How a Home Warranty Can Save You Money on Home Repair


A home warranty will cover most problems related to your home and limit the costs of repairs to the cost of a service call. The service call fee may also cover an emergency. 

Home Warranty

Buying a home warranty

A home warranty can help you avoid paying thousands of dollars in home repair costs. Most home warranty plans have a hefty price tag. However, a home warranty policy will make your life easier if you’re willing to pay the cost. Buying from the best home warranty companies in Georgia has many benefits, including peace of mind. 

Typical home warranty plans cover most of a home’s major systems and appliances. However, you can upgrade your plan to cover appliances as well. In addition to your primary coverage, you can purchase specific policies to cover individual items, such as windows, doors, and appliances. These policies generally cover a dollar amount per repair. However, if your home warranty plan does not cover these items, you’ll need to pay for them yourself.

Cost of a home warranty

If you’re considering buying a home warranty, you’ll want to know how much it costs. Home warranties usually cover home systems, but you can upgrade to cover appliances and other items for an additional fee. Most companies offer several plans, and you can choose the deductible amount based on your budget. Of course, choosing a higher deductible will also lower your premiums, but you should know that if you’re not using the coverage often, it will likely be less than that.

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Depending on which plan you choose, the cost of a home warranty can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per year. Most companies offer monthly or yearly payment plans. The cost of a home warranty plan varies by provider, contract type, and the number of systems covered. But it can save you tens of thousands of dollars if an appliance needs repair or replacement. If you’re hesitant to pay this much, it may be worthwhile to get a warranty.

Home Warranty

Exclusions from a home warranty

A home warranty may cover some repair costs, but it may not cover all of them. Some exclusions are relatively small – the cost of a sink pop-up mechanism or a broken faucet. Home warranty companies typically set limits on the parts that they will cover. In some cases, the exclusion amount is less than the cost of the service call. Before purchasing a home warranty, read through the policy and check for exclusions.

When comparing different home warranty companies, it’s a good idea to look at their website. These websites contain more information about each company than affiliate landing pages. You can also choose a home warranty company based on its reputation. Check the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, and state attorney general’s office to determine if they’re a reputable company. You can also look at consumer complaints against each company on a local consumer agency.

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Value of a home warranty

A home warranty may seem like an unnecessary cash grab, but it can be valuable if you cannot fix any of the home’s systems or appliances. If you have to call a contractor to fix the problem, you’ll pay more than you would otherwise. Having a home warranty can be a good idea for new homeowners and long-time property owners alike.

home warranty can also benefit sellers before the sale of their homes. They can protect the house from unexpected repairs and ensure that the new buyer will be able to live in the property. In addition to unforeseen issues, a home warranty will cover common problems, such as home systems malfunctioning. Buyers may also be more inclined to purchase a home with a home warranty. And, of course, sellers can use the warranty as a bonus.

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