5 Ways to Style Women Shrugs


A simple shrug can be worn with any outfit for an instant touch of style. The right way to wear a shrug is dependent on the styling and cut you choose. Here are some essential ways to style your women’s sweaters or cardigans that will yield you endless possibilities for creating new outfits each time.

woman shrugs

1. Pair It with A Suit

women’s blazer or suit is one of the best outfit combinations you can pair your shrug with -the trick is to make sure it doesn’t look like a coat. If done correctly, the effect will be chic and sharply professional. A sleek pencil skirt that reaches just below the knee paired with simple pumps elevates this style for any formal occasion.

2. Make It Casual

Casual looks are perfect for days when you’re looking to chill at home without sacrificing too much on style. For example, pairing an oversized black cardigan with high-waist denim shorts gives off a relaxed summer vibe, while an oversized white t-shirt paired with classic skinnies gives your outfit an instant upgrade.

3. Make It Edgy

A black leather jacket with skinny black jeans and classic pumps makes for a perfect stylish evening look without much of the usual bulk. This outfit gives off just the right attitude when paired with studded pumps or ankle boots without having too many elements to confuse the onlooker.

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4. Make It Bohemian

Bohemian looks are usually skirts paired with tights, sometimes worn over leggings to create a complete breezy look. To make the women’s shrug stand out, wear them on top of maxi skirts for an effortless bohemian vibe -a sheer black blouse under one adds a touch of sophistication, while a loose-fitting blouse with a print or embellishments will give a more laid-back impression.

5. Make It Fun

If you’re looking to add some color to your ensemble, try layering your shrug over a simple dress. This style focuses on the top part of your outfit, giving off an instant playful vibe that is perfect for casual gatherings or light shopping sprees around town. Choose a printed dress and add some color with a bright belt for an extra touch of playfulness.

Shrugs can be worn with almost any outfit. You can wear them with dresses or skirts to make the outfit look complete. If you feel bored of your usual style, try a bit of variety and see how it works.

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