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Oscars, some may know as academy awards, are the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. We list different types of movies that were won oscar because we already make the best English movie and most of them were own Oscar.

That’s why we prepare this list to give you a taste of new types of movies. All of them are one of the best oscar winning movies, not only the best but some of them are count as best movies of all time. Those movies change the defination of Oscar winning movies and create a milestone within themselves.

7th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Bubblestranslation | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Paramount Pictures & Sony pictures Releasing International

Here is the list of Oscar Winning Movies :

10. The Father :

Rating : 8.6/10

10th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : BBC | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : UGC Distribution & Lionsgate
DirectorFlorian Zeller
ScreenplayFlorian Zeller
Christopher Hampton
Production HouseProduction House: F comme Film
Trademark Films
AG Studios
Orange Studio
Licensed ByLionsgate
(United Kingdom)
UGC Distribution
Release Date23 December 2020

The film follows Anne, who visits her father Anthony in his apartment after becoming addicted to his last caretaker. He has dementia and constantly forgets important life events and the surroundings of his home, including his watch, even though he regularly hides them in the same place. This is the tenth Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

Directed by the writer himself, I think this would have been best for any film based on a novel as it is difficult for the director to justify the film’s subject if it is not the same writer. The presence of the great icon Sir Anthony Hopkins is enough to captivate the audience. Imagine if he is in the title role what the setting of the film will be just extraordinary.

It’s great to see Sir Hopkins perform at the age of 83 with the same perfection and robust appearance of the character. Who could have played this complex character better than him? Nobody. The old father, who has dementia and the difficulties of his dedicated daughter, was perfectly shown in this film.

The perfection in the direction of Mr. Zellar is the essence of the movie as he wrote the novel himself so only he can get the authentic feel of the story and the characters and did an absolutely excellent job here with an impeccable direction.

Hopkins’ great acting is like an aviator for the film as he played in one. More than just acting, if the actor lives the role that comes out as a memorable performance, so does the great Hopkins.

His sincerity towards cinema is very evident, and this film is another excellent example of that. You must see a great storyline from a genuinely unforgettable great actor. This film won the best actor academy award. This movie deservs tenth Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

9. Tenet :

Rating : 8.8/10

9th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Creativebloq | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Warner Bros. Pictures
DirectorChristopher Nolan
ScreenplayChristopher Nolan
Production HouseWarner Bros. Pictures
Licensed ByWarner Bros. Pictures
Release Date4 December 2020

The “Protagonist,” a CIA agent, participates in an extraction operation at a Kyiv opera house. A masked soldier carrying a crimson trinket saves his lifestyle by “un-firing” a bullet through a gunman. After seizing an artifact, the Protagonist is captured through mercenaries. However, he is tortured earlier than eating what he believes to be a suicide tablet. He awakens to examine the suicide tablet to become a check of loyalty; his crew has been killed and the artifact lost. The Protagonist is recruited through an organization known as Tenet. This is the ninth Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

So, men, the wait is over as we encounter each other, a much-awaited Sci-fi mystery from Mr. Nolan, the Tenet that’s an inversion itself of the range TEN examine equally from each side. I can apprehend why even critics aren’t on board with this one because it in no way offers sufficient time nor feasible rationalization to the audiences to absolutely immerse withinside the enjoyment and Appreciate the splendor of it all.

I actually have watched it two times as of now and might say with self-assurance that those are his excellent paintings after seeing Inception. Not best, he performs with time right here, as we noticed in The Interstellar (2014); however, he creates a brand new floor of fact altogether. A lot of exposition thrown at you with an entire lot of jargon to comply with can be defined so rapidly that you can not even blink your eyes, and I am serious.

The movie is visually a deal with, and as all of us realize Mr. Nolan is dependent on the usage of Real props and strict NO for CGI, the stop end result is simply mesmerizing. The scenes shot in Mumbai with Dimple Kapadia’s Priya are simply naturally amusing and captivating. In quick, you want to sense it as an alternative to apprehend it (It actually tells you within the movie’s start).Even Narcissistic guys can not probably decode this unsolvable feasible in a single cross, not to mention the others.

The soundtrack isn’t always via the means of Hans Zimmer this time because of a few Pre-scheduled paintings. However, Mr. Ludwig Göransson is actually apt for the film and provides to the already anxiety-stuffed surroundings with a penance.John David Washington and Robert Pattinson each have finished a few incredible paintings, each mentally and bodily doing their personal stunts and whatnot.

I promise you this; you have not seen anything like this earlier than even supposing Don’t apprehend the entirety at once. But after you do, you’ll now no longer be capable of preventing gloating. See yourself in an IMAX theatre close to you for an enriched enjoyment. This movie deservs ninth place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

8. Gravity :

Rating : 8.9/10

8th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Turntherightcorner | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Warner Bros. Pictures
DirectorAlfonso Cuarón
ScreenplayAlfonso Cuarón
Production HouseHeyday Films
Esperanto Filmoj
Licensed ByWarner Bros. Pictures
Release DateAugust 28, 2013

What I regard nowadays as one of the nicest cinematic reveals that I ever experienced in my life. Today for the primary time, I learned to look at the film “GRAVITY.” Frankly, talking for the primary idea of my thoughts, I idea it’d be a mean film. But now, I can proudly say that I had made the proper preference to look at. This is the eighth Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

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And it’s far a long way past than excellence. Sandra Bullock simply acted past any human imagination. Really, hats off to her. The consequences made with the aid of using the director from Mexico are pretty phenomenal. The consequences had been pretty rattling extraordinary. The film became a lot longer. But I cherished each scene and watched it very minutely without even seeking any man or woman while I saw the film. I became emotional, too, while watching the movie as Sandra became clueless about what to do inside the space.

Honestly, while the film’s identity comes, I’m the thoughts that say Gravity I idea of what it’s far associated with inside the space. But while you’ll watch the entire film, then you’ll recognize the topic. And for this era of time, I became delighted due to the incredible talents with the aid of using Sandra and the unique consequences. So no, no doubt the movie has received Oscars. And Gravity has received ten Oscars. So do watch the film in case you had now no longer seen it. You’ll now no longer disappoint at all. This movie deservs Eighth place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

7. Arrival :

Rating : 9.0/10

7th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Bubblestranslation | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Paramount Pictures & Sony pictures Releasing International
DirectorDenis Villeneuve
ScreenplayEric Heisserer
Production HouseFilmNation Entertainment
Lava Bear Films
21 Laps Entertainment
Licensed ByParamount Pictures
Sony pictures Releasing International
Release Date11 November 2016

Very few movies linger in my thoughts the manner Arrival did. For the most part, a film is entirely forgotten inside every week of viewing. That doesn’t imply that I didn’t like it. However, I watch so many movies that just a few have such an effect on me.But even after numerous viewings, Arrival gives a brand new interpretation upon every watching — a clean factor of view or a renewed belief of occasions.There are numerous methods this movie may be interpreted; a few name it a meditative observe on current society, a few name it a prophetic caution to humankind. This is the seventh Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

Whatever you name this, it’s far marvelous.The cinematography, oh my goodness! Each body is flawlessly shot, and there’s no second withinside the film that isn’t thoroughly gorgeous.

The casting became perfect. Adams and Renner basically deliver this movie with breathtaking ease — their on-display screen chemistry is a massive contributor to the achievement of this film. Not many actors intensify each other’s prowess the manner those do.But make no mistake, that is Amy Adams’ movie.The digital digicam follows Adams’ man or woman relentlessly — at times, it feels we’re compelled to comply with her in this strenuous journey, to plunge into the depths of her thoughts.

Her acting, however, is so splendidly grounded and actual that it provides an experience of familiarity — no matter the odd occasions unfolding around her. The premise of this movie becomes additionally refreshingly original. Twelve extraterrestrial pods land in 12 random places on Earth, and it’s as far as an excellent linguist and a theoretical physicist to envision who dispatched the pods and what their intentions were.Alas, there’s now no longer plenty extra I can say without spoiling this movie. But if you revel in a slow but brilliantly profitable film, that is the only one for you. This movie deservs seventh place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

6. Zootopia :

Rating : 9.1/10

6th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : ELGL | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures
DirectorRich Moore
Byron Howard
ScreenplayJared Bush
Phil Johnston
Production HouseWalt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Licensed ByWalt Disney Studio Motion Pictures
Release Date10 February 2016

This Is possibly my most straightforward favored Disney pc Animated film that I genuinely love. Not to compare, however what the heck! This film is higher than Bolt, Meet The Robinsons, Frozen, Moana, and something else that Disney will assume of, besides for a Sequel of Zootopia. I love this film! This is the sixth Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

Michael Giacchino sounds a lot higher than in Sky High. I love the characters and the City. I cannot specify a great deal. I love Zootopia. I suggest I became so Interested in 2015. Once I heard about it and noticed it is the first idea artwork of Nick Wilde and heaps of Rabbits shrouding him, it simply stuck in my mind. I suggest something internal simply blew my thoughts. I cannot describe it. I merely felt like Zootopia will be a fantastic film that I am indeed in love with.

I love the town, the characters, the music, the story, and the whole thing. I suggest WOW! It simply modified me. I’ve discovered the phrase Anthropomorphics and a way to draw them. Gosh, I’m merely expressing my emotions for this tremendous Disney Movie. I simply love Zootopia a great deal. Sometimes I even consider the characters in such a lot of movies. However, it truly is, in my thoughts, simplest. I can cross on and off a great deal. This is the sweetest oscar winning movies in my list.

I love Zootopia. But now, no longer as much as I love my family, my pets, and my friends. I love this film so very much. The characters are so unique and brilliant. The town itself is super colorful, wild, exceptionally tremendous, nonviolent, and unforgettable. Nick Wilde is a great warm, searching, humorous hilarious coming Fox. Judy Hopps It’s a Great Hero that stored a whole town. Finnick, the fennec fox, is the reason why I now love fennec foxes.

This film has such unforgettable moments of racism and existence lessons. I assume it is the first-rate pc animated Disney film ever. I say 20 Stars over the top. There’s not anything like I’ve ever seen with this brilliant coronary heart-touching Disney film. My maximum preferred scene is the naturalist Oasis with the bare yak.

The anthro animals in this film are so brilliant and perfect. I adore it. I’ll be anthro animals on this film cross bare withinside the neck to a spa. It isn’t beside the point or mixture. But humorous and suitable simply as animals need to be. This movie deservs sixth place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

5. Life of Pie :

Rating : 9.1/10

5th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Amazon | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : 20th Century FOX
DirectorAng Lee
ScreenplayDavid Magee
Production HouseFox 2000 Pictures
Dune Entertainment
Ingenious Media
Haitian Films
Licensed By20th Century FOX
Release Date23 November 2012

A fantastic masterpiece, outstanding I am speechless; it can be there are only a few films to leave you taken aback thru the manner they were crafted. “Life of pi” is primarily based totally on the novel of an identical call directed through oscar winner Ang lee, starring Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Rafe Spall, and the infamous majestic royal tiger aka Richard Parker. This is the fifth Oscar Winning Movies on my list. This is one of the most beautifull oscar winning movies i have ever seen in my life.

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Watching this film in the cinema  is natural satisfaction for your senses like magic pouring into your thoughts thru extraordinary filmmaking, having stellar cinematography, authentic score, editing, sound mixing, screenplay, direction, performances.

This film will take you into the surprising adventure of survival. A younger boy is trapped on a boat in a substantial ocean at the side of the infamous beast (Tiger), aka Richard parker, in which each should war the manner they in no way did to stay alive in such stressful situations.

The most crucial element is that this war made an not likely amicable dating until they were separated. This film strongly impacts outstanding cinematic capabilities that capture our senses; the director has completed an extraordinary process. He created inconceivable surroundings in the film to stay as robust imperishable reminiscence in the audience’s thoughts.

It will supply pretty a feeling like a fantastic masterpiece “Cast away” in which tom hanks has given his professional, pleasant, unforgettable performance. I would love to recommend “the existence of pi” to all people to witness how charismatic and magical cinematic brilliance is. If you have an excessively talented filmmaker, it’s going to result In something unforgettable. Watching it in cinema is like a life-time revel in do not omit this fantastic cinematic work. This movie deservs fifth place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

4. Parasite :

Rating : 9.2/10

4th best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Newyorker | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : CJ Entartainment
DirectorBong Joon-ho
ScreenplayBong Joon-ho
Han Jin-won
Production HouseBarunson E&A
Licensed ByCJ Entartainment
Release Date30 May 2019

I had no expectations of taking walks into Parasite; however, now, my love and appreciation for it have breached the stratosphere. This is truly one of the excellent films of 2019, and it is sure to be a classic. This is the fourth Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

Bong Joon-ho directs it, he did Snowpiercer (2013) and Okja (2017), and now he is lower back with Parasite, and it’s far from fantastic. From a directing standpoint, this film is gorgeous. The cinematography is extraordinarily correctly done. It’s simply beautiful and so symbolic. There also are sequences in this film an excellent way to shake you and depart you on the threshold of your seat.

My preferred thing is the narrative. I love the idea that Parasite is constructed on and what it explores at some point of the film, with the battle and comparison among the top and decreasing cLasses of society. It becomes simply stunning to observe it play out, with its incidence in the lives of all of the characters, alongside how they triumph over their problems and the way they evolve with their circumstances.

The characters and performances themselves are also impressive. The complete forge is simply best in every one in their roles, and I sincerely desire they get a few popularity from the Academy. I do not assume many humans cited the person arcs; however, I think they become frankly adequately built.The rating and sound layout via the means of Jeong Jae-il become additionally best in each scenario. It brings scenes from one hundred to a thousand and emphasizes every tone, emotion, and atmosphere.

In regards to flaws, I do not assume there are any essential ones with Parasite. One choice made withinside the 0.33 act that I felt could’ve been higher explored to help it. Nonetheless, it failed to trouble me sincerely.Parasite might be my preferred film of 2019. It’s funny, thrilling, emotional, satirical, and hauntingly accurate. It grants the entirety that makes a film best and shakes you to your core. This movie deservs fourth place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

3. Inception :

Rating : 9.3/10

3rd best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Whatculture | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Warner Bros. Pictures
DirectorChristopher Nolan
ScreenplayChristopher Nolan
Production HouseLegendary Pictures
Licensed ByWarner Bros. Pictures
Release Date16 July 2010

One of the most intoxicating, challenging, and delightful films of the twenty-first century. One of these movies, like Blade Runner or 2001 A Space Odyssey, as a way to pay off many viewings to draw close all of the problematic info of those multi-layered journeys into the goals and nightmares of the strong characters. It’s an extended movie (2.five hours) however does not experience so and is the uncommon might-be blockbuster that needs near interest and might virtually praise rewatching.With Inception, writer/director Christopher Nolan now no longer cements his reputation as Hollywood’s maximum revolutionary filmmaker; he has created a bold genre: the surrealist heist thriller. Or, perhaps he has evolved the dream invasion movement epic.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb and his crew can ‘extract’ thoughts and secrets, and techniques from a goal via way of means of getting into their plans. A system is known as Inception. The large mission, even though, is to insert a brand new idea. That’s while you begin coping with goals inside goals, and the plot starts off evolving to honestly spiral in thoughts bending ways. Add all this to the Gravity and physics-defying nature of dreams.

And also you start to believe how Inception will become a brilliant, twisted, and devilishly complex movement thriller. This is the third Oscar Winning Movies on my list. This is not only third oscar winning movies but also it is a great sci fi movies ever.

Few movies can acquire the extent of creativity in “Inception,” a masterwork of complexity, intelligence, and ambition. Dreams have constantly been an endless charming difficulty for films, an idea that may be explored repeatedly without ever being repetitive or derivative (if dealt with correctly). With no rules, the opportunities are immeasurable, restrained best via way of means of the minds of the designers. Christopher Nolan uses this to style an unpredictable, intense, unknown, mazy global complete of spellbinding visuals and consternating twists. Anything can show up, and pretty much the whole thing does.

The movement typically takes place inside characters’ subconscious, with thoughts-bending visuals. Most spectacular is the implosion of a Parisian boulevard, a runaway educator careening down a Los Angeles thoroughfare, and a midair tussle in a motel corridor.

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Fortunately, no matter the half-a-dozen humans tapping right into an unmarried dream, the astonishing combat sequences in Escherian landscapes, the masterfully built variations in timeframes for every degree of dreaming, and the dream-inside-a-dream-inside-a-dream-inside-a-dream finale, Inception proves to be each in large part comprehensible and wonderful with affordable concentration. So pay interest – it’s actually really well worth it.

If you are confused, you are now no longer alone. Inception, like Memento, is so intelligent and intricately established it can require repeat viewings. With physics-defying, thunderous movement, heart-wringing emotion, and a surprising overall performance from DiCaprio, Nolan offers some other actual original: welcome to an undiscovered country. This movie deservs third place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

2. The Revenant :

Rating : 9.5/10

2nd best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : BBC | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : 20th Century FOX
DirectorAlejandro González Iñárritu
ScreenplayMark L. Smith
Production HouseRegency Enterprises
RatPac Entertainment
New Regency
Anonymous Content
M Productions
Appian Way Productions
Licensed By20th Century FOX
Release Date26 February 2016

The Revenant is one of the best films I’ve visible in my lifestyles. The whole thing on this movie felt actual, and scenes on this movie felt so excessive, particularly the undergo attack; Leonardo DiCaprio deserved that Oscar after being snubbed like ten instances at some point of his career. I, nevertheless, suppose he has to have gained that Oscar in 2012 and 2013. This film is about a man who is betrayed and left for useless with the aid of using his personal looking team, however happily he was given up and went all out to get his revenge on them, generally to Tom Hardy’s person. This is the second Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

The principal person slightly had no speak, and the movie is two hours and a half-hour lengthy. That’s incredible; my preferred quote from Leo’s person is, “I ain’t afraid to die anymore. I carried it out already.” It offers the person strength and greater electricity, even more, significant than a mean superhero receives. This is not only second best oscar winning movies but also this the best movies of all time.

The whole movie was so actual, and it felt like we were not even looking at a film. More fabulous like a documentary or a man returned in time and shot all of the stuff that happened, one of the motives why the film regarded actual change due to the lightings.

The film group no longer used one unmarried studio mild and simplest used herbal mild or hearthplace, which changed into sincerely dazzling. This film has one of the excellent cinematography ever positioned right into a movie. This is a film on how to be remembered for a totally long term human being withinside the subsequent 10-two decades will move, return and take a look at this film out and examine it similar to different extraordinary traditional films like ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Raging Bull.’ This movie deservs the second place of tenth Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

1. Joker :

Rating : 9.9/10

1st best oscar winning movies
Image Credit : Joblo | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Warner Bros. Pictures
DirectorTodd Phillips
ScreenplayTodd Phillips
Production HouseWarner Bros. Pictures
DC Films
Joint Effort
Bron Creative
Village Roadshow Pictures
Licensed ByWarner Bros. Pictures
Release Date31 August 2019

I had to look at this film a 2nd time earlier than I desired to assess. And as I thought, I loved the film a 2nd time more than the first. We all realize this. However, it’s a totally creative movie, and this type of film tackles the long-lasting clown prince of crime that all of us recognize and love. This film might be the maximum practical comedian ebook movie I have ever seen at the moment, which turned into an immediate plus factor in my eyes. First off, hats off to Joaquin Phoenix to portray this complicated individual very well; it’s first-rate to see how much intensity he took the individual to.

And now, no longer to forget, he nails the long-lasting Joker snigger so well, which performs a prime position to the individual. It’s now no longer clear finding out if Heath Ledger turned into a higher Joker because each variation is extraordinary with extraordinary stories. And that brings me to my subsequent factor, the path that Todd Phillips took this individual to, in phrases of individual origin. Even though it can now no longer be comedian accurate, it turned into completed very well. It was first regarded to be a massive threat that turned into being taken. This is the first Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

However, it turned out to be a success; it’s miles first-rate to peer something extraordinary, even as dealing with to keep the fundamental basis of Joker’s individuality. The cinematography is any other cause that makes this movie really well worth looking at; looking at this film a 2nd time surprised me to peer the infinite quantity of particular and creative photographs that this movie is composed of, whether or not you’re a DC fan or a comedian ebook fan in general, or maybe a part of the target market which has in no way even heard of Joker, you may revel in the movie due to its particular cinematography alone, consider it or now no longer.

I indeed took screenshots of many photographs from the movie for actually no cause, however, turned into a variety of fun. The rating is any other robust detail to the film; the rating provides an intensity of depth to each scene of the movie. It sends chills down your spine, and that’s what we want to anticipate from a film primarily based totally on one of the riskiest villains ever. This is one of the greatest oscar winning movies I have ever seen.

The plot could be very captivating, powerful, mature, and idea-provoking, that go away audiences withinside the fringe of their seat. One issue that amazes me at the moment is how the film introduced a hint of the actual global and proves this type of guy can certainly be created through society. I no longer love drama films to such an extent; however, I virtually do now no longer dislike them, and indeed this movie, in my view, is a MASTERPIECE. Give this film a watch. Worth a while, and I hope this overview is helpful. This movie deservs first place of Oscar Winning Movies on my list.

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FAQ of Best Oscar Winning Movies

What film won the most Oscars ever?

Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King and Titanic Get 11 Oscars. That makes them most Oscar Winning Movies of all time.

What film won the most Oscars 2020?

Parasite, Korean Flim won Most Oscar in 2020. That makes the only non-hollywood movie gets Oscar in Best Movie Catagory. That makes one of the best Oscar winning movies of all time

Who got Oscar in 2020?

Jacqueline Phoenix get oscar for his brilliant performence in Joker movie. His performence makes this one of the best memorable Oscar winning movies.

What film won the most Oscars ever?

1. Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King
2. Titanic Get 11 Oscars
3. Ben-Hur
Those are one of the best memorable Oscar winning movies of all time ever made

What 3 films have won 11 Oscars?

1. Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King
2. Titanic Get 11 Oscars
3. Ben-Hur
Those are one of the best memorable Oscar winning movies of all time ever made

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