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Amongst the many popular genres in anime, one that stands out is the mystery thriller Anime; it may be because the thriller anime tends to have stories that are a lot more mature and intense than what the typical Person expects from an anime.

Also, because some of these shows may have fantastic elements, they often have more serious storytelling or underlying themes that reflect reality are the less glamorous and ideological aspects of life. Due to these, the genre has become a hit with anime fans of all sorts.

Today I will be counting down 10 of my favourite anime in this genre. So please sit back, relax and read as we go through some of anime’s finest offerings in the genre. Do take care, though, because many of these shows can mess with your mind in more ways than one.

10. Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World :

10th best thriller anime Re-Zero
Image Credit : Gizmostory | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Crunchyroll

From the list of Best Thriller Anime Series starting with number 10, we have a RE-ZERO, We meet Subaru (Crybaby Hero), transported to a fantasy world while coming out of a grocery store. He soon discovers that he is unable to die and that instead, he resets to a prior point in time like a video game with his memory of events still intact.

The writing and dialogue are solid, and the series is at its best when it can make you feel uncomfortable and emotionally cringe when things are going very wrong.The series takes some hard narrative turns that keep the story from becoming predictable. It has two seasons, so that’s enough episodes to give you a busy weekend.

9. Terror In Resonance :

9th best thriller anime terror-in-resonance
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Ninth on the list of Best Thriller Anime Series is TERROR IN RESONANCE. Tokyo finds itself a victim of a shocking terrorist attack. The culprits, two teenagers who call themselves Sphinx

The duo launches a series of terrorist attacks accompanied by a riddle, while the world continues to be baffled at finding out the identity of the culprits. Kenjiro Shibazaki of the police division succeeds in solving the riddles and begins engaging the duo in a battle of minds. Protagonists open up several mysteries, such as why our main characters ended up becoming extremists.

The story behind the two is a lot more tragic than you’d expect. The good old saying that everything is political can’t be any truer for terror in resonance. With amazing music and animation, the show is also filled with thrilling action.

8. Death Parade :

8th best thriller anime death-parade
Image Credit : Nefariousreviews | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Madhouse

Number Eight in best thriller anime is none other than DEATH PARADE, It gives us a unique glimpse at it instead of heavenly clouds or eternal flames. What awaits a departed human is a bar. Yes, it is a bar. After death, two people enter a bar named Quindecim with no memories of how they got there.

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The white head bartender Decim crosses the pan to play a game with their lives on the line. As the game progresses, more and more gets revealed about the characters, and we begin to see that there’s more than we expect when it comes to people. Death parade excels in how it essentially provides numerous character studies at the end of the day. Death parade certainly teaches us not to judge a book by its cover or a person by his appearance.

7. Steins; Gate :

7th best thriller anime steins-gate
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Coming in at number seven in Best thriller Anime Series is STEINS GATE. Main Character Okabe claims to be a mad scientist. In reality, he is an eccentric, socially inept university student. After discovering time travel under strange circumstances, he and his colleagues use their knowledge of it to stop an evil organization. This series count as 2nd best sci-fi Time travel series arround the globe. First is DARK.

Steins Gate has the magical ability to keep its viewers completely engaged with every step making this series the ultimate show to pick up if you want a thriller & Mystery anime that deals with time travel.

6. Future Diary :

6th best thriller anime future-diary
Image Credit : Nefariousreviews | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Funimation

Coming in at number Sixth in Best thriller Anime Series is a FUTURE DIARY. The diary game is a deadly battle royal between 12 different individuals. Every character holds a diary that can predict the future in one way or another. Future Diary is mainly focused on psychological torture. It does not shy away from violence and is not for the faint of heart.

5. Paranoia Agent :

5th best thriller anime paranoia-agent
Image Credit : Nefariousreviews | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Madhouse

Coming at number Five in the Best thriller Anime Series, we have a PARANOIA AGENT. The police are on the trail of a legendary figure called Shonen bat (bat boy), appearing as a team that wields two bent baseball bats. He sets off to attack the people in Musashino. Furthermore, his attacks don’t seem random as he only attacks those who fit a certain category.

If you’re not aware, the creator of this anime is Satoshi Kon, known for his mind-bending style that’s putting it kindly in directing visuals. If you come in looking for something easy to watch, you might end up disappointed here, much like its central character paranoia agents not to show that can be easily digested and consumed.

At the end of it, all paranoia agent showcases what made Satoshi Kon one of the most renowned personalities in anime surreal fear-inducing visuals, a generous dose of social commentary, and a mystery full of twists with a great ending of what awaits those who watch this series.

If you’ve never seen a Satoshi Kon anime, I feel that Paranoia Agent would make an excellent starting point. It brings out the full appeal of his style, and the series itself is really good in how it weaves its mysteries. How it creates some major twists and turns, the feel of a tense mystery is there throughout and being able to evoke the emotion of terror and suspense is a true strength of the series.

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4. Erased :

Coming at number Four in the Best thriller Anime Series we have an ERASED. I can confidently say that a lot of us have had to deal with what-ifs, we get hung up on what-ifs, and in some cases, those what-ifs end up affecting our future in more direct ways.

An unfortunate victim of such circumstances is Satoru Fujinuma. After the murder of his MOTHER, he finds himself with the ability to go BACK IN TIME. Specifically, he goes back to his childhood years when he gets reacquainted with the girl Kayo Hinazuki,

It is a race through time to uncover the mystery of the past. And change the present with the girl seemingly being the key to the puzzle. Among the shows that I’ve listed are raised as the best in coming up with cliffhangers. I just can’t put my device down watching it because each episode digs deeper into the mystery while adding more and more elements that I want to see resolved. If you’re up for some binging, definitely put this anime at the top of your watch list.

3. Tokyo Ghoul :

Our number Third in the best thriller anime series is none other than TOKYO GHOUL. Just imagine your best friend has been torn apart by a monster on his first date by her partner, hahaha.

Tokyo, Man-eating monsters live among humans in secret. A college student Ken Kaneki gets transformed into a half Monster half-human after his date tries to eat him as he struggles with his new life as a monster. He discovers that not all the ghouls are evil, and many like him are just trying to get by from it.

We soon discover in Tokyo Ghoul that humans can be just as bloodthirsty and monstrous as actual monsters, and Tokyo ghoul may make your roof for the ghouls.

2. The Promise Neverland :

Number two on the list of best thriller anime series is something that you should be quite familiar with THE PROMISED NEVERLAND,

The promised neverlands is a series about the orphanage grace field house. The kids live happily in one big family under the care of Isabella, the mom of the orphanage. After finding out the truth about the orphanage, two of the smartest kids in there, Emma and Norman, begin to lay down the plans to escape from the house.

It may sound simple enough, but the promised Neverland is as thrilling as it gets. The game of wits is something to look out for, and many character development unfolds as the series progresses. The Promised Neverland is one hell of a suspenseful ride keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they find out whether the children can escape the chains of fate. Is it any surprise?

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1. Death Note :

Here comes the Number One Entry in the Best Thriller Anime Series; we have a DEATH NOTE. If I didn’t put Death Note as the number one thriller anime, I’m pretty sure my name would end up in a notebook somewhere, ha-ha lol.

The most influential anime ever to come out of the mystery-thriller genre is death note, one of the most iconic series to take the world by storm.

Death Note tells the story of Light Yagami, a hard-working honour student considered one of Japan’s best and brightest People, his life changes when he stumbles upon the Death Note. A book with the ability to kill any person whose name is written in it recognizing the power that’s fallen into its hands, light decided to use the power of the notebook to form the world in his image. This goal puts him up against the brilliant investigator L. The game of cat-and-mouse begins.

Death Note tries to answer a whole lot of questions about moral ethics and justice. Do criminals deserve a second chance in the world? Should anyone have the right to take the lives of other people into their own hands?

A few more Best Thriller Anime Series did not add to the list but deserve an honourable mention: Another, Shiki, Eden of The East, Monster, Parasyte, The Maxim & The Garden of Sinners. If I missed any shows you’re interested in, let me know below in the comment section. Watch that more or less finishes up my list of the top 10 Best Thriller Anime Series.

Any questions or suggestions about the blog or content are welcome.

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FAQ of Best thriller anime :

Which is the best thriller anime of all time ?

Death note is the best thriller anime of all time because of its plot twist, mystry, sound, presentaion style direction makes this series all time best. L and Light’s rivalry is counted as one of the best in anime.

Which anime has most suspense?

1. Monster
2. Death Note
3. Steins; Gate
4. The Promise Neverland
5. Future Diary

Can Lelouch Beat Light ?

Nope I don’t think Lelouch can beat Light in mind battle though Lelouch is very intelligent but Light is on different level.

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