Top 9+ Best Movie Ending Which Will Shock You For Sure


You sure have heard that the end justifies the means. True, a great movie is always gauged by its ending. A good ending is that which will keep the viewers glued to it even to the last bit. That’s why I prepared a list of the best movie ending.

Not ranked in their ‘proper order’ in terms of performance, below are some of the movies that can arguably be said to have the best endings in our recent history. I was wondering which ones they might be? Gladly take a look at my take and discover more now.

10. The Shawshank Redemption :

All in all, a movie’s ending must be captivating enough to keep all the audience glued to it up to the end. A suspenseful one can keep the audience guessing and talking about the movie, what is great about it and what should have been changed. This movie feel you what happiness is. I become fan of the director who made this movie.

Direction of this movie is epic. This movie rated as no 1 in IMDB as per rating. In my point of view this movie ending is so great that i don’t want to spoil it for you. This movie take the tenth place of best movie ending of all time.

9. Before Sunset :

This is for sure a masterpiece. Jesse and Celine track their conversation from nine years ago but now in real-time. They have a ticking clock to keep track of a flight he has to catch, making all they say is precious. As they interact, they realize they always have been in love, and the idea of their looming separation lingers pain in them.

In the end, Celine is heard saying something like ‘Baby, you gonna miss that plane,’ to a rather relaxed and comfortable Jesse. This is music to the audience’s ears as they realize that they might as well eventually fall in love or have already. This movie deserve the ninth place of best movie ending of all time.

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8. There will be blood :

‘I am finished.’ This is the last line in this movie quoted as one of the best last lines in cinema history. This is said after Paul Dano visits a lonely oil tycoon with whom he had great tensions. Theirs ends bloodily. You can feel the vibe when you watch this. This movie take the eighth place of best movie ending of all time.

7. Se7en :

Taylor and Somerset hunt a biblical serial killer, John Doe, who hunts his victims according to the seven deadly sins. John Doe is always a step ahead of the pack; he always wins.In the end, the detectives are his last victims. A box is delivered, and inside it is Taylor’s wife’s head. Enraged, he executed John Doe in cold blood, punishment for his sins of envy. Its ending will surely sit with you for centuries. This movie deserve the place of seventh best movie ending of all time.

6. Psycho :

Best movie ending psycho
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Inspired by true life-serial killer Ed Gein, this is one of those movies whose endings leave the audience flabbergasted enough as the lights come back on at the theater.Norman is, in the end, discovered to be the only one fully in charge of all the murders, including that of his mother. He always got this devilish smirk on his face anyway. All the acting he did were just but the cover-up. This movie take the sixth place of best movie ending of all time.

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5. The Blade Runner 2049 :

Replica or not, does it matter anyway? Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard is tasked with tracking android devices that assimilate themselves into human society.The ending is so ambiguous that it leaves Rick unsure of what he is, maybe an android himself, as we are too. It hence can be said to have one of the best movie endings in recent times. This movie deserve the fifth place of best movie ending of all time.

4. The Graduate :

Best Movie Ending The Graduate
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Life after school can prove to be some dark times for one to be in. Benjamin Braddock finishes school and has no idea where his life will go from there. He, in the end, gets a girl named Elaine, with whom they run away together.
This is a Hollywood romance based on a true story. Its ending is specifically attractive because it leaves us at a point where both enter a bus no one knows where and to do what and for how long and with whom. This movie take the fourth place of best movie ending of all time.

3. Taxi Driver :

It prides itself as one of the movies with happy endings. Iris successfully returns home to her parents after Travis Brickle bloodily rampages through the sport’s brothel. He eventually reconnects with Betsy, recovers from his wounds, and gets celebrated as a hero instead of convicted. That’s why it makes a surprise appearance on the list of movies with the best endings. This movie deserve the third place of best movie ending of all time.

2. The Italian Job :

This is a movie with a literal cliffhanger. It is about a team of looters who partakes in a successful heist and makes away with the loot. Midway, their van gets stuck in the cliff, hanging loosely. They have to choose between saving their lives, their loot at the back, or both.

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One of the actors, Michael Caine, then says, ‘Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea.’ But what is it like, and how will it be executed? Will it see success at the end of it, or will it backfire on them? You are free to guess as no one sees the end of it, leaving it open to whatever interpretation there might be. This movie take the second place of best movie ending of all time.

1. Inception :

Cobb, throughout the movie, has only wanted to see his kids. He, though, is very keen on which side of reality he is in. He just wants to be in the real world before visiting them. He has got a spinning totem with a spinning top and spins it on the table. But before it can stop, he walks out to play with his kids.

This basically shows that he now no longer cares on which side of reality he is in, although it cuts to black, indicating he is probably safe. Most analysts have stated it to be one of the cliffhanger movie endings ever, deservedly so maybe. This movie deserve the place of best movie ending of all time.

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