7 Amazing Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Caring Brother            


Rakhi is Indian Festival which is celebrated among siblings. Siblings have always been by our side, from blackmailing us to get their work done lest they spill our secrets to being our best friends when nothing seems to go our way. 

There are ample ways of expressing our love, from embracing them on their bad days to calling them to chat about random things at ungodly hours of the day. But a call doesn’t seem to suffice when your siblings stay miles apart. 


Since Delhi is widely known for its education, it might not surprise our loved ones who choose to stay and pursue higher studies in Delhi. Is your sibling staying in Delhi and hardly getting the time to visit you? Look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Did you know that you can opt for online delivery services and send rakhi to Delhi? To make it a tad bit special, you also have the option to ensure timely delivery by opting for same-day Rakhi delivery.

Listed below are a few gifts that would go well with rakhis :

1. Gym instruments: 

Gym instruments will prove beneficial for your fitness freak brother, who religiously sticks to his fitness regime. His hectic schedule might not allow him to visit a gym daily, so why not help him create one in his room itself? Skipping ropes, mats, dumbbells, plates, and barbells are some of the gym accessories that you can consider gifting.

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2. Bouquet and chocolates: 


We all grew up, from snatching and fighting over who gets to devour the last piece of chocolate to gifting chocolates to our siblings. Curate a basket of chocolates and pair it with some fresh flowers (preferably roses as they symbolize love). Let him lose himself in the world of chocolates as he relishes the sensational taste of chocolates melting in his mouth.

3. Cakes: 

How do we say that we love them without actually saying they love them? Send them cakes. From crunchy butterscotch, and chocolate truffle, to Rasmalai cake and black forest cake – all these mouth-watering flavours are sure to smile on his face and make him drool.

5. Personalized mugs: 

A token of appreciation and a sweet reminder to begin the day on a positive note – personalized mugs never go out of fashion. How about the best brother mug for your bundle of joy? Customize a mug for your brother by getting his name or a printed photo (or both).

6. Garments and accessories: 

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Garments and accessories are a perfect option for your fashion-conscious brother. Is the experimental with his looks? Go for quirky prints. Casual and minimalistic and prioritizes comfort over anything else? Cotton clothes that can withstand wear and tear are your go-to option. Also, go for accessories like footwear, belts, bags, wallets, and watches that complement the look.

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7. Personalized basket:

Every once in a while, everyone needs to relax and pamper themselves. As tempting and easy as this may sound, most of us don’t get the time and opportunity to groom ourselves properly. Our brothers are no exception. 

Remind him that he is loved and appreciated by gifting him a customized peek-a-boo box. A peek-a-box comes with self-care and grooming products (ranging from shaving creams, talc, razors, face wash, perfume, etc.) and is budget-friendly.

Siblings can be annoying at times, but they would also be the first ones to put their life at stake just so that they could protect you. Nothing compares to this bond. Celebrate their quirkiness by opting for same-day rakhi delivery and send rakhi to Delhi for them now. Here’s to our best secret keeper. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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