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12v inverters used in homes are generally rated in Volt and volt-ampere. The Volt-Ampere or VA shows the capacity of an inverter, which is essentially the amount of power that it can deliver. At the same time, Volt is the number of batteries used in the inverter. Trusted brands like Luminous India manufacture inverters that are rated at 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V. A 12V inverter has only one battery rated at 12V. Most households in India require a 12V battery, which is perfect for running a 600 VA to 1400 VA inverter for a few hours.

In this article, let us understand everything you need to know about a 12V inverter, including the factor you need to consider before buying one.

12v Inverter

What is a 12V Inverter?

It is the job of an inverter to convert the direct current stored in the battery into alternating current that can be used to power the appliances at home or office. It extracts power from a 12V battery or other batteries that are fitted in a parallel arrangement. The battery needs to be recharged since the inverter draws energy from it.

Factors to Consider While Buying a 12V Inverter

In case you are planning to buy a 12V inverter and don’t have enough knowledge to select the right inverter for your home, here are some of the key aspects you need to keep in mind while looking for the best 12v inverters: –

  • Volt-Ampere or VA Rating

The VA rating of an inverter refers to the amount of power that an inverter can deliver. If you want to determine the VA rating, you should calculate the power requirement. Ideally, no inverter can be 100% efficient. You can use this formula to estimate the VA rating of an inverter you need to buy.

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VA  Rating = Power Requirement / Power Factor

To determine the power requirement, you just need to add up the power consumed by all the appliances during a power cut. The power factor can lie between 0.65 and 0.8.

  • Inverter Technology

There are broadly two types of inverter technologies—square wave and pure sine wave. The choice you make should depend on the type of appliances that you want to run using the inverter. For instance, if you want to run standard devices like fans, bulbs, and tube lights, you can go for the square wave inverter. On the other hand, if you need to run voltage-sensitive appliances like AC, refrigerators, and microwaves, pure sine wave inverters can be a good choice. You also need to know about the difference in prices of these inverters. Pure sine wave inverters cost higher compared to square wave inverters. 

  • Featured Offered

Most people think that all inverters work the same. But it is not true. With so many brands offering inverters, you need to compare the features to find the one that fits your requirements. The inverters manufactured by Luminous India have unique features such as LCD display, advanced battery management, WiFi connectivity, and fast battery charging. So, make sure to buy an inverter that offers features that are useful to you. 

We know price is an important factor to consider while buying a 12V inverter, but considering other aspects is equally important. So, before you go on to buy a 12V inverter, fix your budget and compare different options to find the right inverter. If you are planning to buy a 12V inverter, you can consider buying it from Luminous India. They offer quality inverters at affordable prices.

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