Bell Bottom Movie Review: A New Akshay Kumar Patriotic Masterpiece


Bell Bottom movie is a 2021 Indian Action Thriller movie. Bell Bottom is based on a true event from Indian history. Bell Bottom is the story of a plane hijack and how India’s RAW played a very important role in rescuing all the passengers.

Bell Bottom is the code name of a RAW agent who has profoundly analyzed previous hijack situations, and he believes that Pakistan’s ISI is involved in this hijack. Then how he successfully planned and executed a covert operation to rescue all the passengers.

Bell Bottom Movie
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Bell Bottom Movie Summary :

Ratings: 8/10

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Directed By:Ranjit M Tewari
Produced By:Vashu Bhagnani
Jackky Bhagnani
Deepshikha Deshmukh
Monisha Advani
Madhu Bhojwani
Nikkhil Advani
Written By:Aseem Arrora
Parveez Shaikh
Starring:Akshay Kumar
Lara Dutta
Vaani Kapoor
Huma Qureshi
Adil Hussain
Production House:Pooja Entertainment
Emmay Entertainment
Distributed By:Pen Marudhar Entertainment

Bell Bottom movie is based in the 1980s, and in the previous 5 years, there have been 6 hijacks. The movie starts with an Indian Airways flight which has already taken off from Delhi Airport. But that plane was hijacked by a group of people. The pilot of that plane immediately passed a distressing signal.

RAW then transfers this information to the Prime Minister of India, Lt. Indira Gandhi. PM was very disappointed by hearing this news and immediately calls a meeting. There PM says that it is very embarrassing that this is the 7th hijacking in the previous 5 years.

All the officials then start blaming each other in the meeting room. PM then asks them that to collectively find a solution to this situation. RAW’s chief then suggests that there is a person who can help in solving this situation.

He suggests that Bell Bottom has deeply analyzed every previous hijacking, and he understands this situation much better. PM then asks him to call Bell Bottom. Then we see a flashback of Bell Bottom’s life.

2nd Bell Bottom Movie
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In 1980 Bell Bottom’s mother died in a similar plane hijack, then RAW approaches him because Bell Bottom is a very intelligent individual. He is a professional Chess player. He can speak French and German fluently, he teaches music, and he is aspiring UPSC to become a civil servant.

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RAW abducts Bell Bottom and tells him that his mother didn’t die a natural death instead, she was murdered by the hijackers. Bell Bottom then agrees to join RAW, and then he started reading all the previous plane hijacks.

Then in the current time, Bell Bottom tells PM that this hijack is initiated by ISI and they are using Punjab’s, Azadi Dal. The hijackers then took the plane to Lahore. Bell Bottom asks madam PM to not to permit Pakistan to negotiate with the hijackers.

Then the hijackers took the plane to Dubai, where Bell Bottom tells them to go for a covert operation. Madam PM agrees with him and permits him to go on with his plan. What happens then is the main story of the Bell Bottom movie.

What does not Works for the Movie In Bell Bottom Movie?

3rd Bell Bottom Movie
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1. VFX of the Movie:

The VFX of the Bell Bottom movie is very underwhelming, and Indian cinema seems to be constantly struggling with the poor VFX. Bell Bottom movie also struggles in the VFX department, but the movie has a small sequence where makers use VFX.

2. Unnecessary Romantic Angle:

One thing which is common in the majority of Indian movies is, they forcefully add a romantic angle in films which does not require it. Bell Bottom movie also suffers from this problem, though in this movie, makers try their best to justify Vani Kapoor’s presence in the movie.

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3. Slow First Half:

The first half of the Bell Bottom movie was not bad, but if we compare it with the second half of the movie, the first half of the Bell Bottom movie feels a bit underwhelming and slow. The movie very slowly builds up the whole plot of the movie.

What Works for the Bell Bottom Movie?

4th Bell Bottom Movie
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1. Crisp Editing:

The editing of the Bell Bottom movie is very crisp and very smart. There is no unnecessary moment in the movie that slows down the movie’s pace, especially the second half of the movie.

Bell Bottom movie very smartly keeps the main focus on the plot of the movie. Even the slower first half of the movie helps in building up the whole plot. The due credit should be given to the editing department of the movie.

2. The Performances:

The best quality of the Bell Bottom movie is the performance in the movie. Each and every actor in the movie has delivered an outstanding performance. There is not even a single moment in the movie which feels like actors are not being honest with their character.

Special mentions to Lara Dutta as Late Indira Gadhi and Akshay Kumar as Bell Bottom, plus all the supporting actors of the film have done a brilliant job to support the main lead actors of the movie.

3. Background Score of the Movie:

The background of the movie perfectly compliments the theme of the Bell Bottom movie. The background score of the Bell Bottom movie enhances every scene of the movie and keeps us on the edge of our seats.

4. Full of Patriotism:

There have been many movies in the history of Indian Cinema which fail to give us the patriotic feel even after being a patriotic movie, but this is not the case with the Bell Bottom movie.

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Bell Bottom movie is filled with patriotism and perfectly makes all the viewers to feel patriotic. After Watching the Bell Bottom movie, everyone will definitely feel proud of India and India’s RAW. The Bell Bottom movie showcase the bravery and intelligence of the Indian secret services.

5. The Makeup Department:

The makeup artists of the movie have done a phenomenal job. It is almost impossible to recognize that it is Lara Dutta who is playing the character of Late Indira Gandhi. The makeup of the actress was top-notch.

The Best Takeaway from the Bell Bottom Movie

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Lara Dutta as Late Indira Gandhi:

As late Indira Gandhi, Lara Dutta is the biggest takeaway of the movie, and she is the best performer in the movie. Lara Dutta has delivered a performance that will be remembered for a very long time.

Lara Dutta completely overshadowed every actor from the movie, even Akshay Kumar. Lara Dutta really worked hard for her role in the movie, and it is completely visible in her performance. She is honest with her character, and she played it with all of her heart.

Bell Bottom movie is a must-watch movie for all the Akshay Kumar fans, and for those who are not an Akshay Kumar fan should also watch this movie to feel proud of our nation.

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FAQ About Bell Bottom Movie:

Is Bell Bottom a real story?

Yes, Bell Bottom is based on a real story but the makers also had some fictional liberties in the movie.

How old is Lara Dutta?

Lara Dutta is 43 years old.

Who played Indira Gandhi in Bell Bottom movie?

Lara Dutta played the character of Lata Dutta in the Bell Bottom movie.

What is the duration of the Bell Bottom movie?

Bell Bottom movie is 2 hours and 10 minutes long.

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