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For many young anime fans of the early 2000s, Naruto was the second to come after Dragon Ball Z. Just as the latter established itself as THE action anime series of the 90s, Naruto has been established as an exciting new evolution of the genre.

The story of a young ninja who possessed the mighty spirit of a demonic fox trapped in his body, but it was the ninja world Naruto lived in that made the series famous. The mysterious and awe-inspiring techniques performed by the many fascinating characters in the series have helped make Naruto so popular.

It’s no surprise that even after the series concluded in 2017, it continues to live on in new movies, games, and other series like Boruto. If you are just new to Naruto and want to check out more Animes in the genre, here are 12 Anime like Naruto.

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12. Mushibugyo

12th anime series like Naruto
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At number 12 Anime like Naruto, we have a Mushibugyo.

This anime series is set in Japan, following Jinbee Tsukishima. Jinbee wishes to be a great swordsman in an era in which Japan is attacked by giant insects that destroy everything in their path. It will be up to Jinbee and his friends to stop this terrible threat.

In this alternative to Naruto, the protagonist also has the same determination to improve himself. Aside from a flashy feudal plot, it features many action scenes that will get you.

11. Eureka Seven

11th Anime series like Naruto
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At number 11 Anime Like Naruto, we have a Eureka Seven.

Instead of the spirit of the fox that is sealed in the main character, Eureka Seven features a teenager who gains the ability to control mechs.

At the start of the series, Reston Thurston laments his boring life. As usual, when someone talks about boredom, the pilot known as Eureka crashes her mecha in Reston’s room.

Thus the adventure begins where the young boy joins a group of rebels trying to liberate their planet.

Like Naruto, Reston becomes more confident of himself and his abilities as the series progresses.

10. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

10th Anime series like Naruto
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At number 10 Anime Like Naruto, we have a Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

What makes an anime like Naruto so popular? How about a series featuring his son, Boruto?

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The sequel features the adventure of Naruto’s son and the other students of the Ninja Academy in Konoha Village.

After a quick peek at a grown-up Boruto, the series goes into great detail about how he learned his skills and the friendships he made during his time at the academy.

9. Dr. Stone

9th Anime series like Naruto
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At number 9 Anime Series Naruto, we have a Dr. Stone. Where Naruto want to put his village first, Taiju, a high school student, wants to help humanity decertify.

He will need the help of his friend, who also managed to come out of the petrification after the entire population became statues. She looks simple, but there are a lot of obstacles Taiju and her friend encounter.

They overcome them and, in turn, strengthen their friendship and faith to restore the people of the planet.

8. One Piece

8th Anime series like Naruto
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At number 8 Anime Series Naruto, we have a One Piece. One of the three main pillars of Shonen Jump, One Piece was an inevitable recommendation for Naruto fans.

Instead of ninjas, the fantasy world of One Piece is inhabited by cutthroat pirates who are devilishly empowered by the powers of Devil Fruit. Monkey D. Luffy, a “rubber-man” who can stretch at will, quest to become the Pirate King.

The achieve this goal is to form your pirate crew and set out in search of the elusive treasure known as One Piece.

7. My Hero Academia

7th Anime series like Naruto
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We have a My Hero Academia at number 7 Anime like Naruto. In the eyes of many anime fans, My Hero Academia is considered the Naruto of the 2010s.

Unlike the very loud Naruto Uzumaki, Izuku Midoriya, nicknamed “Deku” from My Hero Academia is a shy young boy who always wanted to become a superhero in a superhero world. Unfortunately for Deku, he is among the minority of people born without superpowers.

But all that will change because a fateful meeting with the icon of his childhood, All Might, will make Deku his successor and open the doors to a superhero school for him.

6. Hunter X Hunter

6th Anime series like Naruto
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At number 6 Anime like Naruto, we have a Hunter X Hunter. Hunter x Hunter share many similarities with Naruto.

Just as the Ninja profession is idolized and popular in Naruto, the hunter class in Hunter x Hunter is considered a dangerous, yet respected, profession.

Gon shares Naruto’s isolated past, as his motivation throughout the series is to become a hunter like his legendary missing hunter father. However, while Naruto is rowdy & rude, Gon is more cheerful and upbeat in finding his missing father.

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5. Dragon Ball Z

We have a Dragon Ball Z at number 5 Anime like Naruto. Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are two close animes. “Dragon Ball Z” has been a source of inspiration for many excellent subsequent references, such as “Naruto” itself or also “One Piece.”

It is only logical that “Dragon Ball Z” is one of the various options in terms of Anime similar to “Naruto. Few are those who today have not ever heard of the Saiyan Son Goku, whose ability to overcome has allowed him to defeat time and again enemies who threatened not only his friends and family but also the peace of the earth.

And even of his entire universe. Undoubtedly, this is a must-see anime for all those who enjoy anime fights, transformations, and all kinds of elements for which he helped establish bases in Japan.

Both series defined the style in their time, but Dragon Ball Z has laid most foundations that Naruto and other Anime series will build up in the coming decades.

4. Fairy Tail

At number 4 Anime like Naruto, we have a Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is another anime action series that is similar to Naruto.

Located in the fantasy land of Fiore, a powerful fire mage named Natsu Dragneel of the Fairy Tail Guild is on the hunt for his foster father, the dragon Igneel. He befriended a novice Celestial Mage named Lucy Heartfilia, who searches for the Keys to the Heavenly Gate.

The two, along with Happy, Natsu’s feline partner, set off on exciting adventures with the other members of the Fairy Tail magical guild.

3. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

At number 3 Anime like Naruto, we have a Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. For a more dramatic and daring anime like Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist is the way to go.

Edward & Alphonse are two brothers who, during their childhood, performed forbidden alchemy in a failed attempt to resurrect their deceased mother and paid dearly for her. Ed lost his left leg & right arm, while his brother Al had his soul embedded in armor after losing his human body.

Today, as State Alchemists, the Elric brothers hunt for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone, which holds the key to returning the damaged part of their bodies to their original state.

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2. Soul Eater

We have a Soul Eater at Number 2 Anime like Naruto. Much like Naruto and My Hero Academia, Soul Eater is an animated series about a group of powerful young people who learn to control their powers in a school.

However, what sets Soul Eater apart is its supernatural setting and stylized designs that have won over many fans. The series revolves around Maka Albarn, a Soul Reaper in training, and his living weapon, the Soul Eater Evans, a punk kid who can turn into a scythe.

The two work together to transform Soul into Death Scythe by consuming 99 Corrupted Souls and a Witch’s Soul.

A well-known fantasy action series revolves around two boys named Yuno and Asta, who were abandoned in a church. Both wish to become the emperor of magic. But will Asta be able to make his wish come true when he is devoid of magic? Follow Yuno and Asta as they make new friends while battling dangerous enemies.

1. Black Cover

We have a BLACK COVER at Number 1 Anime like Naruto. Although it seems difficult to imagine that ” Black Clover” Will be at the level of the animes that we will see in this list, we cannot ignore that it is one of the most popular productions of today.

In this sense, Asta – the protagonist of “Black Clover” – shares an ambition similar to Naruto’s. However, he would try to become king of the Magi in his case. Similarly, just as his village rejected “Naruto” during his debut.

Asta must overcome great challenges, like not belonging to the nobility or not having a single spell. “Black Clover” earns a spot on the list of Anime similar to “Naruto” for its many similarities seen in history and development in Anime.

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