Adipurush Is this going to be Prabhas’ biggest flop movie : teaser Review


Adipurush movie is going to be released in theaters on 12 January 2023. It is an Action, Drama movie. The movie is going to be released in Hindi, Telugu ,Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada languages. According to media reports, the total budget of the movie is being told as Rs 500 crores. Just now the teaser of the movie has come. There was hype in the media about the movie long ago, so let’s know how the teaser is.

video credit- T-Series
Release Date12 January 2023
LanguageHindi, Telugu,Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada
GenreAction, Drama
CastPrabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh Nijjar, Devdutta Nage
DirectorOm Raut
ProductionRetrophiles, T-Series Films

Adipurush teaser Plot:

First of all, in the teaser, we get to see the best scene of a mountain, which is very nice to see. After that Prabhas who has played the role of Lord Ram in the movie is shown doing penance under water, after which the feeling comes from inside that the movie is going to be very good. But after a while we are shown the animated form of Lord Ram played by Prabhas, after that all the hopes are dashed because no one thought that the movie was going to be animated.

After a while, we are shown Saif Ali Khan becoming Ravana, as well as flying over a strange bird. He has been shown a lot of monkeys which are all animated characters. However, after a while, Kriti Sanon is shown in the role of Sita, which is right. More characters have been shown in the teaser, but I personally did not find its animation that special. We can see the 10-headed scene of Ravana in the teaser of Lord Rama with Ram Setu and Bali and Sugriva fighting.

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Adipurush teaser Review and my Expectations

An attempt has been made to make AdiPurush’s teaser epic but it is not that good. In teaser, we get to see some action scenes which are fine, but the character has not been properly animated in the movie, some characters look fake and copied. The scene showing Prabhas in six pack abs is fully animated and personally I didn’t expect it at all. The story of the movie is already known to everyone that what is going to happen and the way of showing the movie would make the movie special but in this Adi Purush seems to be a complete failure.

Some action scenes seem to be senseless, which have no head and feet, as well as the proper animation of the movie has not been done, it seems because there are many things which are missing. Although all things are not bad in the teaser there are some good things too like the background music of the movie looks good as well as Prabhas is voiced by sarad kelkar which is excellent. Some great dialogues have also been spoken in the teaser which are good to hear.

To tell the truth, before watching the teaser, the excitement about my movie was very high and I was expecting that the movie would be awesome. But after watching the teaser, I am getting angry at the creator of the movie. Almost everyone was thinking that the movie would be realistic in which Prabhas would play the role of Lord Ram, but by making the movie animated, everyone’s expectations were dashed.

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Adipurush teaser Conclusion

The decision to make AdiPurush animated by not making it realistic is not good at all, due to which the movie is getting a lot of hate from the audience. And personally I am also not happy with this thing, I thought that the movie will be made realistic in which Prabhas will be seen but nothing like this happened. By the way, the movie will be released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada languages.

The story is going to be of Lord Rama, in which Ravana keeps Sita, then Lord Rama will fight with Ravana to save Sita and this story is known to almost everyone. According to a media report, it is being told that about 500 crores have been spent in making the movie, but seeing where, it does not seem that this movie would have been made in 500 crores because the animation is not that special.

By the way, seeing such a teaser, I am not so excited for the movie, still I hope that the trailer is shown well so that the excitement increases, how excited are you for this movie.

Adipurush FAQ

What is Genre of ‘Adipurush’?

Action, Drama

Is this an animated movie ?

yes it is an animated movie

Is Adipurush based on Ramayana?

Yes it is based on Ramayana

Who made Adipurush?

Om Raut

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