Anime News #2 : Attack on Titan part 2, Makoto Shinkai’s new movie, Anime on Disney+ & More


Today we will talk about Attack on titan part 2, Mob Psycho season 3, Makoto Shinkai’s new movie, Anime on Disney+ and much more related news. lets start the Anime News #2.

Anime News : Attack On Titan Announcements

  • AOT final season part 2 teaser trailer released, and It announced the date of part 2 premiere date will be 10 January 2022. 
  • AOT’s final event will be held on 14 November, and Armin, Jin, Mikasa Gabi, and Sasha’s voice actor will be presented. We can expect a new trailer from that event.
Aot Voice Actors

Anime News : Announcements

  • Toei Animation released a teaser of Dragon ball Super Superhero. Here we see the animation style of it. The animation style will be CG style.
  • Warner bros. Japan and studio bones announced Mob psycho 100 seasons 3. Bones studio release season promotional video. Youziro Tachikawa directed the previous season, and Takahiro Hasui will direct this season.
  • Another Bones studio series Super Crooks, will be released on Netflix on 25 November, and the anime trailer is down below.
  • Rika Orimoto Jujutsu Kaisen zero movie character visual is released. Kana Hanazawa will be the voice of this character. The movie will be released on 24 December in Japan. Visual is down below
Jujutsu Kaisen Rika orimoto
image Credit : Anime news network | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Mappa Studio
  • The Director of the movie ‘Your Name’ movie Makoto Shinkai, tweeted that his storyboard work for the next movie is completed. Here is the full tweet
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  • Kaguya Sama: love is war next season is announced. It will premiere in April 2022. Teaser and poster were also released. 
  • Hunter x Hunter completed 10 years from the premiering date, and they released a poster for this occasion in shonen jump magazine. The poster is down below.
Anime news
Image Credit : Somag News | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Madhouse
  • Netflix made a live-action series and released a stand-alone trailer & opening Credit on Cowboy Bebop. Its Anime adaptation highly inspires it.
Opening Credit
Stand Alone Trailer
  • Sword Art Online: Area of the Starless Night will be released in 40+ countries, and this movie also will be distributed in South Asia. That means maybe it will be released in India also. We will look at the PVR.
  • Walt Disney announced that Tatami Time machine Blues, Black rock Shooter Downfall, and Summertime rendering anime would be available on Disney+. We hope it will also be available in Disney+Hotstar premium membership.
  • A few days ago, when Eden Zero’s final episode was aired, a tweet came from Eden Zero’s official account. The tweet is, “Shiki and his friends’ adventure will continue. Thank you for your continued support.” It indicates that Eden Zero Second Season will come soon.

Anime News : Manga and Light Novels :

  • An Anime adaptation of Detective Conan’s spin-off manga “Detective Conan: Hanzawa The Criminal ” and “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time” is announced. Chugoku Kan’s release visuals and teaser video were released, but the release date is not revealed yet. 
  • Weekly Shonen magazine revealed that “Fire Force,” “Kaguya Sama: Love is War,” & “Dr. Stone Manga” entered into the final arc. 
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Anime news related to India : 

  • Fate franchises’ new movies distribute the rights of “Fate grand order” in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Srilanka. It means the Fate series may be released in India Soon in PVR. ODEX Pvt. Ltd. shares it in their social media handles. ODEX is one of the leading anime distributors in South Asia. 

Disney India Banned Those Channels : Breaking Anime News

  • Disney India will rebrand Marvel HQ to Super Hungama and UTV HD to Disney HD. I think shows will also be changed because Disney did that same thing previously. Mostly, the show Pokemon series will take an interest in it because Disney aired Pokemon in Hindi in Marvel HQ. Star India Launched Hungama HTV. It will be sorry for those who love ITV and UTV because these channels will disband soon because those rebranded channels will start from 1 December.
  • Voot kids also take an interest in Pokemon. They are streaming 21 pokemon Movies in multiple languages on their App, and before they aired on the channel, they also showed some movies before airing on the TV channel. Indian media think that they generate profit from Pokemon, and that’s why they take an interest in it. 
  • Those who are excited to visit Comic-Con India, I have bad news for them. There is no Comic-Con happening in India this year because of Covid. There is a very high chance of Comic-Con next year.
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