5+ Reasons Why Bollywood Is Now Flopping, 5 Solutions


2022 is a very tough time for Bollywood. We have seen back-to-back flop movies from Bollywood so-called superstars. On the other hand, we have seen back-to-back super duper hits from Tamil movies. 

We have seen Bollywood flops like – Lal Singh Chadda, Samshera, Raksha Bandhan, Samrat Prithviraj Attack part- 1, Bachchan Pande, and Dhaakad. 

On the other side, we have seen South Hits like – Pushpa, KGF chapter-2, RRR, and Kartikeya- 2. 

Let’s quickly discuss the reason for the downfall of the Bollywood industry, there are so many reasons for this downfall, but here we have a short few that are very important and unignorable. 

Reasons Behind The Downfall Of Bollywood:

1) Unexpected death of Sushant Singh Rajput: 

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Image Credit : Pinkvilla

14 June 2020 was a very bad day for movie lovers; on that day, we found our gem Sushant Singh Rajput dead, hanging from the ceiling fan at his home in Mumbai. All though the cause of death was ruled to have been suicide due to hanging.

At that time, it showed that the DARK SIDE of Bollywood industry. They falsely accuse him as smoker and told that he was taking drugs but In reality there is no evidence of those statements. Proof says that his death is not suicidal, that was murder. From then destruction of bollywood started.

People think that somehow nepotism is responsible for Sushant Singh’s death; that’s why we have seen a lot of protests on social media. Also, we have seen a campaign like “Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput” & ” justice for Sushant” At that time, all these Bollywood celebrities were completely silent. From that time, people were a very angry with the Bollywood industry including me.

2) Insult Indian culture and promote western culture to showcase the modernness 

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Image Credit : India Today

We often see Bollywood stars and star kids pretending not to know their own Indian culture to look cool and show unnecessary showcases to Western culture. Where every industry is respectful to its traditions, Bollywood feels shame for its motherland and its traditions.

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A renowned superstar has even said that he and his family dreads living in India. A Hindu star kid does not know which deity holds the Sudarshan chakra. That’s the very poor but real picture of our Bollywood industry. 

3) Bollywood has become Copywood :

Studio Credit : Paramount pictures

Bollywood has become Copywood, lacking content, and many remakes and remakes are also very poor.

Now the audiences are very smart and upgraded. People now watch movies in different languages, apart from Hindi, even if they don’t understand the language. They watch different reviews of those movies and their stories on different social media, like YouTube and Facebook.

With this smart audience, copy-paste will not happen for so long. Even whatever they are trying to remake, they didn’t remake it well. Recently we saw Lal Singh Chadda, a remake of the evergreen Hollywood movie ‘Forrest Gump’ (an Oscar-winning movie). 

Bollywood must think differently; they must fulfill the audience’s expectations. They have to make their own content and own story. A crystal clear good story can save the Bollywood industry only. 

4) Covid 19 Pandemic :

Covid 19 pandemic changes the taste of movies among the audience. COVID is also a key factor that has changed movie lovers’ tastes. During the pandemic, we all watched a lot of movies from OTT platforms, and we also watched movies from different industries. Which gave us a wide view and a good concept of what a good movie is actually called. 

5) Insult Hindu Beliefs & Promote Woke Content

Bollywood intentionaly hurt and insult Hindu beliefs, Gods, promote woke content and propaganda, and sometimes create sympathy for terrorist.

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Again and again, the Bollywood industry huts Hindu sentiments and faith in God. Even we have seen in some movies they have created unnecessary propaganda only for views and money. In some movies, they have shown sympathy for terrorists and killers. Indian people are very open-minded. That’s why they have also appreciated some moves where the industry tried to give a good massage like – oh my God. 

6) Rise Of South Film Industry :

Image Credit : IndianExpress | Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : DVV Entertainment

The rise of the Tamil industry, which is the best alternative to Bollywood that, ‘s why Bollywood is losing stardom.

One of the main reasons for flipping Bollywood movies is that they have found a good alternative to the Bollywood industry at the correct time. In the past, we have made a lot of jokes about Tamil movies, but the Tamil industry learned from its mistakes and bounced back with premium quality. Movies like Sarrainodu, DJ, Baahubali, Baahubali- 2, KGF, KGF chapter 2, and Pushpa has changed people’s taste. Their hard work on their stories, acting, and VFX is worth watching.  

How Can Bollywood Comeback :

south shows indian culture
Image Source : Google | Studio Credit : Zee Studios

1) content is the king; the public does not remain a fool :

Now everyone knows that content is the king and the kingdom also, so the Bollywood industry needs to improve its content. Good content can change Bollywood’s downward direction. If the Bollywood industry wants to return to its glorious day, it must change its thoughts. 

2) make the movie for audiences, not to promote your agenda :

It’s still not too late Bollywood should make movies for the audience, not to promote any agenda. You can’t always make a movie by inciting religion and making it a hit. It’s one thing to point out people’s superstitions. If you are highlighting any superstition, you have to give the solution instead of making a joke about it.

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3) Make a Movie To Connect With the Audience :

They must understand that the normal and mass public can’t connect with that much western culture and lavish lifestyle. We need true Indian culture to relate.

4) Stop Remake: 

Stop Remake, give more money to the story and scriptwriter, and make a great original movie based on the amazing script. They don’t spend that much money on scriptwriting, but they spend money on worthless actors, who give flop movies consistently, which is totally absurd.

5) Don’t try to hurt any religious sentiments in movies :

Where the Tamil industry proudly shows their tradition and our Indian culture, like the movies RRR(globally recognized) and Karthikeya 2; on the other hand, Bollywood thinks showing our culture is a shame. Since early 2000, Bollywood started disrespecting the Hindu religion and glorifying terrorism, propaganda, and communism. They sit under the AC room, make a movie based on their La La Land-like fantasy, and forget about the real world. 

They hurt Hindu religious sentiment in movies like PK, and Shamsera, which the public can’t accept anymore, but they can’t insult any other religion then why this? This partiality creates a gap between the audience and Bollywood. They must understand this carefully.

I think that if they don’t understand the public demand and don’t improve their content, then I have to say this is the end of Bollywood. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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