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Bengali movies are always negligible in India, but Bengali movies have unique storylines and unique cinematography with excellent screenplay within a limited budget. Sometimes it creates magic. Sometimes it shows the respect to Various kinds of Jobs or Profession and It helps audience to grow their inner beauty with a beautiful message. Here we make a list of the best Bengali movies of all time that you should watch at least one time. 

Here is the list of Best Bengali Movies of All Time : 

10. Gumnaami :

Rating : 8.4/10

10th best bengali movies
Image Credit : Cinestaan | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Shree Venkatesh Films

What happened to India’s greatest patriotic leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, in the 1943 Taihoku plane crash? There is no solid evidence to prove that incident then what happened to him? Did he come back to India, or did he travel to Russia? No one knows. After independence, India arranged three commissions to reveal this.

Still, the first two commissions were a total disaster, but the last commission gathered solid clues to prove that Netaji came back to India after the plane crash but not as Netaji; he came as an imposter and with a pseudo name like Gumnaami. This movie is based on this. Sounds interesting, right? 

Yes, it is interesting. Prasenjit Chatterjee as Netaji and Anirban Bhattacharya as Chandrachur Ghosh, a truthful journalist, and a commission member, make this movie incredibly impressed with the direction of Srijit Mukharjee. Sound mixing and cinematography are beautiful. 

I would suggest that every Indian should watch it at least once in a lifetime. That thrilling storyline makes this movie the tenth best Bengali movies of all time. 

9. Praktan :

Rating : 8.5/10

9th best bengali movies
Image Credit : TimesofIndia | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Windows Production House

A few moments of a day are enough for changing everything in life. That movie shows this beautifully. If you are in any relationship like girlfriend or boyfriend, soulmate, husband, or wife, you should definitely watch it together. That would give meaning to your relationship, and after watching it, you will understand each other in a better way. 

The story grows around Ujan Mukharjee, who is a tour guide of Kolkata. He met with Sudipa on a road walk of Kolkata. Sudipa and Ujaan started to like each other. They have polar opposite personalities. On one side, Ujaan is a traditional, Passionate, Family-friendly person; on the other hand, Sudipa is a successful architect who is a so-called modern, independent, self-centered woman.

After their marriage, they both struggled to live with each other. After a few years, they divorced. One day they met with each other on a train journey on the opposite seat where Ujaan sat with his present wife Malini and daughter Udita and Sudipa sat with them. A train journey changes everyone’s life. How? To know this answer, you must watch this movie.

This movie gives you a great perspective with beautiful songs and cinematography. You should definitely watch it. Did you know about the Bollywood movie “Jalebi”? “Jalebi” is a remake of this movie, but Jalebi destroys every feeling. So I suggest staying away from Jalebi and watching “Praktan.” That screenplay and storyline make this movie the ninth-best Bengali movies of all time.

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8. Shobdo :

Rating : 8.6/10

8th best bengali movies
Image Credit : Changeyfallsresort | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Brand Value Communication

An award-winning national masterpiece of Kaushik Ganguly. The main character Tarak Dutta is a foley artist obsessed with his work that he loses his grip on words, and his mind starts registering only foley sounds. 

How is his life now? This movie shows the story of his life. Why is he losing grip on words? What happened to him then? Can he be back to his everyday life? To know the answer, you must watch this movie. 

Ritwick Chakrabarty’s acting is terrific. The storyline is unique and sound direction is the key of this film, and the director makes this overwhelmingly great. You should watch and appreciate this type of unique story. 

That unique storyline makes this movie the eighth-best Bengali movies of all time.

7. JyeshthoPutro :

Rating : 8.8/10

7th best bengali movies
Image Credit : Indianexpress | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd. , Nideas Creations & Productions Pvt. Ltd.

What happens, If there are two sons in a family that the Elder son is a Legendary Actor and the younger one is average? That movie shows it beautifully.

Several years after, the two brothers meet with each other at their father’s funeral. Who takes the responsibility? 

It realizes the flow of your life. After watching this movie, I realize that happiness is within ourselves. All we need to do is feel it. I know this movie description is not brief enough like Praktan, but I don’t know how to describe the flow of life. Nothing twisted, nothing up and down, just a beautiful, unique, simple way of life. 

The direction of Kaushik Ganguly is unbelievable. Screenplay and Storytelling are stunning and beautiful. Prasenjit Chatterjee as Elder son and Ritwick Chakrabarty as Younger son is too incredible to forget. That simple storyline makes this movie the seventh best Bengali movies of all time. Don’t underestimate it if I say it is simply because always remember simple is the hardest thing to create. You should definitely watch it.

6. Nagar Kirtan :

Rating : 8.9/10

6th best bengali movies
Image Credit : Spotboye | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Acropoliis Entertainment

This is another Ritwick Chakrabarty movie that got a national award. The story grows around a relationship between an Intersex woman named Porimol and a man named Madhu. They fall in love with each other. How do they struggle to live in society? What happened to them? To know the answer, you must watch this movie.

Ritwick Chakrabarty as Madhu and Riddhi Sen as Porimal is incredible. When you see them both on the screen, you might be amazed all the time. It doesn’t seem like they act; it looks like they just do it, which is really happening. That feeling I can’t express adequately. It is incredible with direction and cinematography with a wonderful storyline. You must watch this movie. That beautiful, unique storyline makes this movie the sixth-best Bengali movies of all time.

5. Sonar Kella :

Rating : 9.1/10

5th best bengali movies
Image Credit : Alternativetrial | Image Source : Google | Produced by : Government of West Bengal

This is a great detective story of Feluda. Written and Directed by Satyajit Ray. This is a genuinely great movie. This movie sends us on a journey to find mysterious treasure in Rajasthan with Feluda, his apprentice Topsay and Jatayu, named detective novel writer. 

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Being a detective movie, I don’t want to spoil the stories. I’ll just tell you the premise. A boy gets divine power to remember his previous birth and get a clue on the treasure. When everyone knows about this, Few of them who are evil want to kidnap him, and Feluda tries to stop him, save him and find the treasure. There they go on a journey—an amazing adventurous journey with beautiful soundtracks. 

This is an exceptionally Directed movie with an excellent storyline, and Soumitra Chatterjee as Feluda makes this movie amazingly great. You should definitely watch it. That brilliant, thrilling storyline makes this movie the fifth-best Bengali movies of all time.

4. Uma :

Rating : 9.2/10

4th best bengali movies
image Credit : Pinterest | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : SVF Entertainment

This story is based upon an actual event. The story revolves around a Bengali girl who is suffering from cancer. She and her father live outside of India. She wants to go to India and watch Kolkata’s famous festival ‘Durga Puja’ closely. It usually happens in October. But his father doesn’t have time because of her treatment.

One day, the doctor says she can’t live very much, and she can’t wait to see the festival, but her father decided to fulfill her dream to see the Durga puja in June. Is it possible to create a Huge celebration like Durga Puja against Society? Can her dream be successful? What happens next? To know the answer, you must watch the movie. Then you will understand the magic of Best Bengali movies.

This movie is directed by Srijit Mukharjee, who captures human emotion beautifully. Every character and their emotion is beautifully captured. At the end of the movie I am sure that you will cry but shockingly your tears will be mixed with happiness and sorrow. This is a beautiful experience. I would suggest, see it with your whole family and watch their reaction. That incredible roller coaster ride of emotion makes this movie the fourth-best Bengali movies of all time.

3. Apur Sansar : 

Rating : 9.3/10

3rd best bengali movies
Image Credit : Upperstall | Image Source : Google | Produced by : Satyajit Ray

The story follows after the story of “Pather Panchali.” Apu recently passed out his graduation in the early 1940s. After completing his graduation, he and his friend Pulu try to find a job because of their poor economic condition. Apu doesn’t have a home. 

Suddenly he married. Wait for what? Must you question Suddenly means? To know the answer, you know what to do. His family life is started with Aparna, named a teenage girl; she loves Apu very much. Ray directed some scenes wonderfully even it is comparable with the level of world cinema. 

This is one of the most fabulous storylines, with one of the most excellent directors making this movie special. That beautiful screenplay and direction make this movies the third-best Bengali movie of all time.

2. Bela Seshe : 

Rating : 9.6/10

2nd best bengali movies
Image Credit : Bookmyshow | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Eros International

Bela seshe is one of the Best Bengali movies. It contains a beautiful stories of a married life couple. The story evolves around Biswajit Majumdar, named a 70+ years old man. One day he calls every family member and decides to divorce his wife, Arati, after 49 years of marriage.

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After that, it sends us on a journey to reveal why he make this decision? This movie gives various lessons about freedom and the ups and downs of married life; it teaches you independence? What is love? Is always love makes us happy, or is it all about sacrifices? What is it? I can’t tell this because I am not a philosopher, but I also feel it even though I can’t express it. I would suggest that you should also feel it once. 

I would suggest watching it with your beloved. That movie can change everything and create a blossoming relationship between you and your beloved. After that, you will recognize the value of him/her. 

This movie was written and directed by Shivaprasad Mukharjee and Nandita Roy. Amazing, Wonderful also carrying its charm, and especially Soumitra Mukharjee as Biswajit and Swatilekha Sengupta as Aarati’s performances and bonding are overwhelmingly Awesome. All of that things make this movie the second-best Bengali movies ever. You should definitely watch it.

1. Pather Panchali :

Rating : 10/10

1st best bengali movies
Image Credit : Rollingstoneindia | Image Source : Google | Produced by : Goverment of West Bengal

“Pather Panchali” is based on a famous Bengali novel of Bibhutibhusan Bandhopadhya named “Pather Panchali.” The story follows an economically low-income family. How they struggle with their daily life but how they find happiness after facing a struggle. Small small things where we can’t imagine is there anything to be happy; they find happiness flawlessly from there. It realizes us how to be satisfied in struggled life. They find joy in the rain, smelling sweet, not eating only smelling, seeing the train for the first time, etc., all fascinate us every time. 

Sometimes its wonderful scenes also make this movie beautiful. You will feel emotionally attached to every character, every moment. When they see the train first time, their reaction will give you goosebumps and beautifully capture with fantastic contrast. White ‘Kash’ flower and black smoke emitted from steam engine train. That scene was recognized as a beautiful scene in World Cinema and Best Bengali movies. 

Great Satyajit Ray directs this movie. This is Ray’s first movie. Can you imagine that kind of masterpiece was his debut movie !! That makes you realize how great he is. Satyajit Ray gets an honorary Oscar for his lifetime achievement. Though the story is simple, execution and screenplay are the greatest.

Every single aspect of this movie is technically and emotionally perfect. Song, story, direction, screenplay, background music, dialogue, editing all are just perfect. All of the things make this movie the Best Bengali movies and count as the all-time most significant world cinema list accordings to BFI and Timeout.

I hope You enjoy my list. Please Share it as much as you can. Thank you.

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