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Konnichiwa Otakus, welcome to another article. Sometimes we just want to watch a quick short Anime series, with cliffhangers so amazing that you can binge all of those series in one night, this is Jayesh here, and for today’s article. We already prove best anime of all time, best action anime, powerfull anime charecter.

I’m gonna be talking about my top 10 personal short anime series that you can binge in one night and these are simply engaging. You can binge in a night, especially when you are enjoying yourself; as usual, we plan on bringing more articles in the future, so don’t forget to stay tuned by allowing the notification. With that said, here we go.  

10. 91 Days (12 Episodes) :

10th best short anime series
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Starting with Number 10 in the short anime series, we have 91 DAYS. This drama-filled anime follows the main character, Avilio Bruno, as he leaves his hometown after the murder of his two parents and younger brother. After many years he is prompted to return to the town, this all takes place, and this is where he finds the opportunity to avenge his dead family members going after everyone that was involved that day. 

 9. Terror In Resonance (11 Episodes) :

 Moving on to the Number 9th Anime in Short Anime Series, we have  TERROR IN RESONANCE, a blend of terrorism mixed in with thriller elements terror in resonance tells the story of two terrorists who threaten Tokyo, a retired genius police inspector soon gets into the case and tries to unravel the mystery behind the threats.

The story does a great job narrating both sides of the conflict you get to see the backstory of the attackers, as well as the police who have the moral high ground themes of childhood and nurture, are brought up. This is used to craft well-written characters the 12 episodes of this series will be enough to tell you how great anime can be when adopting any sort of niche if you need a genius main character plus some emotional story and a fast-paced thriller this is the show for you my Boi.

 8. One-Punch Man (12 Episodes) :

 Moving on to the Number 8th Anime in Short Anime Series, we have a ONE-PUNCH MAN Season 1; now, most of you have probably already watched this anime, but I felt that it would be a sin if i not to put it on the list. It’s a master of good comic relief and a parody that can lighten up anyone’s day. Its strengths are its excellent animation. Yes, it does have a second season, but honestly, it’s not even close to as good as the first.

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 7. Re-Life (13 Episodes) :

7th best short anime series
Image-credit : Reviewitblog | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Crunchyroll

 Moving on to the Number 7th Anime in Short Anime Series, we have  RE-LIFE for those who wish to go back to school. You might want to rethink that wish. This anime tells the story of Arata Kaizaki, who, after leading a not very exciting life, takes a pull to turn him back into a 17-year-old boy the character who gave him the pill Ryo is assigned to watch him as he goes through school disguised as a transfer student he is quickly shown how much school has changed in the past years, he hasn’t been in it and must adjust to his new life. 

 RE LIFE is Inspirational & Emotional anime. In anime, he was not happy because of his present life & given a chance to move into the past for some time. Still, in reality, we can’t do that, so we better regret the things later. We should do those things now. 

 6. Place Further Than Universe (13 Episodes) :

6th best short anime series
Image Credit : Wallpaperaccess | Image Source : | Licensed by : Crunchyroll

 We have a PLACE FURTHER THAN UNIVERS, moving on to the Number 6th Anime in Short Anime Series. This one was recommended by one of my friends. I called him LEGEND, and it was pretty good, although if I’m being completely honest and I thought that it was going to be one of those generic slices of life anime with an all-female cast that tries to be funny and, it’s not. Once I tried watching it, though, I found that this anime was great. If you like adventure, you’ll love this show. 

 5. Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day (11 Episodes) :

 Moving on to the Number 5th Anime in Short Anime Series, we have ANOHANA: THE FLOWER WE SAW THAT DAY. Okay, remember the tissue box, well try to hang on to it because Anohana is popular for making the viewers cry at the end of each episode. Anohana takes a close look at the delicate topic of friendship life and how to come to terms with it.

It features a group of childhood friends who lost one of their friends Menma at a young age. The group grows up into teenagers. They start to drift apart further, now back as a ghost, Menma finds that she is unable to move on(to get peace) until she helps her friends come to terms with her death and to get them back together as a group we know that by the end Menma disappears having accomplished her mission. However, it’s still heartbreaking to see it happen and to see how each of her friends slowly come to terms with her death.

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 4. No Game No Life (12 Episodes) :

4th best short anime series
Image Credit : RandomlyGeeky | Image Source : Google | Licensed By : Madhouse & (Aus)Hanabee

 We have a NO GAME, NO LIFE, moving on to the Number 4th Anime in Short Anime Series. Our Main Character duo of SORA and SHIRO is one of the most interesting siblings to land on an isekai world. These two are known in online gaming for their skill and talent.

One day, God challenges them for a game and tells them about a fantasy world ruled by games. Sora and Shiro at first think it’s a joke. Still, all laughs are gone when they’re transported to another world, where everything is solved by playing games, from a minor street brawl to conquering countries. NO GAME NO LIFE is one of those unique shows that can keep you hooked purely because of its masterful world-building and games number.

 3. Violet Evergarden (13 Episodes) :

 Moving on to the Number 3rd Anime in Short Anime Series, we have a VIOLET EVERGARDEN, a melancholy and sad anime. Violet evergarden is a story about love and life. It tells the story of violet, an auto memory doll who returns after the war to blend back into society, but as she arrives.

She still holds the memory of three words her former captain said before her death I LOVE YOU. The narrative then moves forwards to explain how violet does her daily chores but also learns a very important lesson about life and gradually starts to understand the meaning of the words her captain said.

The show has scenes that can make you cry and make you happy at the same time and is one of the best anime dramas ever to exist. The story of Violet Evergarden is very unique. I have never seen an anime like that before, Just add this anime to your watch list, and I’m sure you will fall in love with this anime.

2. The Promised Neverland (12 Episodes) :

 Moving on to the Number 2nd Anime in Short Anime Series, we have THE PROMISED NEVERLAND. Despite what it looks like, this show is not for the kids. It has elements of mystery and horror and is a very well-paced anime that can keep you coming back for more.

One thing I love is when things become randomly convenient for the main character. It gives off a cheap-feeling; however, luckily for us, the promised neverland does the exact opposite in this thrilling series. It follows three young kids Emma Norman and Ray, who all live in some strange orphanage in the middle of nowhere. They have a kind and caring mother. They play tag a lot, they take classes, and they eat well.

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They pretty much live perfect lives, but as you could probably expect, they eventually learn that the orphanage is not what it seems. They’re actually, well, I can’t spoil that. Let’s just say there’s nothing bad going on, and the kids decide to plan an escape. The series has a lot of things going for it. If you want a tense and scary mystery with twists, turns and lovable characters, then this is a great series to sink your teeth into it. 

1. Erased (12 Episode) :

 What’s better than some time travel? For the first place on the list of short anime series, we have an ERASED. I can confidently say that a lot of us have had to deal with our what-ifs. We hung up on what-ifs and in some cases, but those what-ifs end up affecting in our upcoming future in more direct ways, and as an unfortunate victim of such circumstances who is our MC of this show Satoru Fujinuma.

After the incident of murder of his mother, he finds himself with the interesting ability to go back in time. He goes back to his childhood years when he gets reacquainted with the girl Kayo Hinazuki. It is a race through the time for uncover the mystery of the past and change the present with the girl.

 A few more short anime series did not add to the list but deserve an honourable mention: Darwins Game, Death Parade, Angel Beats, Charlotte, Grand Blue, Another & Tonari no Seki Kun: The Master of Killing Time. 

 If you haven’t watched it, now is the time to add this to the top of your watch list. I mean it seriously, so what are you waiting for? Binge-watch whatever anime you haven’t from the list of Short Anime Series, and also, don’t forget to remind me of anything I missed down below in the comment. 

 If you have any queries or suggestions about the blog or content, feel free to contact us.

Will See You In Another Article Till Then Sayonara Nakama!

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