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Well, if you have a strong passion for solving mysteries, this detective-related anime list may be just what you are looking for. You will be submerged in a world of critical thinking while watching these anime, and the suspense and intrigue will leave you wanting even more so without wasting any more time.

I will be counting down 15 of my favorite anime in this genre. So please sit back, relax and read as we go through some of anime’s finest offerings in the genre. Do take care, though, because many of these shows can mess with your mind in more ways than one.

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List of Best Detective Anime Series :

15. UN-GO :

15th Best Detective Anime Series
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From the list of Best Detective Anime Series starting with number 15, we have  UN-GO, The story tells the story of the last famous detective Yuki Shinjuro. He and his partner Inga, forming a combination of two detectives who want to solve the mystery and truth of this world. When faced with puzzles or cases that cannot be explained by common sense.

With Shinjuro’s reasoning and the cooperation of cause and effect, these problems are often solved. However, when Shinjuro thought about the case more and more, he found something wrong.

14. B The Beginning :

Watch B The begining
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From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 14, we have a B: The Beginning, The story follows the Royal Police Special Crimes Investigation Division Keith Flick, a genius investigator, was chasing the criminal of an incident.

A serial killer targets only violent criminals, commonly known as “Killer B.” The letter “B,” which was always engraved on the crime scene, attracted people’s attention and caused speculation.

13. The Millionaire Detective :

millionaire detective
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From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 13, we have a The Millionaire Detective, The anime follows Daisuke Kambe, a wealthy detective partnered with Haru Kato to resolve the case. Daisuke uses his wealth openly to find out what Haru dislikes.

They team up to solve some challenging cases. The anime is based on the novel of the same name written by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

12. Ghost Hunt

ghost hunt hunters
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From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 12, we have a Ghost Hunt. The story of Ghost Hunt is exciting. And unique, at least for me.

Take the unusual approach to ghost hunting and see how ghost hunting works more scientifically and realistically.

Also, episodes are full of twists that keep you guessing and wondering what will happen next. And it never gives you a complete and satisfying ending. Each case is so different from the others that there are many variations on what happens in the end.

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11. Bungo Stray Dogs

bungo stray dogs
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From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 11, we have a Ghost Hunt. Nakajima was kicked out of his orphanage & now he has no place to go and no food to eat.

While standing by a river, on the brink of starvation, he rescues a man who was attempting suicide. That man is Dazai Osamu. He and his partner Kunikida are members of a special detective agency.They have supernatural powers & deal with cases that are too dangerous for the police & the military.

10. Gosick

Image Credit : Netflix | Image Source : | Licensed By : Funimation

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 10, we have a Gosick. One of the main characters, the golden fairy “Victorica,” is so cute! It is attractive that it is a child, a beautiful woman, and shows various cute expressions.

With 24 episodes, the first half is mystery/reasoning, and the second half is mystery/reasoning + occult + story.

The real thrill of mystery “Who is the culprit?”

“How did you commit the crime?”

9. Hyouka

Image Credit : Quora | Image Source : | Licensed By : Kyoto Animation

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 9, we have a Hyouka, Watching this anime is a very fantastic experience. It doesn’t give us noisy and annoying caricatures or naughty scenes.

The tone of Hyouka is largely serious & very expressive. It also has a fascinating plot that engages the viewer in the mystery that the character is trying hard to solve.

8. Terror in Resonance

terror in resonance
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From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 8, we have a Terror in Resonance, Tokyo finds itself a victim of a shocking terrorist attack. The culprits, two teenagers who call themselves Sphinx.

The duo launches a series of terrorist attacks accompanied by a riddle while the world continues to be baffled at finding out the culprits’ identity.

Kenjiro Shibazaki of the police division succeeds in solving the riddles and begins engaging the duo in a battle of minds.

Protagonists open up several mysteries, such as why our main characters ended up becoming extremists.

7. Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex

ghost in the shell
Image Credit : Netflix | Image Source : | Licensed By : Production I.G

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 7, we have a Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell Anime is one of the most iconic cyberpunk sci-fi stories.

In this series, we see the Japanese government has established an independently operating police unit that deals with such sensitively high crimes led by Kusanagi & Daisuke.

Deals with crimes over the entire social spectrum usually with success. However, when faced with a new level hacker nicknamed The Laughing Man, the team is thrown into a dangerous and cat-and-mouse game following the hacker’s trail leaves its mark on Japan.

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6. Erased

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From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 6, we have an Erased, A story in which the main character, Satoru Fujinuma, makes a timely leap in the fifth grade of elementary school and struggles to protect his classmates from kidnapping and murderers.

Satoru, who struggles to prevent the serial kidnapping murders that have happened in the past and to prevent the mother’s stabbed by the actual criminal, Is an indeed unnamed hero.

5. Paranoia Agent

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 5, we have a Paranoia Agent, The Japanese police are on the trail of a legendary figure called Shonen bat (bat boy), appearing as a team that wields two bent baseball bats. He sets off to attack the people in Musashino.

Furthermore, his attacks don’t seem random as he only attacks those who fit a specific category. If you’ve never seen a Satoshi Kon anime, I feel that Paranoia Agent would make an excellent starting point. It brings out the full appeal of his style, and the series itself is outstanding in how it weaves its mysteries.

It creates some significant twists and turns, the feel of a tense mystery is there throughout, and being able to evoke the emotion of terror and suspense is a true strength of the series.

4. Monster:

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 4, we have a Monster, False crimes and bizarre murders, medical ethics, power struggles in hospitals, family (parent-child love, brotherhood), human love, child abuse, adult children, trauma, East-West Cold War structure, Germany before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall A full-scale story in which everything is intertwined with the theme of society.

“Dr. Tenma,” a human brain surgeon born in Japan with genius skills, was engaged to the director’s daughter. One day, a seriously injured boy, “Johan,” whose head was shot with a gun, is transported to the hospital where Tenma works, but soon after, the mayor is also transported due to serious illness.

The director gives a business order to save the mayor, saying, “People’s lives are not equal,” but ignores it from the viewpoint of medical ethics and saves the boy.

The mayor’s death puts Tenma in a political crisis. Still, the executives who tried to defeat him were killed one after another, The German Federal Police, Lunge, turned suspicious to Tenma, but there was no evidence.

3. Psycho-Pass

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 3, we have a Psycho-Pass, The story begins with the first job of Akane Tsunemori, a new observer assigned to the Criminal Division of the Public Security Bureau.

The observer has a bailiff subordinate and acts together to resolve the case. The bailiff is the one who can understand and predict the crime with a high crime coefficient.

Akane soon learns that the civil systems judgments are not as perfect as their fellow inspectors Assume. With everything she is known turned on its head, Akane wrestles with the question of what justice truly is & whether it can be upheld or not through the use of a system that may already be corrupt.

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2. Death Note

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 2, we have a Death Note. The most influential anime ever to come out of the mystery-thriller genre is death note, one of the most iconic series to take the world by storm.

Shinigami is a god of death who can kill any person provided they see their victim’s face and write their victim’s name in a notebook called a Death Note.

One day, tired of the Shinigami lifestyle and curious to see how a human would use a Death Note, he drops one into human lands.

High school student Light Yagami stumbles upon the Death Note. He tests the Death Note by writing the criminal’s name in it when the criminal dies immediately following this experiment with the Death Note.

Light is amazed and quickly recognizes how devastating that power that has fallen into his hands with this defying capability light decides to extinguish all criminals to build a new world order where crime does not exist where people worship Him as a god.

1. Detective Conan / Case Closed

From the list of Best Detective Anime Series at number 1, we have a Detective Conan, Story Follows a Shinichi Kudo, a high school student with remarkable talents in detective work, is well known for solving a series of challenging cases.

When Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently witnesses a disturbing and illegal activity.He is caught in the act, so the men inject him with an experimental drug created by the criminal organization.

However, Shinichi lives to see another day but now in the body of a seven-year-old child.Perfectly persevering his original intelligence, he hides his real identity from everyone, including his childhood friend Ron Morey.

A few more Best Thriller Anime Series did not add to the list but deserve an honorable mention: Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo, Kamisama no Memochou, Mythical Detective Loki, Magic Kaito: Kid the Phantom, Detective School Q & Black Butler.

Watch that more or less finishes up my list of the top 15 Best Detective Anime Series.

Any questions or suggestions about the blog or content are welcome.

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