7 Anime Series Like One Piece for Fans of the Pirate Epic


If you’re a fan of the pirate epic One Piece, then you’ll love these 7 anime series! They all feature exciting adventures on the high level, colorful characters, and thrilling action. So if you’re looking for your next anime obsession, look no further than this list.

7 Anime Like One Piece :

1. Naruto :

5th Best Anime Rivalries
Image Credit : Pierrot Studio

A young orphan ninja with a rebellious streak, bear everyone’s hate and ignorence to be born. He decides to gain everyones respect. Naruto is determined to become Hokage, the strongest ninja in his village. But first he must overcome his own personal demons and learn to work as part of a team. He seems like the one piece’s main charecter Luffy. If you love one piece then you will definatly love Naruto. Varity of charecter and amazing world building is similar with one piece.

2. Attack on Titan :

Gabi from Attack on titan
Image Credit : Wit and Mappa Studio

Attack On Titan gains so much popularity with just 4 season are unbeliveable. Most of anime can’t make that craze with 10 seasons. Twist turn, world building, politics, complexity, psychology, philosophy all are mixed here. Great.

In a world where giant man-eating Titans roam the earth, humanity is forced to live behind huge walls for protection. When the Titans break through, it’s up to a brave few to fight back and save humanity from extinction. This is far beyond that. One piece is getting complexity like this after 600 episode where it complete the whole series in just 4 seasons.

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3. Fairy Tail :

anime like one piece fairy tail
Image Credit : A-1 Pictures

A group of young wizards go on adventures together, using their unique magical abilities to help others and defeat evil forces. Along the way they make new friends and face challenges that test their strength and resolve.

They have guild like pirate ships and troops. They have also ethics and varity of charecter and they are choosen by the guild because of their wish and ability and all makes feel like family. This is the base of One Piece also.

4. Hunter x Hunter :

6th Anime series like Naruto
Image Credit : Madhouse

Another complex storyline start with a simple motive to find the protagonists Father and his father is a great hunter. In H X H hunters are the man who have license to do everything in this world and go explored dangerous places. Our protagonist is Gon is going on a journey to find his dad after become a hunter.

This is another great example of One piece like storyline with great charecter, simple minded strongly focused charecter with a wide range on villains and nen users. This story is not finished yet because writer is writting it slowly. He says that he can’t finish the storyline. But till now is a great storyline.

5. Blue Exorcist :

Image Credit : A-1 Picture Studio

After discovering he is the son of Satan, Rin Okumura enrolls in an exorcist academy so he can learn how to fight demons and protect humanity. Along with his fellow exorcists, Rin must face powerful demonic forces that threaten to destroy everything he holds dear.

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Their charecter development and grand scale magic feels you like that you are watching one piece in different genre. You should definatly watch it.

6. The Seven Deadly Sins :

seven deadly sins
Image Credit : Nanatsu no Taizai Studio

When the kingdom is threatened by evil forces, seven knights are called upon to save it. These knights are known as The Seven Deadly Sins, and they’re feared and hated by the people for their power and ruthlessness.

This series show the internal and external politics and sometimes its feels too slow make you feel like you are watching one piece fillers.

7. Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online 1
Image Credit : Studio A-1 Pictures

In a future where virtual reality gaming is the most popular pastime, Kirito is one of the few people who knows how to play. He’s about to embark on an adventure that will take him into the darkest corners of the online world – and beyond.

This is gaming world based one piece like anime. Especially villains and wide varity of charecter makes this series one of the great and make it closer to one piece.

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