Anime News #1: New Upcoming Anime Movies and Series – Everything You Need to Know

Anime News #1: Anime is a very creative form of art, it is mostly famous in Countries like Japan but with time the popularity of Anime has increased very rapidly, and now Anime is famous in all over the world.

Anime fans do wait for every detail about their favourite shows worldwide and they wait for their favourite shows and Movies to release very eagerly. Anime is all about a person’s creativity, how creative that person can think and how far can he visualize things in his mind.

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Because only then a person can make all those thoughts appear on the screen. Because of its creativity and good content Aime has grown so much now. Now even some fans and Anime watchers consider the content of Anime much better than any Live-action movie or series.

All the Anime fans are waiting for updates of their favourite shows very eagerly, and now their wait-overs because recently there are so many Anime Updates about upcoming Anime Shows and Movies which will definitely end their thrust for updates.

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Upcoming Anime Movies: Announcement, Trailer and More – Anime News #1

There are so many new updates about upcoming Anime Movies this year or in the near future which will definitely grab your attention and make you want them to release right away so that you can see them right now:

1. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Movie Adaptation Announced – Anime News #1

The final episode of the very popular Anime series, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” Season 2 released on 29th September, and with that the makers of the series announced a movie adaptation of the series which will release in Fall 2022. The teaser of the movie was also released with a visual.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a very popular Anime Series amongst fans. Fans have loved both seasons of the show and now this movie adaptation announcement has just increased the buzz around the series.

2. My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom: Movie Adaptation Announced – Anime News #1

The makers announced a movie adaptation of the Anime Series “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Round Lead to Doom” with a small teaser trailer of the series. Though the release date of the movie is not yet revealed but still fans will be very excited after knowing this update.

My Next Life as a Villainess is a very popular Romantic Comedy Anime series amongst fans it also has 2 seasons and now after the release of the final episode of the series the makers of the show have announced an Anime Movie Adaptation on the series.

3. Goodbye, DonGlees: Movie Announced – Anime News #1


Madhouse unveils their original Anime movie with a teaser trailer on 10th September 2021. The movie will release in opening 2022. And a short summary of the story of the Anime Movie is also revealed and in that short summary, it is revealed that what will be the story of the movie.

The Story of Goodbye, Don Glees will revolve around two boys who meet and instantly becomes a dua and names their duo “Don Glees” and one day how an instance changes their life will be the main plot of the movie.

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4 Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045: Movie Announced – Anime News #1

Netflix released an Anime series named “Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045” on 23rd April 2020 now the makers of the series have announced a compilation movie of the series with the same name and it will also release on Netflix.

In Japan, the movie will release on 12th November but it will release on Netflix at the start of 2022.

Upcoming Anime Series: Announcement, Trailer and More – Anime News #1

1. Fairy Tale: 100 Years Quest: Anime Adaptation Announced – Anime News #1

Image Credits: CBR | Image Source: Google

Fairy Tale: 100 Years Quest is a Japanese manga series and it is very popular amongst fans and now the Manga creators have announced the Anime Adaptation of the Manga Series. An illustration of the anime series is shared by the Manga Creator on Twitter.

2. My Hero Academia: Season 6: Anime Series Announcement – Anime News #1

Image Credits: CBR | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Funimation

With the last episode of My Hero, Academia’s Season 5 the makers of the Series announce the 6th Season of the series and according to the reports in season 6 of My Hero Academia the Liberation War will be covered. The Anime will premier in late 2022.

3. Takt Op Destiny: New Trailer Release – Anime News #1

Image Credits: Get India News | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Crunchyroll

Takt Op Destiny is the new upcoming Anime Series that has already started premiering from 5th October 2021, it is a cross-over Anime series from two Anime Studios, MAPPA, and Madhouse. So far the viewers have loved this show and it also has garnered positive reviews for itself from Anime critics around the globe.

4. The Demon Slayer Season 2: Release Date and Many Other Info Revealed – Anime News #1

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Demon Slayer Season 2 is one of the most anticipated anime shows of recent time. After the super success of the Demon Slayer movie the Mugen Train, fans have been waiting very eagerly to know what happens after in the story.

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Now the studio has finally revealed the release date of the show. Demon Slayer Season 2 will start streaming from 10th October 2021 and it will be divided into two parts. The first part of the show will be based on the Mugen Train Arc from Episode 1 to 7 and the other part will explore the Entertainment District Arc from Episode 8 afterward.

The first episode of the Entertainment District Arc will be 1 hour long.

5. Komi Can’t Communicate Anime: Release Date Confirmed – Anime News #1

Image Credits: The Cinemaholic | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Netflix

Komi Can’tCommunicate will be a Rom-Com Anime Show which will premiere globally on the global OTT platform Netflix. There is a very strong buzz around the show and fans are waiting for this show very eagerly since the release of the trailer of the Anime.

6. The Duke of Death and His Maid: Anime Sequel Confirmed – Anime News #1

Image Credits: RABUJOI | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Funimation

The makers of the show have confirmed a sequel of the show “The Duke of Death and His Maid” with some visuals and a teaser of the Anime. The Duke of Death and His Maid is a 2021 Anime Show and now the makers have already confirmed the sequel of the show which simply shows how popular this show is amongst fans. Though the release date of the movie is yet not confirmed.

7. Shadows House: Anime Sequel Announced – Anime News #1

Anime News #1
Image Credits: Monsters and Critics | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Funimation

Shadows House is a 2021 Anime Series and after the success of the show, the makers of the show have announced the sequel of the popular show with some visuals and teaser of the show. The release date of the show is not yet confirmed.

That was the Anime News #1 about the recent updates of all upcoming Anime Shows and Anime Movies.

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