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Best Adventure movies of Hollywood always be very special because adventure movies have the power to forget our reality and absorb us into it. All movies are available on Netflix, Amazon prime and other OTT platforms. Are you ready to goes on a journey to experience the adventure?

9Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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Here is the list of Best Adventure Movies of Hollywood :

10. The Revenant :


10Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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Just imagine, in 1823, In a deep forest, you were attacked by some indigenous people. Will you be able to survive? I don’t think that would be easy for anyone. The story grows around Hugh glass and his son named Hawk, who is captain Henry’s Trappers.

One day when they were hunting, some indigenous people attack them. Somehow they can escape, but they left their food, water and other survival things behind. Can they be survived? If yes, then how do they do that? If you want the answer, Go ahead, watch the movie, and find it yourself, and I guarantee that you don’t regret it. This is a Must watch movie.

Just think that Leonardo d’ Caprio won Oscar for Best Actor for this movie, and this movie won another Oscar for amazing cinematography. You will be just stunned, and sometimes you may think, “how they shoot that. ” You will also love the sound design for sure. This movie is totally beyond perfection. That makes this movie Must-Watch. That makes this movie tenth best adventure movies of hollywood.

9.Jurassic Park:

Rating: 8.6/10

9Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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Jurassic Park” is one of the most popular movie names in the 90’s era. Story of Jurassic Park grows around a park where cloned dinosaur lives in the modern age. Tourist comes and visit the park and see a real dinosaur. But one day, a Tyrannosaurus rex escape. Now think about what to do! It considers as one of the most dangerous dinosaurs. What an adventure! When you come to think about this, it gives goosebumps. Isn’t it? You experience a wonderful adventurous journey when you watch. Excitement is growing exponentially. How they capture Tyrannosaurus rex? How it escapes? All the things give you the most memorable edge of the seat experience. You will watch this movie definitely.

Aren’t you excited till now? Ok, my friends, now I have to tell you about the Director of this movie. Steven Spielberg, who is one of the best Hollywood star directors, directs this movie. This movie actually starts the new era of Adventure Movies. If you’re a 90’s Kid, then you will remember the craze of this movie. This movie is always evergreen in Hollywood adventure movies. That makes this movie ninth best adventure movies of hollywood.

8.Life of Pi:

Rating: 8.8/10

8Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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Just imagine what if you stuck with a tiger on a floating boat in the Pacific Ocean. Can you even try to survive? Or just give up and wait for your death? A boy named Pi faces this situation, and he survived. The question is, how did he survive? To know the answer, you have to watch this movie.

This movie is very special for me because this movie introduces me to the world of Hollywood movies. This movie teaches you a lesson very beautifully that never lose hope even in the worst situation of your life. This movie sees the humanity of animals beautifully. When the question comes for Survival, how animals and humans are no more different from each other, this movie gives you a perspective of life and death, bonds between animals and humans, the True power of nature, and a vibe of a primitive lifestyle.

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Movie presentation style is amazingly unique, and visual cinematography will give you pleasure, and you feel you are in a meditative state. Amazing, Beautiful, Mind-blowing, that type of words are not enough for this movie. This is an obvious must-watch movie. That makes this movie eighth best adventure movies of hollywood.

7.Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Rating: 8.9/10

7Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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This a treasure hunt -adventure-thriller action movie. The story grows around a professor named Indiana Jones. Indiana loves history and archaeology, and that’s why he always goes on a journey to find treasure and mysterious things. In this movie, he recovers a golden idol from A booby-trapped Peruvian temple. But that thing is stolen from Indiana. Who stole it? How Indiana finds it? Can he recover it? To know this answer, you know what to do? Isn’t it?

The story doesn’t take much time to build the suspense. From the very beginning, you will be hooked. Amazing suspense and storyline are perfectly suitable for this type of treasure hunt movie. Acting and production design are incredible. It makes you feel the real treasure hunting. This will be an edge-of-the-seat experience for you. This is recommendable movie for all of you. That makes this movie seventh best adventure movies of hollywood.

6.Cast Away:

Rating: 9.1/10

6Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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Cast Away is an Adventure, survival film. Suppose I say that this is only a survival movie that would be insult of this great film. This movie deals with various human psychologies in a very beautiful way. Some true, real-life stories inspired this movie. The story grows around Chuck Noland, who is a FedEx engineer. Chuck is a very disciplined and timely person and an accurate man who never liked to be late.

One day he gets out for Malaysia for his office work, but suddenly his plane was crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and somehow Chuck survived. He finds an Uninhabited Island where the accuracy of time has no meaning; the only means is Survival. How he survives? Can he survive? To know the answer, you have to watch this movie.

Tom Hanks as Chuck is just perfect. Acting and Direction are beautifully executed. This is one of the best examples of visual storytelling, and we can attach with him emotionally, and all credits go to Sir Tom Hanks. This is one of the best acts of Tom Hanks Sir’s movie career. He makes us emotional even when he was not saying any dialogue. Tom Hanks, sir, prove that it makes you emotional; dialogues are not necessary every time. You just love it; no matter how many times you watch it before, this movie is always evergreen in your mind. This is a strongly recommendable movie. That makes this movie sixth best adventure movies of hollywood.

5. National Treasure Series :

Rating: 9.2/10

5Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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National treasure” and “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” those movies are the most memorable Treasure hunt movies I have ever seen in my life. The story grows around Ben Gates, a pedigree of the treasure hunt family who learns about a treasure from his Grandfather.

Ben tries to find out that treasure, and he gets some clues after some researches and expeditions. He tries to cipher that clues and get more clues scattered all over in the United States. How he finds out that treasure? How much trouble does he make for himself? Can he find out that treasure? What is his motive to find out that treasure? I don’t want to reveal things and find the answer. You must have watched it.


Those are amazing adventure movies of all time, and those movies are contained tons of information about the USA. You will be hooked on it immediately when you start to watch it. This movie’s background music and presentation style make you impressed. Sometimes you will get chills and goosebumps. This will be a great experience for you. You should never ever miss it. That makes this movie fifth best adventure movies of hollywood.

4. Harry Potter Series:

Rating: 9.6/10

4Th Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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Remember? A boy with glasses holding a wizard wand. Yes, I am talking about Harry Potter, the most favorite character of our childhood. Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione, Wizard World, Hogwarts, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Voldemort all names are very much well known to us like 90’s kids. That feels very nostalgic today. When we were kid, we all want to go Hogwarts at least once, Isn’t it?

Harry Potter and Wizard’s world journey begins with Harry’s mother’s sacrifice to protect Harry when he was two or three years old and defeat Voldemort, a Dark Wizard king. After the 12th birthday, Harry is eligible to go to Hogwarts to master his magic skill, and After he enters Hogwarts school, Voldemort tries to gain his power.

He wants desperately to kill Harry Potter. Here you start the journey of the Wizard world. Can Voldemort be successful at his plan? Can harry defeat the Dark wizard King? To know this answer, you must watch eight movies of this Franchise.

You can see here like magic, amazing creatures, an awesome storyline and a beautiful world-building even you can compare it with “Lord of the Rings.” The world-building and character development are Great, and an amazing storyline gives that an extra edge. No matter whatever your age is, you can forget about your world and still enjoy it. That makes this movie fourth best adventure movies of hollywood.


Rating: 9.9/10

3Rd Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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This is one of the best sci-fi adventure movies ever made in Hollywood, directed by Christopher Nolan, Scientist Director. What happens if we enter into a black hole? This story is based on this. Interesting, right? Blackhole grabbed scientists and all normal people. Its part of our human behavior to know the unknown.

This movie tries to explore it properly with the rules of physics. The story starts with a cosmic disaster, and there is the only way to survive, and that is Interstellar Travel. Our protagonist Cooper goes on a journey to explore the black hole through a wormhole with NASA’s help.

Can You imagine the Director hired a Nobel prize-winning physicist for this movie! In this movie, Gargantua’s Blackhole is really made from a real equation from that physicist, and Director makes the software especially for rendering that black hole. This is Crazy! Isn’t it? Those things make this movie epic. The visual of this movie is Unforgettable, Unimaginable and Unbelievable. This is a must-watch , one of the best adventure movie of all time. That makes this movie third best adventure movies of hollywood.

2.Coco :

Rating: 9.9/10

2Nd Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
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When you watch the “Coco” Movie, you can see Movies’ future for the next generation. I feel glad that I have seen a movie like this. There is a boy named Miguel at Santa Cecilia, Mexico. He idolizes musician Ernesto De la Cruz, and he wants to be a musician like him one day.

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Still, his family does not support him because his great-great-grandfather leaves his great-great-grandmother Imelda and their daughter Coco for the sake of music and leaves him behind and never returns to her. Imelda discarded all forms of music from her family’s life before starting a shoemaking business. Now Miguel lives with elderly Coco and their family, most of whom are shoemakers.

This is the 5% of the story, and I don’t want to spoil this movie’s adventure. Can Miguel be a successful Musician, or anything happen to him? What happened with Miguel? To know the answer, you have to watch it. If you think this will be Zero to Miguel’s journey but wait, my friend, this movie makes you prove wrong. This is not a zero hero journey type movie.

This movie plays with your emotion and takes you on a roller-coaster ride of your emotion. Sometimes you smile with joy, and sometimes you will cry like a baby, but at the end of this movie, you will learn your family’s value.

No matter how old you are, after the end of this movie, you will call your parents, or you hug them or willing to hug them, that’s for sure, and you will be feeling blessed to have them. Character Development, Direction, Screenplay, Storytelling, Voice-artist all are just beautiful and perfect. You should never miss this movie; This is a MUST-WATCH movie. That makes this movie second best adventure movies of hollywood.

1. Lord of The Rings:

Rating: 10/10

1St  Best-Adventure-Movies-Of-Hollywood
Image Credit : Lotr | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : New Line Cinema

Lord of The Rings is a fantasy, Action, Adventure Film. The story grows around a hobbit named Frodo. Basically, hobbits are calm, reliable and party-type species. Hobbits and Elves are live in this fantasy world. One day a cursed ring awakens a very powerful creature. Elves and Frodo, and his friends want to destroy the ring. They go on a journey to destroy that ring and save the world. How can they do it? What is the power of that ring? Will the ring possess elves and hobbits? What they do now? To know all this answer, you have to watch that series.

That adventure series won 17 Oscar. The first part won 4, the Second part won 2, and the Third part won 11 Oscars. Can you imagine it? One series won 17! If you know about the Oscar award, then you would know that Franchise movies can’t get Oscar easily. Even In these movies use a proper language named Quenya (Elvish language) is really existing and this language have a proper grammar for using it in your actual daily life. J. R. R. Tolkien who is the writer of “Lord of the Rings” create this language I hope now you get the greatness of this movie.

I don’t have enough words to express its greatness. Even when I saw it, I forget about my surroundings, and it fully drove My consciousness into it. This movie will hypnotize you for sure. These movies have a unique charm. That thing makes this Movie series awesome and Must watch. That makes this movie first best adventure movies of hollywood.

I hope you like my list and opinion. If you like it then share it with your friends. Thank you.

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