it except for some shows over some paid platforms like Prime videos. So, let’s talk about some of the Best TVF Web Series available to watch.

7th best tvf web series
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Let’s Start The List Of Best TVF Web Series That Everyone Must Watch :

10. TVF Tripling:

Rating: 8.6/10

10th best tvf web series
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Just in case if you have not watched any TVF Web Series, which is very unlikely to happen, but still, if you have not watched any TVF Web Series, then there is no other TVF Web Series than TVF Tripling to start watching TVF shows.

TVF Tripling is about three siblings going on a road trip. The madness that happens on the trip, the things they go through, and the things they learned about each other make this show such a joyful journey to watch. This show is so hilariously funny and refreshing to watch that I can bet you have not seen such a concept until now.

The main things which make this series such a fun ride is its characters and the actors who have played those characters. The characters of this show are so relatable that you can surely see yourself or any of your family members in those characters. I’m sure that the character of Chitvan is going to make you Rolling on The Floor With Laughter (ROFL), and he is going to stay with you for so long.TVF Tripling is a very refreshing and enjoyable show with a unique and relatable plot. TVF Tripling is undoubtedly one of the Best TVF Web Series.

9. TVF Bachelors:

Rating: 8.2/10

9th best tvf web series
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

TVF Bachelors is probably the only show available on the internet with a concept of movie spoofs. This is such a brilliant idea to showcase the life of Bachelors with movie spoofs, and this concept is something which we very rarely get to see in India. 

TVF Bachelors have only five episodes in its first season. All the episodes have different-different movie spoofs, which makes it so enjoyable to watch. Bhuvan Bam, an internet sensation at that time with BB ki Vines, TVF cast him to attract more viewers, and he did not disappoint.

Suppose you want to watch a show that is not like any other regular show you are tired of, watching and want something different to watch, something unique and funny. In that case, this show is just made for you. Plus, the best thing is you do not have to pay any amount to watch this show. You can simply watch this show on YouTube or TVF’s official website/App for totally free. TVF Bachelors is indeed one of the Best TVF Web Series.

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8. Gullak:

Rating: 9.2/10

8th best tvf web series
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

The best thing about TVF that it always comes up with a concept which you can watch anytime and in any mood, and still, you can enjoy them. Gullak is one of those shows which you can watch at any time, and still, you can enjoy it, and the best thing about this show is that you can watch this show with your family. A perfect family drama is one thing which exists in this industry for decades. Still, let’s talk about the OTT platform.

There is hardly any show that you can watch with your family because of the excess use of bold scenes and abusive language, making it more awkward to watch with family, but that is not the case with Gullak. Gullak is a perfect family drama on an OTT platform that you can watch at any time and with your family.

If you want to spend quality time with your family, Gullak is the show you should definitely watch. Gullak is undoubtedly one of the Best TVF Web Series.

7. Cubicles:

Rating: 8.3/10

7th best tvf web series
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

Let me guess, you are working in an IT firm or doing a 9-5 job and you are looking to a show which you can watch and relate with your current situation, TVF Cubicles is the perfect show for you. Cubicles are one of the best corporate shows on the OTT platform, and when you know that this is a TVF show, you just cannot help yourself from watching it for free on YouTube. TVF always brings us the best quality work. The makers have mastered the art of writing so grounded and so relatable that we can relate to our current situations and thoroughly enjoy them while watching.

Cubicles is a show which will give you closure to what it is like to work in a 9-5 job or in an IT firm. TVF very beautifully captures all the situations that happen in a boy’s life who just started his corporate life, when a boy understands what it is like when you handle your own and your family’s livelihood entirely on your own. You should definitely watch this show. Cubicles are definitely one of the Best TVF Web Series. It is available on YouTube for free.

6. Flames:

Rating: 9.2/10

6th best tvf web series
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

I think everybody had a crust when we were in school, a crush whom we liked so much but never dared to try talking to them, or we just behave so weird being around them. Flames is all about an innocent love story where a schoolboy falls in love with a girl who has recently joined his coaching classes. And I think most of us have also played a love calculator game in our childhood, “Flames.” So, Flames is an ideal title for a show that focuses on school students’ love stories.

Daily life is not that easy, they have to go through a lot in their childhood, and I think we all will agree with that. Our parents expect a lot from us, we being under the constant pressure of studies and coaching, and in this challenging time, we all have a face. Every day, we go to school, whom we call our crush, which makes all our troubles feel like nothing.

Flames is a beautiful web series created by TVF. It will make you remember your own school time when we all secretly used to have a crush. This series will definitely be going to touch your heart. This one is very highly recommended to watch if you have not watched it already. Flames is purely a masterpiece and one of the Best TVF Web Series.

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5. Panchayat:

Rating: 8.8/10

5th best tvf web series
Image Credit : Amazon | Image Souce : Google | Licensed By : Amazon & make by TVF

A show which focuses on a village and beautifully captures the beauty and problems a person faces in a town surely deserves your time. Last time we saw a beautiful story of a city was Swades which was released in 2004. Since then, we have not seen any show or any movie that focuses on the events in a village. Panchayat is an ideal and a lovely show made by TVF, and it is one o the best of their work. This is the show that makes our very own Jeetu bhaiya a star and gives him a chance to show his acting talent to a massive audience. This show was released on Prime videos.

Jeetu Bhaiya, an engineer, got a job in a village. Now he has to adjust to a village that makes a pretty exciting plot with some exciting events going on in a village. If you have never been to a village, you should watch this show, it will give you a very close to the actual experience of what is it like to live in a town. Panchayat is undoubtedly a very beautiful and one of the Best TVF Web Series.

4. TVF Permanent Roommates:

Rating: 8.6/10

4th best tvf web series
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

Permanent Roommates is the first show released by TVF in 2014, and it is still one of the favourite shows of TVF after so long. The content of this show is so fresh and so enjoyable and something with whom we can surely relate in our adulthood. The characters of this show are so hilarious. It fells so fun while watching this series. And this series is available for free on YouTube, or you can also watch it on the TVF official website/app for free.

The best thing that makes TVF stand out is that they provide their content for free. Various OTT platforms charge us some amount with their mediocre quality products.

If you really want to see a show which will make you laugh and which you want to see with your partner, Permanent Roommates is the ideal show for you. Permanent Roommates is undoubtedly one of the Best TVF Web Series.

3. TVF Aspirants:

Rating: 9/10

1. tvf aspirants
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

 Every year lacks students apply for UPSC, but only a few thousands of them got selected. This is the intensity of the competition of UPSC. A person has to sacrifice a lot just for this single dream. They left their house all of their comforts for years just for this single dream.

TVF Aspirants is a very beautifully shot Web series. It is the most realistic one and gives a genuine perspective of an Aspirant’s life. This is only the best of TVF, but the best of them all and this Web series is available for free on YouTube. You should definitely watch this one. Aspirants is highly-highly recommended web series.

2. TVF Pitchers:

Rating: 9.1/10

2nd best tvf web series
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

TVF Pitchers is undoubtedly a path-breaking web series of TVF. Pitchers made TVF a sensation and made the whole of India notice it. Pitchers should get credit for what TVF is now because Pitchers is a brilliant web series that one should definitely watch in their life. It focuses on 4 individuals trying to start their own startup. What problems they all face in the journey to just find someone who can fund their startup. 

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TVF Pitcher is a must-watch for all movie and web series lovers. This is probably the best work of TVF, which makes them popular in the whole nation. Pitchers are still one of the most talked-about web series of TVF. People still consider Pitchers as the best work of TVF.

Pitchers are one highly recommended Web Series by me. This one is seriously a very brilliant work from the TVF team. From the casting to cinematography, they did everything just perfectly. TVF Pitchers is no doubt one of the Best TVF Web Series.

1. TVF Kota Factory:

Rating: 9.2/10

1st best tvf web series
Image Credit : TVFPlay | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : TVF

TVF Kota Factory is my personal favourite Web series of TVF because it is a very realistic take on the lives of all those who aspire to be an IIT engineer in life . Kota is a hub for all those students who want to get admitted to IIT. Kota is a place with which every student can relate. Most of us have dreamed of going to Kota to prepare for our dreams and got admitted to one of the most respected institutes of India, IIT.

Kota factory very closely showcases the struggles of a student in Kota. The makers decide to shot this show in black and white which altogether showcases the colourless life of a student. This web series will touch your heart and make you feel sympathize with the life of a student inside Kota. We got to see how coaching institutes loot a student. Those who think that a student’s life is easy and doesn’t go through anything should definitely watch this series.

This series is going to make you question so many things about yourself if you are a parent. Kota Factory is one of the Best TVF Web Series, which is available for free on YouTube. And people are very eagerly waiting for the second season of Kota Factory to release ASAP. TVF Kota Factory is no doubt one of the Best TVF Web Series.

Please tell me in the comments which is your favourite TVF Web series.

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FAQ of Best TVF Web Series :

What is the best tvf web series?

In my opinion, Kota Factory is the best tvf web series because of it direction, realistic storyline, black & white screenplay concept all makes this series incredibly awasome.

What should I watch on TVF play?

I personally recommanded Watch Kota factory, It avaliable in youtube for free. You should definatly watch it becasue it is one of the best TVF web series.

Which is the No 1 Web series in India?

Kota factory is the no 1 web series in india and then comes Scam 1992.

Are TVF shows free?

Yes, Most of tvf shows are free. Mostly avaliable on their youtube channel and their Website

Is TVF pitchers worth watching?

Absolutly, TVF pitchers is Worth Watching and if you want to start a business or start up then this is a must watch for you.

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