Top 9+ Best Anime Rivalries of All Time, Ranked

Top 9+ Best Anime Rivalries :

Nothing is more fun than watching two rivals facing each other. Rivalry is just not a word. It is a mixture of emotions aggressive emotions. When two or more than two persons make their life goal to defeat the other person, that moment gives birth to a Rivalry.

In Anime, there are many rivalries between many characters, which can be termed as the Best Anime Rivalry. In most of them, a character just wants to prove that he/she is better than the other and to prove that he/she can do anything.

They both literally give everything they have just to defeat his/her rival. When two characters are facing each other by being the best versions of themselves, that makes a really interesting rivalry to hop on.

5Th Best Anime Rivalries
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There is nothing more exciting than watching two rivals fighting with each other, and if we add world-class animations to it, then the rivalry becomes just marvellous. Now, we are going to talk about such glorious and Best Anime Rivalries and rate them on a scale of 1-10.

Let’s Start The List Of Best Anime Rivalries :

10. Zoro & Sanji – One Piece :

10Th Best Anime Rivalries
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The main reason for this rivalry is their different ideologies, their different point of views. Zoro was raised and trained in a dojo where his biggest competition was a girl, so from there, he made his mind up to not give any particular preference to a girl just for the sake of her being a girl, on the other hand, Sanji grew up in a restaurant under the training of a very strict chef who taught him to always respect women no matter what.

The difference between their basic personality is the main reason for their rivalry. Just because of this difference, they both can not even stand each other, and this rivalry also results in a feud between the fans of these characters.

Neither these characters like each other nor their fans do like the fans of the other character.Now, we can understand that if fans develop a rivalry between them, then the rivalry between characters must be very intense. Zoro and Sanji are very important and very famous characters from One Piece. Their rivalry is undoubtedly one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

9. Yugi & Kaiba – Yu-Gi-Oh! :

9Th Best Anime Rivalries
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The rivalry between Yugi and Kaiba started on September 30th, 1996, when the first Yu-Gi-Oh manga was released, and since then, their rivalry is going on till now, and it is one of the most engaging rivalries in the history of Anime.

The rivalry between Yugi and Kaiba has been counted in one of the most talked-about rivalries of all time. Their rivalry started when Yugi and Kaiba both were teenagers, and there were in school. Yugi was always an introvert, he had no friends, and mostly he was just with his own company where Seto Kaiba was an orphan, which later adopted by the CEO of the Kaiba Corporation.

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One day when Yugi and one of his friends were about to visit a game shop to see a very rare game card, but Kaiba was listening, and before Yugi reach there, Kaiba went there and make a deal that that shopkeeper could not refuse.

This kept the foundation of their never-ending rivalry, which results in many duels they have fought with each other since then. The intensity of this rivalry is what it makes one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

8. Lelouch & Suzaku – Code Geass :

8Th Best Anime Rivalries
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It has always been said that “Once best friends, turn to be the worst rivals.” This is just the case with Lelouch and Suzaku. They both are pretty similar yet very different from each other, they both want Japan to be a better place, but they both support different methods to do so.

Where Suzaku believes in peace, on the other hand, Lelouch believes in violence and terrorism. Thus, they became rivals who just counters each-others thinking and their actions. This difference between them results in both of them even fighting with each other.

However, the beautiful thing about this rivalry is that their friendship is still intact. They both are rivals, but they both are good friends also at the same time. Their friendship is the reason that they are fighting with each other because they do not want their friend to do something wrong.

Their value for their friendship but the love for their country is the main reason for their rivalry. Their intact friendship and their true rivalry are what makes them one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

7. Hinata & Kageyama – Haikyuu :

7Th Best Anime Rivalries
Image Credit : Haikyuu.fandom | Image source : Google | Licensed By : Production I.G

Hinata and Kageyama are both very good volleyball players. They are both the star players of their respective teams in junior high school. Once Kageyama’s team embarrassed Hinata’s team in a volleyball match, it sparks the rivalry between them.

Then Hinata made it his obsession to take revenge on Kageyama. But later, he has to postpone his obsession when they both started playing together as teammates at Karasuno high school.

They both combined has made a killing move that just destroys the opposite team. They both started to like each other, and their relationship started getting better. However, from inside, they both still wanted to outperform each other in the practice sessions.

Soon other teams have figured out how to counter Hinata and Kageyama’s attack, and they started to lose the match, which frustrates them, and they both started arguing with each other, but then they both again joined hands and decided to make a new move together.

They both were a friend, but inside they both were also rivals, but yes, they both developed a very deep bond with each other. When they both left high school, they again became rivals, and Hinata finally got his revenge against Kageyama. Their deep bond with each other is what makes their friendship and their rivalry such intense, though it is one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

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6. Izuku Midoriya & Katsuki Bakugo – My Hero Academia :

6Th Best Anime Rivalries
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The foundation of an intense rivalry is friendship. True friendship is what later gives birth to true and long rivalries. Izuku and Katsuki were also childhood friends, but now they are rivals for a very long time.

They both starting fighting each other when they all might acknowledge Izuku over Katsuki, which leaves Katsuki in rage, and now he wants to find out that why All might have chosen Izuku over him, so he challenges him for a fight right there at ground zero.

Izuku tried to stop Katsuki from fighting and told him that they should fight at the training ground if he wants to fight. Still, Katsuki refused by saying that the trainer will not allow them to go all-in while fighting at the training ground, so they have to fight right now to find out who is better.

That fight between these two former childhood friends is just excellent and stellar to watch, one of the best fight scenes from My Hero Academia. The rivalry between Izuku and Katsuki is undoubtedly one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

5. Naruto & Sasuke – Naruto :

5Th Best Anime Rivalries
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Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry started very early as the series began. Sasuke, from the beginning, wanted to better than Naruto, and just to prove that he is better than him, Sasuke fought many times with Naruto.

Their rivalry started when Naruto said that he can do whatever Sasuke did but could not. When Sasuke saw Naruto surpassing him, he got angry and wanted to fight Naruto very severely. The most emotional part of their spectacular rivalry was when Naruto was fighting with Sasuke to not defeat him but to bring him back.

This scene will definitely bring tears to so many eyes. Even in Shippuden, their rivalry continued. They both were getting more and more powerful side by side, and at the time of the 4th Ninja War Arc, they both were neck to neck in terms of power. At this point, their rivalry is just getting more and more intense.

They both were very similar in strength and almost equally powerful. And at the end, this rivalry resulted in a tie between both of them. The rivalry between Sasuke and Naruto is just legendary, and those who have seen this cannot deny that this rivalry is the most intense rivalries of all time. Thus this is the one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

4. Ichigo & Renji – Bleach :

4Th Best Anime Rivalries
Image Credit : Bleach.fandom | Image source : Google | Licensed By : Pierrot Animation

Ichigo and Renji both are very similar, yet they both are very different from each other where. They both are similar in their respective fighting styles. They both differ from the cause of that fight one is fighting to maintain peace, and the other is fighting to create chaos.

Bleach Anime Series is also famous for its famous rivalries, and it would not be wrong if I quote the rivalry between Renji and Ichigo as one of the most famous rivalries of the Anime Series.

Even this rivalry has made bleach such fun to watch. The rivalry between Ichigo and Renji is undoubtedly worth watching. The fight scenes between them are just spectacular Pieces of art. The fight scenes between both of them are very masterpieces.  The rivalry between Ichigo and Renji is sure shot one of the Best Anime Rivalries.


3. Luffy & Ace – One Piece :

3Rd Best Anime Rivalries
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Luffy and Ace are originally brothers, but then they became rivals. Luffy and Ace both are essential characters of One Piece, and Luffy is the main character of the series. And the rivalry between them is indeed one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

They both have a different ideology, and that’s why they went of separate ways. However, they both have a strong sense of sibling rivalry, and they continuously challenge each other to become stronger because they both enjoy that rivalry.

2. Goku & Vegeta – Dragon Ball Super :

2Nd Best Anime Rivalries
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Vegeta and Goku are two of the most famous rivalries of the entire Anime history. Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyans and is an alien, and he keeps fighting with Goku many times just to see who is more powerful. Vegeta is the main antagonist of the show.

His fights with Goku are some of the most intense battles in the entire Anime history. They both are very powerful characters of the Dragon Ball series, and their rivalry is going on in the Anime series for more than 30 years. Their first fight happened in Dragon Ball manga in 1989. Since then, Vegeta’s obsession with Goku has become of the biggest rivalry of the franchise.

They both are Saiyans, and they both love fighting, and they both are in obsession of getting more and more strong, but Vegeta is Saiyan prince, so he is filled with arrogance and ego. In a way, their rivalry is a unique kind of bond between both the characters. Vegeta and Goku are some of the most powerful rivals of Anime, and their rivalry is undoubtedly one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

1. Light & L – Death Note :

1St Best Anime Rivalries
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Light who has found a notebook that has supernatural powers. If you write any person’s name in that notebook, that person will die within the 40 seconds, and L, who is one of the most intelligent beings on earth, is helping the officials to solve these murder mysteries.

The cat and mouse chase between these characters is what makes Death Note such a masterpiece to watch. Soon it became L’s obsession to catch Light because he is constantly challenging his smartness. The rivalry between Light and L is hands down the most intense rivalry ever. This rivalry is not about fights or powers, but this rivalry is an intellectual battle.

This rivalry is one of the most engaging cats and mouse chase ever, and it is undoubtedly a fun ride. They both are unmatched in their intellectual powers. Light keeps coming with plans after plans, and L keeps countering it with his intelligence.

This one is the most engaging rivalry, which did not consist of any fight scene at all and is all about intellect. The rivalry between Light and L is undoubtedly one of the Best Anime Rivalries.

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Which is the Best Anime Rivalries of all time?

According to me Light and L mind battle and Goku and Vegeta’s hunger to greatest and strongest warrior are make them the best anime rivalries.

Who is the most coolest anime character?

Light yagami, L. Lawliet and Levi, are the cooleset anime charecter in my opinion.

Are L and Light rivals?

Yes, L and Light are rivals. Their mind battle to prove that who is more intellegent in a amazing and fabulous way that makes the best anime rivalries of all time in my opinion.

Who is Naruto’s rival ?

Naruto’s rival is Sasuke. They both are one of the greatest best anime rivalries of all time.

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