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Ranking the best english movies of all time is a pretty hard task. First, no one in the world has seen every movie ever made and second, everyone has their own taste. That thing makes some different opinion and we respect that too. Now let’s start the Best English Movies list.

Best english movies
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Best English Movies List:

10. Jurassic Park (1993):

Rating: 8.5/10
10th best english movies
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Spielberg! Steven Spielberg! It’s sound like kinda Bond’s Iconic dialogue, Isn’t it? If I say Steven Spielberg is the James Bond of Hollywood, there will be no doubt about it. This name is enough to explain the greatness of the series. Yes, my friend this is the director of Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park is One of the iconic cult sci-fi movies.

        The story grows around a park where cloned dinosaur lives in the modern age. Tourist comes and visit the park and see a real dinosaur. But one day a Tyrannosaurus rex escape. Now think about what to do! It considers as one of the most dangerous dinosaurs. What an adventure! When you come to think about this, it gives goosebumps. Isn’t it? You experience an excellent adventurous journey when you watch. Excitement is growing exponentially. How they capture Tyrannosaurus rex? How it escapes? All the things give you the most memorable edge of the seat experience. You will watch the series definitely. That makes this movie tenth best english movies on my list.

9.Forrest Gump:

Rating: 8.7/10
9th best english movies
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Forrest Gump is a story of a boy named Forrest. He is a little different from other children of his age. He can’t walk properly, he can’t talk properly, even his intelligence is below average but his innocence, blessing mind gives him a different place from another. The problem of the world doesn’t affect him. He is like a child, Even when he was bullied his innocence doesn’t go. Although this disability doesn’t stop him from achieving his success. His mother’s support and doesn’t look at him as disabled: that thing gives him a new vision and perspective of life.

How he achieved success despite his disability gives us motivation and teaches us a lesson on how to never give up. This story has the power to make you cry and make you wise. When you see him as successful, you will cry then, but this time your tears fall for joy. Not only Forrest but also every character has its charm in this movie, you just love them all and Tom thanks as Forrest is an unbelievably beautiful, amazing match and his expression is too amazing that you just hypnotize. That makes this series an epic emotional ride that you must watch. That makes this movie ninth best english movies on my list.

8. Schindler’s List :

Rating: 8.9/10
8th best english movies
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Another great movie is listed of Steven Spielberg. This Story is a perfect example of the Holocaust. The Holocaust supplies the field for the story, rather than the subject. The movie is two parallel character story—one of a con man and the other of a psychopath. Oskar Schindler, who swindles the Third Reich, and Amon Goeth, who represents its pure evil and thinks the opportunity of war, creates that man.

Oskar Schindler is a business executive. He arrives in Krakow in 1939. He is ready to make his fortune from world war 2, which has just started. He joined the Nazi party for political expediency. He wants to save His Jewish factory worker from the Nazi army. When SS exterminates Jews In the Krakow ghetto, Oskar Schindler has his workers protected to keep his factory operation, but soon he realizes he is also saving innocent lives.

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  This film makes you cry, You see the brutality and Cruelty at the highest then you think that The Nazi’s are no more human they are just monster, you just hate them from bottom of your heart. You feel the pain of every Jews people who were executed by The Nazi army. This film is like a documentary. This is an example of Spielberg’s excellence. You must watch. That makes this movie eighth best english movies on my list.

7.Titanic :

Rating: 9/10
7th best english movies
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Titanic is an Epic Romance and disaster film. It is based on the sinking of a historical ship named R.M.S titanic. The story grows around Jack and Rose. Jack Dawson is the deuteragonist in Titanic and the love interest of Rose DeWitt Bukater. The Story grows into two-part one titanic is sinking other is love between rose and jack. This kind of story gives Beautifully contrast and the extra edge of emotion.

Just think about it, how much darkness in this movie scene where enormous people are dying and love converts into fear and on the other side, Jack and Rose’s love is constantly increasing. That thing gives us a hope of light. You feel the emotion for every one of them who is on that ship. That very depressing to see them dying.

This Movie makes you feel joyful and sad simultaneously when you see them dying you feel depressed and when you see jake and rose’s love, you will feel blessed. You feel that your emotion is on a roller-coaster ride. In the end, you will not decide that you will be happy for one of the surviving or crying for the other one is dying. This is just a masterpiece. This movie makes Jake and Rose’s love symbolic to Iconic like Romeo and Juliet. Background music, screenplay, Acting, Direction: all the things are just beyond perfection. That makes this movie seventh best english movies on my list.

6. Inception :

Rating: 9.2/10
6th best english movies
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Inception is directed by Scientist film director, Christopher Nolan. This is one of the Best Sci-fi, action, thriller Movie. This story is based on stealing an idea from dreams. Wait! what! Stealing dreams? Isn’t that sounds crazy? When you see this movie, you will become a fan of the director. This movie force you to think about implementing the concept.

The principal character Cobb and his team steal an idea from dreams with the help of a gadget and we all know that our subconscious mind helps us to see dreams and Cobbs goes into the dream and steal the ideas from the subconscious mind. One day our protagonist stuck in trouble and he wants to get out of it desperately, that’s why he takes an impossible task. The task is not about stealing, it’s all about planting an idea into the subconscious mind.

How they do that? Are they successfully done it? Want to know those answer you have to watch the Movie. This Movie is totally Mind-boggling. If you want to understand the movie, you have to focus on every word they say in the movie. You get awesome feelings when you understand the movie. This is a Masterpiece and Beyond Imagination Movie. You will get an edge of the seat experience. That makes this movie sixth best english movies on my list.

5. The Matrix :

Rating: 9.4/10
5th best english movies
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This movie is set as a milestone for the Sci-fi genre. The matrix movie starts with a question, Is this world real? When you think about this concept and after that, you see this movie, then your mind was totally blown away. After ending this movie, you might think I Am I in a real-world? You will certainly doubt your reality. No matter how many times you watch this series when you sit to rematch this movie, you will question your reality every time.  

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On the surface, this question has no value. But deep inside this movie helps you understand your reality. The principal character Neo finds the answer to his reality and wants to see the real world. What is the real world? How does Neo see it? If you want the answer, must watch this Movie. I don’t want to tell the story.

After this Line whatever I say this will be a spoiler. This concept is totally unique, this is not about time travel or not about high-tech alien. This the most realistic sci-fi you have ever seen. This Concept, direction, screenplay, Action, Storyline make this series One of the best Movie and greatest science fiction movie ever made. You must watch it before you die. That makes this movie fifth best english movies on my list.

4. The Dark Knight :

Rating: 9.8/10
4th best english movies
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The Dark knight is the Best Philosophical superhero Movie directed by Christopher Nolan. This movie based on Batman, who is known as the pillar of justice faced with a purely evil character Joker. Basically, that superhero movie is based on Batman’s Ideology vs. Joker’s philosophy. Batman’s Ideology is never to kill people even if they are evil he thinks everybody has an equal chance for changing into good people Joker philosophy is to Break the ideology and morality, he thinks everybody has a dark side if the opportunity comes to show that dark sight, everybody shows that.

This conflict of two ideology makes this movie one of the best. “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object” This dialogue explains that thing beautifully. Joker is the Unstoppable Force, and Batman is the Unmovable object. That kind of conflict makes a bond between them. Even at one point, Joker says  “I Don’t want to Kill You, what will I do without you?”. Jokar had chances to kill Batman but he didn’t do that because joker likes to play with people’s morality, he is not interested in killing people. That thing makes this Movie unique.

This Movie Philosophy is Depper than you thought. This is the only superhero movie where Villain is more famous than hero because of the acting of Heath Ledger‘s incredible acting. He purely justified that unique concept. That types of conflict make this superhero movie The best Superhero Flim and One of the Best Film ever made. That makes this movie fourth best english movies on my list.

3. Lord Of The Rings :

Rating: 9.8/10
3rd best english movies
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Lord of The Rings is a cult classic fantasy genre movie. This movie trilogy gets 15+ Oscar. Now you have the idea that how much greatness hide in it. This Movie is total Literature and gives you a lesson about the meaning of your life, Friendship, Love.

       This story revolves around a powerful magical ring that makes anyone the strongest among all wizards and makes him the world’s most powerful evil. Our heroes go on a journey to destroy it. This quite a basic premise of the story. But wait! Isn’t that quite a simple story that happens in almost every movie? But my Friend that thing not making this one of the greatest movies of all time. Representation style, Background music, Character, Production design, VFX, Screenplay and Storyline all are just to the point and excellent. I don’t want to spoil the movie, to live that experience you have to watch it. That makes this movie third best english movies on my list.

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2. The Godfather :

Rating: 9.9/10
2nd best english movies
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The Godfather is an Oscar-winning cult and epic Classic Movie. A Few Movie has magic that never fades with the era. After 20 Years if there is a Museum of best Movies Collection I will Choose This Movie at the top because of its storyline, Screenplay and Direction.

Even popular Hollywood directors say that they have to learn a lot of things from “The Godfather”. Even you can say that this movie is the real Godfather of Hollywood. The casting in this movie was also great. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Richard Castellano, James Cann etc. all Legends were in This Movie. And the director Francis Ford Coppola is considered as one of the Legend directors.

            The Godfather is a story of the underworld Don Vito Corleone and his family. This is not the typical twist and turns Suspense thriller Movie. This is a slow pill that hangover your mind and hooked into it. This movie sends you on a journey to the Underworld. You will just enter it smoothly.

This movie shows How the underworld work, what is their ethics and morality, what is their lifestyle. That Movie neither bore you nor entertain you but give you a lesson of real-life and aware you of the harsh, cruel world. After watching the movie, you will learn a lot of things about the meaning of life. After the movie, you think it awakens you from a dream. That makes this movie second best english movies on my list

1. The Shawshank Redemption:

Rating: 10/10
1st best english movies
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This is one of the cult masterpiece Movie of all time because of its storyline and how the characters of the movie beautifully present the story. You will feel the moments and enjoy with them like a baby. You will feel exactly whatever emotion the characters feel.

           In 1947 Portland, Maine, banker Andy Dufresne is convicted of murdering his wife and lover and is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences at the Shawshank state prison. There he met Red, who becomes the friend of Andy later. Andy uses his knowledge and wisdom for changing the environment of the prison.

Although being a prisoner a few years later Andy becomes a banker of the Shawshank prison and he works for free and he makes a library for many criminal and teaches them how to read and write and he organizes a Govt. exam for all of them. One day he gets a chance to prove that he is innocent, but no one believes in him without his friends. Can he be free from prison? For knowing the Answer you have to watch the movie and you will live an experience, I guaranty it.

           This movie has the power to change your mindset and give you a lesson of never give up, keep calm and be patient. Seriously, whenever I thought about the movie, I have a smile on my face and I live the experience again and again. I had been seeing this movie two or three times, but I don’t forget any of the single Frame even now two years later. This movie is truly evergreen in my memories. That makes this movie first best english movies on my list.

I hope you like my list and my opinion. Don’t forget to comment you thought about it. I hope you enjoy it.


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