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Every Best anime has the power to give a spark in every generation and connect with that. That makes them great. However, the 1970’s anime is still worth watching nowadays. Once you become watch anime, you will become an anime lover because of that story, soundtrack, twist and turn, adventure, comedy, motivation, and in the end, you will enjoy the entire world. Tha’s why we make list on Best anime series of all time.

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Let’s Start The List of Best Anime of All Time

10. Assassination’s classroom :

Rating: 8.5/10
10th best anime
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Assassination Classroom is a teaching, drama, comedy, adventure action anime based on a manga written by Yūsei Matsui and anime adaptation by Lerche Studio.

               Earth has left a danger after a mighty tentacled creature suddenly appears and destroys 70% of the moon. The creature claims he will destroy the planet earth within a year but offers humankind to kill him and stop him from doing this. Without killing, no one can stop him, and within this one year, he wants to teach class 3E of Kunugigaoka junior high school. He starts as a homeroom teacher of the 3E section. That section contains the worst of the students of the entire school. But that creature teaches them regular subjects and trains them to murder themselves.

               Just imagine that you have a teacher who trains you for killing himself. How fascinating is that! Isn’t it? This is very much fun to watch that teacher vs. student battle with learning themselves.

               In the end, you realize that teacher can change the world and appreciated how excellent a teacher he is. One day you want to be a teacher just like him. Student of 3E gives that creature the name “Kuro-sensei” means Unkillable teacher.

Why the creature does this? Can the student kill him or change the koro-sensei mind ? can they stop destroying the world? Want to know this answer? You have to watch this fantastic series. That makes this series tenth best anime on my list

9.My hero academia:

Rating: 8.7/10
9th best anime
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My hero academia is a superhero, action, adventure, thriller, drama, anime. Manga Written by Kohei Horikoshi and anime adaptation by studio Bones. My hero academic world is based on two types of people, one side has quick, and the other is quickness. Quirk is a supernatural element that came to a cosmic event, changed the human DNA, and made them a superpower. And the entire world affected by this and superpowered people is normal like this. Great power comes with significant responsibilities.

Good people make themselves as a superhero, and bad people make themselves supervillain. Society of superheroes make a superhero school and train the beginner who has a quirk. And teach them how to use it and control it. 

The story focuses on Izuku Midoriya, who dreams to No. 1 Superhero in the world like All Might, but when he knows he is quirkless, it completely shatters his dream.

If you want to know, his dreams come true or not? If not, then what happens next, and if yes, then how happens this? To know this answer, you watch that series.

This anime is colorful; incredible fight scenes and excellent character development make this series outstanding. The story is not unique, but the Representation style is individual. You will Love the superhero world. This is worth watch anime. That makes this series ninth best anime on my list

8) Haikyuu!!

Rating: 8.8/10
8th best anime
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               Haikyuu is a sports anime. Manga is written by Taku Kishimoto and anime adaptation by studio Bones.

                The main protagonist is named Hinata. One day, he saw a volleyball match on television, and he loved one player name, little giant. Then he decides he will play volleyball just like him one day. He practised hard by himself; although his height was short, he never gives up. He tries and tries and fails and fails again and again, but he never gives up. In middle school, he goes to a volleyball tournament and makes his team, but his team player earned not passionate like him, losing the first game of the match from a boy who gets the name from his friend “king of the court” named Kageyama.

After that day, he passed the last year of middle school and went to high school where little giants played a few years ago named kurasuno high school. When he enters the volleyball ground, he sees Kavya man is present to join the team. Now most significant arrivals are on the same team. Will they team up and make a talented team in volleyball matches? Want to know the answer? Watch one of the best sports anime ever.

 This is unique because of the style of art and realistic mentality of a player. How they make strategy? How do they win? How they lose, and after losing, what is their mentality? How they handle stress and depression? Everything you will know about them. Haikyuu not only focuses on winning, also focuses on losing. That thing makes this series more realistic. That makes this series eighth best anime on my list

7. Mob Psycho 100:

Rating: 8.9/10
7th best anime
Image source : Google | Image credit : Pinterest | Source Credit: Bones Studio

        Mob psycho 100 is a Shōnan anime with action, beautiful fight scene, awesome power distribution, realistic emotion feels from heart. The manga was written by ONE and anime adaptation by studio bones.

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Shigeo Kageyama is an average middle school boy, simply under-confident, lacking a sense of presence. When he reaches his emotion at 100%, he can destroy everything that he wants. He is aware of this power. He is frightened about it. Show his surprise, his emotion naturally to not harming anyone. The mob is a simple-minded boy.

That’s why a boy named Arataka use and manipulate him easily to open a business. It does not excite you, then remember that one punch man’s creator writes this anime story. So naturally, you ask me why I do not choose one punch man. It’s because one punch man’s 2nd season is the worst that can not fulfil my expectation. On the other side, mob psycho 100 2nd season is better than season 1, and season 1 is also amazing. That’s the reason behind choosing mob psycho 100 over one punch man.

This is a great fight and slice of life genre anime. Experience a great choreographed fight sequence that makes you excited. That makes this also a must-watch anime in the list and also deserves a 7th place on my rank. That makes this series seventh best anime on my list

6.Steins; Gate :

Rating: 9.1/10
6th best anime
Image source : Google | Image credit : Wallpaperaccess | Source Credit: Whitefox Studio

Steins; gate is one of the best time travel shows in the entire world. Entire world means I included Hollywood films written by Takeshi Abo anime adaptation by the White Fox Studio.

There are two types of a time travel show 1. which involve time travel 2. other explain time travel. But Steins; gate chooses the hardest option to define time travel.

When “sci-fi” words come, you might think about a first imaginary car, advanced tech, high-tech building, robotics, etc., but steins gate comes with a very realistic approach. It is too real that even you can think it’s possible. The simplicity makes Steins; gate the second greatest time travel show in world history. Obviously, the first is the “Dark.”

 Okabe Rintarou is Steins’ principal character, gate, who is a self-proclaimed mat scientist and smart, intelligent, and genius person. But he is far more interesting than that. The story is more interesting when you get the real reference of real-world references like “John Titor,” “CERN.” Maybe I put this anime on high rank, but this series has the first 9 episodes, which is a kinda slice of life as part of this anime. But after the 10th episode, Steins; gate gets high and higher, and you feel an edge of the seat experience.

This is a truly amazing series that gets fascinating experience and amazing storyline and plot used, but this series’s action animation is quite weak. But I recommended you watch that series because the storytelling is far better than the maximum Hollywood movie. That makes this series sixth best anime on my list

5. Hunter x hunter (2011):

Rating: 9.5/10
5th best anime
Image source : Google | Image credit: MRT | Source Credit: Madhouse Studio

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best generic shounen/ Shonen anime tv series. This is a deep psychological understanding of thrilling action, adventure, drama anime. Yoshihiro Togashi wrote manga, and there are two versions of that anime: one is 1998, and the other is the 2011, 1998 version anime adaptation by Nippon anime, and the 2011 version is made by Madhouse (2011).  I prefer the 2011 version because of the Madhouse studio.

Storywise, All two performances are the same. Still, the Madhouse version’s animation quality, soundtrack, background music, and character design are better than Nippon, and even sometimes, it’s better than the manga.

There are two types of people living there: one is normal people, and the other is the hunter in the HxH anime world. To be a hunter, you will go through many mental and physical tests. Our protagonist, Gon Freecss, goes on a journey to be a hunter. But Gon’s main motto is not to be a hunter. His primary aim is to find his father named Ging Freecs, one of the world’s greatest hunters. On the surface, Hunter HxH is a fun-loving, action, adventure, generic shounen anime. But.. but.. wait, my friend, when your thought ends, Hunter x Hunter begins from there.

HxH deals with deep psychology are that you can’t imagine. At first, when you watch, you might think, what is this childish? Boring? Here you go, you are entering a fresh experience of your life. This kind of anime examines your patience for a few episodes, but after that, you will find a fresh way of thinking, and I assure you that you will rewatch that anime. But before the ending, you don’t conclude this; the conclusion is impactful that you and your brain think about it so deeply and psychologically.

After the end, you will find yourself in a psychological state and make you a fanboy of Hunter x Hunter. the character development of this series is God level, and the storyline is the main point of the series. Hunter x Hunter never foreshadows any of his characters when the ending is coming; you feel something is going from you. This is a highly recommendable series because all these things make this a masterpiece. This is a must-watch series. That makes this series fifth best anime on my list

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4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

Rating: 9.8/10:
4th best anime
Image source : Google | Image credit: suffleonline | Source Credit: Bones Studio

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, aka FAMB, is a story-based thriller action, adventure, philosophical anime. Hiroshi Onogi wrote the manga and anime adaptation by studio Bones. This is count as best anime tv series ever made and Most popular anime all over the world.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ‘s world makes a different world where alchemy exists, and alchemists have some supernatural power from alchemy. In the world, alchemy means equivalent exchange. The story starts with two brothers named Edward and Alphonse Elric. They are raised by their mother, Trisha Elric, in the remote village of the Resembool country of Amestris. Dear father is a very gifted alchemist and leave the family when two children were young. After a few years later of father’s going, their mother died of a lingering illness.

Then they try to resurrect the mother with the help of alchemy transmutation; what basic rule of alchemy is equivalent exchange. That brother did not realize it. When they try to resurrect their mother, a skull and skeleton appeared in front of them because of transmutation. Now time for equivalent exchange. Alphonse’s body is disappeared, and Edward’s one leg is also faded. Then Edward realizes that it’s going to be wrong. Then he sacrificed his hand (equivalent exchange) and save his brother’s soul and capture his soul into metallic armor.

Then they realize that transmutation is impossible. After that incident, Winry Rockbell and their grandma take care of them. But now Edward’s primary motive is going to back his brother’s body, and here they are journey begins. After that incident, if I say anything, this will be a spoiler. Just watch and live that experience on your own, and after watching, you may be say “amazing.” you will love all the characters at the end.

This series will give you some clues official answer like, what is God who the all-mighty is? What is good and what is bad? What is the aspect of life? To know the answer to this type of question, watch this series. All the background music is too good. This is not just a story; this is a whole literature.

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is an extremely amazing complete story among all of them. Remember that I told an amazing, complete story—a story where every character’s arc ends perfectly. Amazing soundtrack, amazing action sequence, beautifully explained philosophical aspect with a mixture of spirituality, human relation, bonding between two brothers that all make the series top-rated anime worldwide. That makes this series fourth best anime on my list

3. Attack on Titan:

Rating: 10/10
3rd best anime
Image source : Google | Image credit: Pinterst | Source Credit: Wit Studio

Attack on Titan is a suspense thriller, action-packed anime. Hajime Isayama writes manga and the first three seasons were animated by Wit studio, and 4th season is animated by MAPPA studio.

The plot of the attack on Titan centres on civilization inside three words where the human can live peacefully, and you think what !! Live peacefully!!!! Why is that? Many types of questions like this are rising in your mind now. I will reveal that questions slowly slowly. The world is full of titans who eat humans for their survival.

That’s why humans build three walls for living themselves peacefully. The world is gigantic, 50 meters tall. Any of the Titans serves can’t but one day, an enormous giant Titan 60 meters tall break it and make a path for little titans to enter the city name, Shiganshina.

The story revolves around Eren Jaeger that boys see the living hell in front of his eyes. A titan ate his mother. Anyhow, he could survive with these two friends named Mikasa and Armin. Here you go on a journey with them to take revenge on Titan. You may think that this kind of story is not unique. If you feel like this, then sit back and relax. You will be surprised that I told you the synopsis of episode number 1. Wait! What?

Yes, my friend, this is not even 1% of the entire story. I don’t want to spoil your edge-of-the-seat experience. That’s why I can’t reveal any more. When you watch that action literally, you will shout like a child. The graphics of this series are beautiful and stunning; even if you take a screenshot, you can set that as your background.

The Series has amazing twists and turns, background music, action sequence, emotion,  character design, and development. All are just perfect. After watching that series; you will gain knowledge and understanding about the complex layer of human emotion, which makes that series too realistic. After 30 years, if you look back and “Attack on Titan” still will be there. This is a super highly recommended series for all of you. That makes this series third best anime on my list.

2. death note:

Rating: 10/10
2nd best anime
Image source : Google | Image credit: Amino | Studio Credit: Madhouse

Death Note is a crime-drama, mystery-thriller anime. Tsugumi Oba and Takeshi Obata wrote the Death Note anime story. Anime adaptation by Madhouse. This is one of the most famous anime since 2006 till now. Can you Imagine?

The main protagonist, Light Yagami, a genius high school boy, one day gets a notebook. If he writes a person’s name on that notebook with remembering his face, that person will die in a heart attack within 40 seconds. When you comes to think about it then you realize that yes this deservs the first place of the best anime ever made but this is not the best anime. There is a anime which deservs the best anime place because of its psychological and philosophical aspect.

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Now imagine that power, you can kill anyone without knowing his face and name. And think about it if you are a detective how do you catch him or even how do you know that this is a murder or not! Because dying in a heart attack is preferred as normal death until a person gives poison to him or injects something. Light decides that he will wipe out all bad people and make this world for good people. and then he will be considered the “God of the new world, ” and Light hides his power from everybody.

Now here comes a detective named L. L is an unknown person who hides from everyone, everybody, and everywhere in this world. He is just a truly anonymous guy. and l decided to catch Kira. Kira is the name of Light Yagami, which people think gives. Think about it.  L doesn’t know who Kira is, and Light also does not know who L is.

You’re come truly thrilling moments between Light and L’s conflict without even knowing each other.

If you thought I feel your story wait! here is the story begin. I tell you the first episode of that series. Isn’t that amazing and fascinating? Guess how many twists and turns happen in a series? I guarantee that this series will be going to surpass your count of twists and turns. After watching the first episode, you will be hooked.

You will see e great mind battle between two characters. It seems like Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes. This is a mind-blowing anime. My Mind is totally blown when I see twists and turns. Death note is the best gateway anime I have ever seen. This is a super highly recommended series to watch this. I am sure that You will truly enjoy it. That makes this series second best anime on my list.

1. Monster:

Rating: 10/10
1st best anime
Image source : Google | Image credit: Medium | Source Credit: MadHouse

Monster is a crime thriller anime. But inside that, this is a philosophical, psychological masterpiece anime. Everybody has a monster inside them. Do you want to know how to handle the Monster and overcome your must-watch Monster.Manga is written by Naoki Urasawa and anime adaptation by Madhouse.

Monster is the story of a doctor named Kenzo Tenma, a genius neurosurgeon of Germany’s Heidelberg hospital. When he commands for operating on a patient, patients’ chance to come back in life is supremely increased. A hospital will use him as an asset, and this hospital’s director’s daughter is his fiance. As a doctor, he thought that all life worth equal. One day, there is two authority of the patient: higher authority and lower authority.

Although higher authority came later on to the hospital because the hospital’s director forces him to do that, Doctor Tenma operates on higher authority against his ethics. The next day, the same situation happens again: a celebrity comes in with a brain haemorrhage condition; a little boy came just before the VIP with a bullet on the brain.

Then doctor Tenma decides to operate on that child because he arrived at the hospital first. After operating on the child, the child returned to his life, and that celebrity is dead. After that incident, doctor Tenma loses his job and loses his fiance.

Nine years after that incident, that kid murders in front of doctor Tenma with no expression, anger, hatred, emotion, and nothing. He killed someone with no expression; doctor Tenma then realizes that he returned to the monster’s life. Then he goes on a journey to kill that Monster named Johan Liebert.

This is a battle between good and evil in a fundamental way and deals with every human emotion, love, care, warmth, hatred, anger, revenge, etc . where Dr Tenma represents love, care, and warmth. Johan represents hatred, revenge, revenge, anger.

And monsters start with the question,” is all life worth equal? ” at the end of this series, you will get an answer from the darkest demon of the world.

Monster is a slow Pill and starts his magic after watching a few episodes then. Then you realize that you are addicted to that series. The depth and development of every character are awesome; background music is top-notch. When you comes to think about it then you realize that yes this is the best anime ever made. Every anime fan watch this atleaset once and feel its greatness.

This is a cult and classic anime. I don’t have enough words to explain its greatness. Understanding the depth of this anime is not a piece of cake. If you know this, then this is a beyond masterpiece for you. This is one of the best anime in my opinion. That makes this series first best anime on my list.

`               I hope you like the series I recommended. Now you have a better understanding of what you need. Thank You very much.


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