5 Critical Things You Can Learn from the Charmed Plot


Charmed is one of the TV shows that has aired for a while, spanning eight seasons. The show garnered a substantial fan base from different people globally. The show’s plot is one of the most recognizable and relatable among the many other shows you can enjoy on your screen. Many fans worldwide may have watched the show, but not all understand how to pick what they can learn from it. The information below dives deeper into six things you can know from Charmed.


1. The Familiarity of the Theme Song

‘How Soon Is Now’ is a song performed by the Smiths in the show’s opening credits. The melody plays alongside the witchy antics montage of the cast. Those familiar with the genre can identify this song because filmmakers used it in another show. In 1996, the same music was played in the movie The Craft. This’s a fact well-known to Brad Kern, who played a pivotal role as Charmed showrunner.

2. Witches are Stylish, Too

Witchcraft is one of the significant themes spread throughout the show. Many people perceive witches as dirty, untidy, unkempt, and disorganized. You’ll realize the witches’ image in Charmed is quite different. They present themselves as well-groomed women, especially regarding what they wear. The three witches are sisters, and their names are Phoebe, Prue, and Piper.

From Prue’s grayish sheath dress to Phoebe’s athleisure appearance to Piper’s famous kimono, you’ll be mesmerized by how well these women present themselves aesthetically. They embrace early-aught fashion, where even their nightgowns are pretty stylish. Unfortunately, there was a petition to remove this fashion style and bring back the 90s clothing styles.

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3. The Cuteness of the Flirting Scenes

Charmed is mainly themed around witchcraft, with three sisters being the best. Nonetheless, besides their witchcraft prowess and undeniable fashion sense, Prue, Phoebe, and Piper have a game of flirting. The show has rules, too; for instance, witches cannot date mortals. This starts from Episode 1 as Prue effortlessly and smoothly flirts with Andy.

The flirting continues later in the series, with high chances of the ladies’ flings and pickup lines being among the top plot lines. The cuteness of such flirty scenes is incomparable, especially when you think there’s no use for dating apps or social media to connect these individuals.


4. Prue is a Feminist Icon

Besides being a witch, Prue is also an employee. Nonetheless, there comes a time when her reputation hangs on the line as her boss, Roger, threatens to ruin it if she quits. Regardless, Prue doesn’t flinch. She goes ahead and resigns and finds another job. This proves her uncompromising, self-assured, and feminist nature.

5. Ouija Boards are Always a Bad Omen

Ouija boards are alphabetized items used in fantasy and drama movies and TV shows to communicate with the spiritual world. These boards are always a sign of bad news whenever anyone uses them in any film, and Charmed is no exception.

The above points are among the top facts about the Charmed TV series. You can search for more information from different sources, considering there’s a lot to learn about in a show that lasts eight seasons.

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