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Anime is a very creative piece of art, and for me, anime is like imagining the unimaginable and creating it over the screen. In anime, we see everything which may not be possible to show on screen in live-action movies. Anime creates a beautiful piece of a fantasy world in such a way that we enjoy it so much and believe in it even after we know that this is not real. That is the creativity level of anime cinema.

Today I’ll be talking about some of the most incredible death scenes in anime ever.

4.grave of fireflies
Image Credit : Medium | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Studio Ghibli

Lets Start the list of Best Anime Deaths :

10. Colonel Maes Huges deaths is unforgettble – Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood (FMAB)

10th best anime deaths
Gif Credit : Tumgir | Gif Source : Google | LIcensed By : Studio Bones

Written By: Hiroshi Ōnogi

Studio: Bones

Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) Brotherhood is one of the best anime series available, and it has the perfect story amongst all the anime series I’ve seen so far. Right from the beginning of 2 episodes, the story will sink you into the storyline fully. And the way the death scene of Colonel Huge is made is undoubtedly going to give you goosebumps and make you emotional for sure. In my opinion, you should definitely watch this series, and this death scene is just Emotional enough to make you cry like a baby; it undoubtedly deserves a tenth place in the Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

9. Kaori Miyozono will make you emotional– Your Lie in April

9th best anime deaths
Image Credit : Ramenswag | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Studio A-1 Pictures

Written By: Naoshi Arakawa

Studio: A-1 Pictures

I have to admit that Your Lie in April is one of the most emotional series I have ever watched. This series has made me cry every time I watch this series, especially where Kaori Miyozono dies. The best part of this series is its soulful music. The music of this series is one of the best I have ever heard in my life. Even if you just hear the music without watching the video of this series, you will get emotional, and maybe, just maybe, you will cry because, frankly speaking, I cried watching this series.

And this death scene is very vibrant, and you will get goosebumps while watching this emotional death scene. That makes this scene at Ninth position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

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8. Lelouch Lamperouge death was insanely perfect – Code Geass

8th best anime deaths
Image Credit : Devaintart | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Sunrise Studio

Written By: Gorō Taniguchi & Ichirō Ōkouchi

Studio: Sunrise

Code Geass is the arguably one of the best anime series ever created, and Lelouch Lamperouge is the main character of this series. Now you can imagine if the main character of a series dies, how incredible that moment will be. Lelouch is the most intelligent mind of the universe created by this series. Who’s willing to rule the whole world, and he has almost succeeded in conquering the world as a whole.

When a character like this dies, that moment is undoubtedly the saddest moment, and that precisely what happens with this death scene. That makes this scene at the eighth position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

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7. Sasha’s death was most unexpected – Attack on Titan

7th best anime deaths
Image Credit : i7psx | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio & Mappa Studio

Written By: Hajime Isayama

Studio: Wit Studio (#1-59), MAPPA (60-)

There are so many all-time excellent anime series, and Attack on Titan is one of them. Attack on Titan is on almost everybody’s anime recommendation list. Attack on Titan has the all-time best animation fight sequences. Suppose you have watched this series once. You cannot take it out of your mind. After watching Attack on Titan, every great fighting scene you have watched will be like not as great as Attack on Titan.

And Sasha is one essential character of Attack on Titan, and when she died, I was like, WHAt? What just happened? This can not be true. Sasha can not die. Please don’t make Sasha die. That was the impact of that scene. That makes this scene at the Seventh position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

6. Itachi Uchiha’s death was most shocking– Naruto

6th best anime deaths
Image Credit : Narutoexplained | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Studio Pierrot

Written By: Masashi Kishimoto

Studio: Pierrot

Naruto is a Japanese TV series that started on 3rd October 2003, and it ran till 8th February 2007, which includes 220 episodes, and it is one the most extensive anime series so far. Naruto is simply a ninja universe based on the point of view of our main character Naruto. Now let’s talk about Itachi Uchiha, who is also an essential character of Naruto, but unfortunately, he has to die in the series. And it came as a shock.

And the moment Itachi dies is so heartbreaking that it is one of the most remembered moments of the series. Itachi’s death scene is so epic that he fought with his brother and saved his brother’s life. Itachi sacrificed himself, which makes this scene more emotional and more shocking. That makes this scene at Sixth position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

5. Erwin Smith’s death is most natural – Attack on Titan

5th best anime deaths
Image Credit : Bgeekyblog | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Wit Studio & Mappa Studio

Written By: Hajime Isayama

Studio: Wit Studio (#1-59), MAPPA (60-)

As I discussed early, how great Attack on Titan is and how it is one of the most remarkable anime series of all time, but now talking about this particular scene, this scene is a very epic scene of Attack on Titan season 3. There is a war going on with the Beast Titans, and Erwin Smith leads the fight from the human side.

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And now you can imagine that how tremendous and heartbreaking that scene would be where the leader himself is going to die, and That legendary speech of Erwin Smith and willingness to sacrifice himself with his soldier to kill beast titan makes anyone emotional. His death is one of the most shocking and heartbreaking scenes of Attack on Titans, and that makes this scene at the Fifth position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

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4. Setsuko’s death will make you cry – Grave of the Fireflies

4.grave of fireflies
Image Credit : Medium | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Studio Ghibli

Written By: Isao Takahata

Production House: Studio Ghibli

Grave of the Fireflies is an anime Japanese war movie of 1988, and like most of the war tragedy movies, this movie is also very emotional and heartbreaking. I think that anime has this unique power that can make us laugh uncontrollably and can make us cry uncontrollably, and this movie will successfully make you weep uncontrollably. This movie was released in 1988, but the legacy of this great war tragedy movie is still alive even after four decades of the film.

One of the most emotional and heartbreaking scenes is when Setsuko dies. This death scene is one of the most moving death scenes, and That makes this scene at Fourth position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

3. Koro-Sensei taking attendance for last time, make you overwhelmingly emotional & blessed – Assassination Classroom

3rd best anime deaths
Image Credit : Thecinemaholic | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Lerche

Written By: Yūsei Matsui

Studio: Lerche

Koro Sensei is a yellow octopus-like alien who has almost destroyed our moon, and now he communicates to the Japanese govt. He tells them that he wants to teach in a top-tier Japanese school, and he will only teach class 3rd E students, and only these students can kill him. Then starts the main plot of the story, kill your professor. Every student of the class now wants to kill that alien, and when they all fail, they name him Koro Sensei, which means who can not be killed. Just imagine kill to unkillable. If i not include this on my best anime deaths on my list that should be a mistake for me.

Now just imagine a class that wants to kill its professor, a professor who is an alien, and it is not that easy to kill him. What will that moment be like when a character like this finally dies. I will highly recommend this series to all my readers. If you are an anime fan and have not watched this series, you must watch this. And that is how the death scene of Koro Sensei is the Third position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

2. Isaac Netero’s intanse fight with Meruem and death really insanly incredible – Hunter X Hunter (2011)

2nd best anime deaths
Image Credit : Otakufantasy | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Madhouse

Written By: Yoshihiro Togashi

Studio: Madhouse

Hunter X Hunter is arguably one of the most beautiful and most complicated anime universes. This animated series was created twice. First, it was built in 1999, and then it was recreated again in 2011 with drastically improved animations and artworks. Hunter X Hunter is one of the highest-rated anime series with 9.1 ratings. But this series is not like any other regular anime series.

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This series is mainly catered towards the sharp-minded audience who wants to invest their mind with the series. So, this series is for the class audience. Now talking about the character of Isaac Netero, Netero is 42 years old who loves martial arts and is entirely devoted to it. He mastered his martial art so much that whenever he throws a punch, the sound of that punch comes much later. So, just imagine the moment when a man as strong as Netero dies.

Incredibly directed, the death scene is the word for that moment. This scene will surely give goosebumps to you. This scene is one of the most goosebumps experiences and, indeed, The Best Anime Deaths scene. That makes this scene at the second position on the list of The Best Anime Deaths Scenes.

1. L. Lawliet’s death make you speechless and you feel ‘silence’ around you – Death Note

1st best anime deaths
Image Credit : Quora | Image Source: Google | Licensed By : Studio Madhouse

Written By: Tsugumi ohba and Takeshi obata

Studio: Madhouse

Death note is for sure the best anime series ever created. And it is always on the top of every anime recommendation list. I will not reveal anything about and related to this series because I genuinely want you guys to go and experience the greatness of this series with your own eyes. And I am damn sure that this series is going to give you constant shocks and thrill and excitement and everything that you should expect from a great series. Talking about the character of L.

He is the perfect antagonist any series could ask for, and his death is just the most iconic moment of all. I don’t want to reveal many details about the series. That’s why I will not tell you much about this series. If you love anime, then you must watch this series ASAP. This death scene is undoubtedly The Best Anime Deaths scene.

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What is the saddest anime death?

I think L’s from Death Note is not only saddest but also best anime deaths of all time in anime genre.

Is L really dead in Death Note?

Unfotunately Yes, L is really dead in Death Note. Death Note is a one short series means there is no hope for season 2 to continuing this series. So L’s death is in episode 25 which name is ” Silence” are truely keep me silent for a long while.

What is L’s IQ?

Personally I think L iq might be 170 to 180. There is no proof to prove it but Acording to L’s age and his sharp intelligence force me to think his iq is above 170.

Does anime affect your personality?

Yes, anime definatly affect your personality depend upon which genre you seen most.

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