10 Indian Festivals in June You Won’t Want to Miss


Festivals are really fun and enjoyble for every community. Festivals made for build the bond between us. Let’s take a look of 10 Indian festivals in june which we enjoyed most! Every day in June is packed with colorful parades, delicious food, and lively music which make you feel the larger life. It can be a traditional dances or just want to enjoy the company of friends and family, there’s something great for everyone. You really should Start to mark your calendar and get ready to have some amazing fun!

Here are the top Indian festivals in June 2022:

Uttarayan: This day Celebrated in Gujarat, West Bengal, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and may other cities in India. This festival marks the day when the sun starts to travel northwards. We celebrate with people fly kites all day long, and the sky is filled with color.

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Ganga Dussehra: This festival celebrates the goddess Ganga and is observed by Hindus and it celebrate the banks of holy river Ganga. On this day, people take a dip drive in the holy river and offer prayers and send offerings to the river’s flow. Which make the river incredibly beautiful.


Rath Yatra: This festival also known as the ‘Festival of Chariots’, this festival is celebrated in Odisha. The highlight is a grand procession where Lord Jagannath’s chariot is pulled through the streets and his worshippers. This feelings is amazing. So much versitality in this culture, I am sure you will fall in love with that. This festible celebrate grand scale among all over the world.


Hemis: One of the biggest and most popular festivals in Ladakh, Hemis celebrates the birth of Lord Padmasambhava. It is marked by masked dances, music, and singing. Their traditional dances make you to the feel the hills surrounded. This dance symbloize the nature itself and it’s really really great.


Panguni Uttaram: This is a great Tamil festival which is widely celebrated in honor of Goddess Parvati. Married women pray for a long and happy married life and they feel they can hold the family like Devi Parvati but unmarried woman pray for a good husband.


Baisakhi: Baishaki is a traditional harvest festival specially celebrated in Punjab. Baisakhi is a time of thanksgiving and joy. The day starts with a procession and ends with traditional folk dances which make all punjabi community together and share their thoughts and wishes. You will feel full of life when you show the dances.


Konark Dance Festival: This dance festival is specially held in Konark, Odisha and it features some of the best classical dancers in the country. Odisha specially known for their traditional dances. Their dances style loved by all over the India.

konark dance festival

Rajasthan International Folk Festival: This festival is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary folk music and dance because Rajasthan have a great and amazing culture and their royal history which can make you feel nostalgic and how they faught many battles. This festival is held in Jodhpur and attracts performers from all over the world.

Gair Dance
Dandi Gair is a popular traditional welcoming dance in Rajasthan. Here it is performed to welcome tourists at the 2018 Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

World Environment Day: Now days global warming is a very great concern for all over the world. To increase the awarness about the nature and pollution this day celebrated as world enviourment day. In this day schools and colleges run a campign of tree planting and cleaning the area . It is observed all over the world, with events and activities held in different countries.


International Yoga Day: This day is celebrated to promote the benefits of yoga and meditation. Yoga is great part of Indian culture. Swami Vivekananda spread this culture all over the world and it gets amazing recognition all over the globe. In this day we celebrate with events and activities held and be more health cautios this day.

World yoga day june

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