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This is The Tops 10 about us section. The Tops 10 is a Blogging website where we list movie, anime, and Web series-related content to make choices better and serve you the best movies, anime, and Web series lists.

I am Ritwik Ghosh. I am from India and I am a BCA student. I have deep interest in technology, crypto, business and lifestyle and I love to watch movies and arts, and I think the movie is one of the best platforms for representing art and culture. I share my knowledge and opinion about Movies, Cyrpto, Technology and Business.. In present days we all have a busy schedule. Nowadays we have various options in movies, cryptos, businessses and lots of things. we should keep updated with us everything but our time is limited. There is a lot of confusion to select the movie, cryptos, business and technology. That’s why I give you the suggestion and my opinion on it. Then it will be easy for you to decide which are made for you.

Ritwik Ghosh Details :

NameRitwik Ghosh
Company NameThe Tops 10
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How I start My Blogging Journey :

When I was at class 12, my little brother Arnob Ghosh and I watched a youtube video at 12.30 am. Where we first hear about blogging and we aware of its potential. Immediately we thought, let’s create something new. That night we create a website on Blogspot named Rasstalk.blogspot.com. I published some content about an engaging, knowledgeable fact like why Jesus Christ was born on 25th December. If anno Domini (AD) starts after Christ’s birth, Christ should be born on 1st January. We tried to answer that kind of question.

Then My brother loses interest in it because there is no traffic and there is no earning. After two months, we give up. After that, I know about WordPress from youtube, and that YouTuber says that blogger take lots of time to gain traffic and WordPress make it in a low amount of time. Then I saved some pocket money, and after 6month later, I buy a new domain and hosting.

Then learn new things about it. How to connect domain and hosting; that type of stuff like that. After a few weeks, all my money was wasted because of the Copyright strike because I copy some content from a few websites.

How The Tops 10 Created:

After my 12th, I decided to take BCA to learn more things about the Website and handle it. A few months earlier, I saw some great youtube channels that teach blogging in Hindi, Like Mr. Vysh, Web Beast, Satish k Videos, Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal, Amit Mishra, and Amit Tiwari.

I get lots of information about SEO, Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content Writing, and many things that help and motivate me to create this blog. Now I am a Permanent Blogger, and I know about the basics, and now I am confident enough to make my path to success at blogging with the help of those excellent teachers. I am truly grateful to them for inspiring and Support me like this. Thank you.

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Thank You Pavan Agarwal Sir For Reviewing My Blog. You have my gentle Gratitude Forever

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