Badass Ravikumar Teaser review: Himesh Reshammiya, the king of cringe


Badass Ravikumar Teaser review: Badass Ravikumar teaser is out. This is going to be the sequel to the 2014 movie The Xpose. This movie will be released in the year 2023. The announcement of this movie has just been done and no date has been revealed yet. This movie will be released in Hindi language. According to some reports, the total budget of the movie is around 20 crores. We are going to see Himesh Reshammiya in the lead role of the movie.

Badass Ravikumar Teaser review
Badass Ravikumar Teaser review
filmBadass Ravikumar
Release Date2023
CastHimesh Reshammiya. Sonia Kapoor. Kk Taharpuriya
DirectorHimesh Reshammiya
WritersKushal Ved Bakshi(screenplay) Bunty Rathore(dialogue) Himesh Reshammiya(story and screenplay)

Badass Ravikumar teaser Plot:

At the beginning of the trailer, we are shown flying the eagle. And after that a cringe dialogue is heard that 50-50 kos away when a Haramzada shows his Haramigiri, then his Hunter says to improve or else Ravi Kumar will come. And after that we get to see Himesh Reshammiya’s entry and music plays in the background. And after that we get to hear some more cringe dialogues. Then after a while some action scene is shown where cars are shown blasting and the badass Ravikumar song plays in the background. And some such light-hearted scenes are seen. Then we are shown some light dance steps and songs. Although some Forcefully attempt is made to show comedy.

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Badass Ravikumar movie | video credit – Himesh Reshammiya Melodies

Badass Ravikumar teaser Review and my Expectations

Talking about the teaser, the teaser is completely filled with cringe things. Every single dialogue feels cringe. Even a lot of vehicles are destroyed in the name of action, but seeing a single scene does not feel that there is any action here, because comedy has been done so much that even good action looks childish due to comedy. Talking about vfx, vfx has been kept as a complete joke.

The vfx of every single scene is very useless. The teaser has forced comedy that seems so cringe that you can’t live without laughing. Along with the comedy of the movie, you will also laugh at the action scenes of the movie because the way it is presented is very useless.

Talk about what is my expectation from the movie, then let me tell you that I have no expectation from the movie because I will not go to see this movie. Every single scene is so cringe that you hardly dare to watch the movie after watching the trailer. And the dialogues that have been spoken are so cringe that you will get angry at yourself that why did you watch this trailer.

I didn’t like the teaser of the movie at all. Although there are few action scenes which were fine, but because of the way the comedy is shown, that action scene has also become substandard. Still everyone has their own opinion and it is my own opinion that I am not going to watch this movie at all.

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Badass Ravikumar 306x393 1
Badass Ravikumar movie | image credit – google

Badass Ravikumar teaser Conclusion

It is a sequel to Himesh Reshammiya’s 2014 movie The Xpose. Now only him knows what Himesh Reshammiya has thought of making a badass Ravi Kumar movie. But to be honest, Himesh Reshammiya’s acting is complete nonsense. At the same time, after listening to the teaser of the dialogues he has said, almost everyone’s ears are going to bleed because the dialogue is very cringe.

Although I wouldn’t call it completely useless as there were some action scenes which I found to be okay but the way it is presented especially to show everything as a complete comedy was a very poor decision. I liked the background music of the same movie a bit. Overall, I did not find the teaser anything special for almost everyone. Comedy has been forcefully inserted in the teaser, due to which it would be foolish to expect anything from a badass Ravi Kumar movie.

By the way, if you have seen the teaser of Badass Ravi Kumar, then you can tell us by commenting how you liked the teaser. Well I already know what you will comment.


who is the director of the Badass Ravikumar movie?

Himesh Reshammiya

when will the Badass Ravikumar movie release?


who will be in the lead role in the Badass Ravikumar movie?

Himesh Reshammiya

Which Genre belongs to Badass Ravikumar movie?


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